Kenzevich, Machael, Ariotti, Phillips, Del Rosario claim
Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series wins at The Strip at LVMS 
Results: Driver, hometown, vehicle, reaction time, elapsed time (ET), top speed
Winner: Jason Kenzevich (Las Vegas) '74 Dodge Dart  .564  9.674 sec./141.08 mph
Runner-up: Paul Bledsoe (Las Vegas) Shelby Cobra .533  10.147 sec,/112.75 mph
No. 1 Qualifier: Buddy Baxter (Henderson)  11.301 sec.
Winner: Scott Machael (Las Vegas) '63 Dodge Polara  .589  12.878 sec./101.90 mph
Runner-up: Ty Ishibashi (Las Vegas) '67 Camaro  .426 (foul)  12.424 sec./108.66 mph
No. 1 Qualifier: Bill Muller (N. Las Vegas) 12.631 sec.
Winner: Nick Ariotti (Boulder City) '72 Plymouth Duster  .520  12.558 sec./107.10 mph
Runner-up: Bill Culver (N. Las Vegas) '67 Chevrolet  .409 (foul)  13.360 sec./103.51 mph
No. 1 Qualifier: Ron Winters (Las Vegas)  17.185 sec.
Winner: Dave Phillips (Las Vegas) '77 Kawasaki  .501  9.656 sec./135.02 mph
Runner-up: Jason Whitenack (Henderson) '96 Kawasaki  .438  10.111 sec./125.81 mph
Winner: Arwin Del Rosario (Las Vegas) '94 Integra  .606  16.393 sec./86.87 mph
Runner-up: Sandra Darby (Las Vegas) '78 Datsun 280Z  .632  18.487 sec./73.90
No. 1 Qualifier: Sandra Darby (Las Vegas) 18.569 sec.
Jerry's Nugget Reaction Time Bonus Awards: Jeremy Rapp (Super Pro), Dale Howard (Pro), Ron Winters (Street), Dave Phillips (Motorcycle) and Arwin Del Rosario (Sport Compact).  Jerry's Nugget Reaction Time Bonus Awards are earned by posting the best reaction time on a winning run in the first round of eliminations.
Current Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series points leaders: Jeremy Rapp (Super Pro), Scott Machael (Pro), Nick Ariotti (Street), Jason Whitenack (Motorcycle), Bill Dudley (Sport Compact).