Rod Fuller wins Sunday¿s $5,000 Super Pro finale at The Strip;

Overall B&M Vegas Bracket Championship titles to Blodgett, Huntsman


¿Hot Rod¿ Fuller of Las Vegas saved the day for the local racers by winning the final $5,000 Super Pro check Sunday at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Friday and Saturday¿s first-place payoffs went to California-based teams.  Fuller¿s Valvoline-sponsored dragster defeated Mike Blodgett, who won Friday night.


Al Murawski of Long Beach, Calif., claimed the $1,000 first place check for the Pro division.  John Irving of Boulder City won the Street finale on Friday and Sunday.


The Strip¿s overall champions for the three-day B&M Vegas Bracket Championship were Mike Blodgett (Super Pro) and Scott Huntsman.  Blodgett collected $6,500 for his victory on Friday and runner-up on Sunday.


Run-for-the-Money winners included: Jennifer Carey (Pro), Bryan King (Super Pro) and Ralph Gibney Jr. (Street).


Results:  (Driver, hometown, car, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time (E.T.) and top speed)



Super Pro -- $5,000-to-win

Winner: Mike Blodgett (Long Beach, Calif.)  1972 Vega  .520  12.25  12.273 sec./123.14 mph

Runner-up: Larry Spitali (Glendale, Ariz.)  1967 Camaro  .523  9.87  9.840 sec./127.98 mph


Pro -- $1,000-to-win

Winner: Bob Coulter (Las Vegas) 1964 Falcon  .537  12.17  12.110 sec./110.05 mph

Runner-up: Alan Hoefer (Calimesa, Calif.)  1965 Cutlass  (foul) .468  10.06  10.282 sec./106.42 mph



Winner: John Irving (Boulder City) 2002 Camaro  .515  13.35  14.765 sec./54.70 mph

Runner-up: Chad Boyd (Henderson)  1970 Camaro (broke)



SATURDAY, FEB. 7 ¿ 1/8 mile strip due to windy conditions

Super Pro -- $5,000-to-win

Winner: Don Meziere (Escondido, Calif.)  dragster  .510  5.11  5.134 sec./127.71 mph

Runner-up: John Phlegar (Las Vegas)  1972 Chevelle  .541  6.27  6.283 sec./105.91 mph



Winner: Scott Huntsman (West Valley City, Utah)  1972 Vega  .555  6.63  6.632 sec./101.59 mph

Runner-up: Leo Glasbrenner (San Dimas, Calif.)  1969 Malibu  .538  7.50  7.473 sec./83.57 mph



Winner: Lloyd Miyashiro (San Dimas, Calif.)  2003 Corvette  .539  8.32  8.23 sec./83.63 mph

Runner-up: Bill Dudley (Las Vegas)  1974 Nova (foul) .427




Super Pro -- $5,000-to-win

Winner: ¿Hot Rod¿ Fuller (Las Vegas) dragster  .528  7.81  7.844 sec./163.41 mph

Runner-up: Mike Blodgett (Long Beach, Calif.)  1972 Vega  .506  12.21  12.197 sec./125.04 mph



Winner: Al Murawski (Long Beach, Calif.)  1972 Mustang  .548  12.04  12.130 sec./109.30 mph

Runner-up: Scott Huntsman (West Valley City, Utah)  1972 Vega  .558  10.51  10.638 sec./123.77 mph



Winner: John Irving (Boulder City) 2002 Camaro  .514  13.40  13.401 sec./97.22 mph

Runner-up: Chad Boyd (Henderson)  1970 Camaro  .559  13.65  13.581 sec./97.86 mph