Mock sweeps Super Pro class Saturday night at The Strip;

Phillips, Dwyer earn NHRA Jr. Dragster victories



Jerry Mock of Las Vegas swept the Super Pro class at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday night in the Jerry¿s Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series.  Mock, a native of West Seneca, N.Y., drove his red 1970 Chevrolet Nova to victory over Doug Schneider of Las Vegas.  Jerry also won the Jerry¿s Nugget Reaction Time Bonus for posting the best reaction time on a winning run in the first round of eliminations and also was the Super Pro class¿ No. 1 Qualifier.

            Mock¿s first victory of the 2004 season was especially sweet since the record number of Super Pro entries (51) bumped the winner¿s share of the purse to $1,000.

Other Jerry¿s Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series winners included: Bill Muller (Pro), Bill Culver (Street), Kahea Woods (Motorcycle) and Aaron Kimball (Sport Compact).  The Las Vegas F-Body Association (Camaros and Firebirds) final was won by Jon Whittington of Las Vegas.

The remaining Jerry¿s Nugget Reaction Time Bonus awards were won by: Kevin Baker (Pro), Dave Phillips (Motorcycle), Nick Ariotti (Street) and Aaron Kimball (Sport Compact).  The bonus is awarded to the driver or rider posting the best reaction time on a winning run in the first round of eliminations.

            On Saturday morning, Mackenzie Phillips of Cedar City, Utah, won the Thunder Division in the Short Line Express NHRA Jr. Dragster Series while Jett Dwyer of Palmdale, Calif., claimed the Lightning division.


Results: Driver/rider, hometown, reaction time, elapsed time (E.T.) and top speed (mph).



Winner: Jerry Mock (Las Vegas) 1970 Nova  .532  11.832 sec./110.91 mph.

Runner-up: Doug Schneider (Las Vegas) 1974 Dart  .589  11.148 sec./116.81 mph.

No. 1 Qualifier: Jerry Mock (Las Vegas)



Winner: Bill Muller (N. Las Vegas) 1966 Nova  .506  12.474 sec./105.97 mph.

Runner-up: Dan Reaume (Kingman, Ariz.) 1964 Ranchero  .566  10.864 sec./123.95 mph.



Winner: Bill Culver (N. Las Vegas) 1967 Chevelle  .474  12.699 sec./107.81 mph.

Runner-up: John Irving (Boulder City) 2002 Camaro  .481  13.609 sec./103.63 mph.



Winner: Kahea Woods (Las Vegas) 1995 Suzuki  .516  8.804 sec./148.07 mph.

Runner-up: Dave Phillips (Las Vegas) 1977 Kawasaki  .387 (foul) 9.708 sec./137.30 mph.



Winner: Aaron Kimball (Las Vegas) 1992 Maxima  .539  15.959 sec./76.12 mph.

Runner-up: Bill Dudley (Las Vegas) 1987 Nissan  .593  18.179 sec./75.15 mph.



Winner: Jon Whittington (Las Vegas) 1989 Trans-Am  .645  13.665 sec./99.15 mph.

Runner-up: Matthew Petty (Las Vegas/Nellis AFB) 2000 Camaro  .616  13.930 sec./101.42 mph.



Winner: Mackenzie Phillips (Cedar City, Utah) .600  13.178 sec./46.60 mph.

Runner-up: Tory Bryant (Hesperia, Calif.) .635  13.249 sec./47.41 mph.

No. 1 Qualifier: Ryen Lamb (Henderson)



Winner: Jett Dwyer (Palmdale, Calif.) .545  8.005 sec./80.02 mph.

Runner-up: Ty Sanders (Las Vegas) .506  8.141 sec./76.11 mph.

No. 1 Qualifier: Kayla Sewell (Henderson)