Pedregon To Debut Chevrolet Monte Carlo In Vegas


     When former Funny Car champion Cruz Pedregon rolls up to the starting line at this weekend's NHRA Nationals in Las Vegas, he will be sporting a new look.  With the Advance Auto Parts colors still vibrantly shinning, Pedregon will be debuting a brand new Chevrolet Monte Carlo body. 


     ¿We¿ve been looking forward to the Monte Carlo since the beginning of the season,¿ said Pedregon. ¿Everything we¿ve seen with this new body has been positive.  It¿s lighter, stronger, safer, and is better aerodynamically. 


     ¿The Monte Carlo marketing team and GM engineers deserve a lot of credit in the launch of this body. They designed this car with the downforce we need and developed it to have less drag, which means faster times.  They have given us a car that stacks up with the competition and now it¿s up to us to go out and prove its abilities.¿ 


     Pedregon has been using a Pontiac Firebird body the last two seasons and has earned two runner-up finishes, four semifinal appearances and advanced to nine quarter-finals . 


      ¿We¿ve had a good run with the Pontiac but we¿re excited to get something fresh and new,¿ added Pedregon. Our Firebird will remain our back up car until we complete our second Monte Carlo, which we hope to have done by mid-June.¿ 


      Pedregon will be entering his 219th career race this weekend in Las Vegas.