June 2, 2003


Policy for vehicles in the pits at The Strip at LVMS


The following statement has been released by Chris Blair, LVMS' director of drag racing operations:


Only licensed drivers are permitted to operate any type of vehicle in the pits at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This includes, but is not limited to golf carts, ATVs, scooters, bicycles, full-size cars and motorcycles.  Participants may be required to produce proof of liability insurance for pit vehicles used at the track.


The following are prohibited: roller-blades, skateboards, razor skooters and roller skates.  Children who are caught riding any vehicle or skating device will be escorted back to their pit area by security and the vehicle will be held by security until the end of the evening.  Anyone with repeat violations of the rule will be disqualified from competition.


¿For the last three seasons the operations and security staff of The Strip has worked hard to limit the operation of pit vehicles by minors,¿ said Chris Blair. ¿But violations of this rule continue, and these people are placing the safety of their own children, our participants and spectators at risk.  Serious injuries that have occurred at other facilities and we want to make sure that a major incident does not happen at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


¿Drag racing is a family sport and we encourage our racers and spectators to bring their children to the races,¿ continued Blair. ¿However, we want to remind everyone that drag racing is a dangerous sport and there is continuous movement of cars, tow vehicles and safety equipment in our pit areas. Don¿t leave your children unsupervised at any point during the event.¿


To avoid risking the temptation of taking a child¿s skateboard, bicycle or other device out of the trailer or motorhome, we respectfully ask that it be left at home.


The Strip will be distributing a handout to all racers from all local and regional programs that participate at the track as a reminder of the policy.  Additional signage and increased security will be used to help enforce this policy.