Phlegar collects another Super Pro trophy at The Strip;

Machael, Culver, Shaver and Dudley also share victory spotlight


(June 5, 2004) ¿ Former Super Pro champion John Phlegar of Las Vegas drove his 1972 Chevelle to another victory Saturday at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway during the fifth edition of the 2004 Jerry¿s Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series.  Phlegar, who also earned No. 1 Qualifier status, defeated Corey LeClair of Las Vegas for the title.

Scott Machael of Las Vegas drove his 1963 Dodge Polara to victory over Kevin Baker to claim the Pro finale.  Bill Culver of North Las Vegas scored his second victory of the season in the Street division.  Former Motorcycle champion Leo Shaver defeated Eric Danielson in the final round and Bill Dudley claimed yet another Sport Compact trophy.

Jerry¿s Nugget Reaction Time Bonus Awards were won by: Jim Yanders (Pro), Greg Hicks (Super Pro, with a perfect r.t. of .500), Leo Shaver (Motorcycle), Nick Ariotti (Street) and Dale Tuley (Sport Compact).  The award is won by posting the best reaction time on a winning run during the first round of eliminations.

Run-for-the-Money winners included: Scott Machael (Pro), Tommie Autori (Super Pro) and Nancy Machael (combined Street/Sport Compact).

Paul Weber, who campaigns dragsters for Gail Schmidt and Kathy Hunter, presented a $500 donation to The Las Vegas Chapter of Speedway Children¿s Charities.

In Short Line Express Markets NHRA Jr. Dragster competition on Saturday morning, Luke Winters of Las Vegas won the Thunder division and Ryan Valandingham of Kingman, Ariz., won the Lightning class.

The Strip is dark until June 18-19.  On June 18, The Strip will host the third round of the Hankook Tires Drifting Series, Midnight Mayhem and a Test ¿n¿ Tune session.  On Saturday, June 19, the fifth edition of the 2004 Jerry¿s Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series will be followed by Motorcycle Madness.  For additional information, please visit The Strip at or call (702) 632-8213.


Results, including driver/rider, hometown, vehicle, reaction time, elapsed time and top speed:


Winner: John Phlegar (Las Vegas) 1972 Chevelle  .538  10.133 sec./118.00 mph.

Runner-up: Corey LeClair (Las Vegas) 1992 Swindell dragster  .541  8.047 sec./164.79 mph.

No. 1 Qualifier: John Phlegar (Las Vegas).



Winner: Scott Machael (Las Vegas) 1963 Dodge Polara  .502  12.981 sec./101.63 mph.

Runner-up: Kevin Baker (Las Vegas) 1962 Chevy II  .448  10.668 sec./124.04 mph.

No. 1 Qualifier: Scott Machael (Las Vegas).



Winner: Bill Culver (N. Las Vegas) 1967 Chevelle  .570  12.851 sec./106.96 mph.

Runner-up: Errol Farmer (Las Vegas) 1996 Camaro  .581  14.238 sec./93.80 mph.

No. 1 Qualifier: Bill Culver (N. Las Vegas).



Winner: Leo Shaver (Las Vegas) 1987 Kawasaki  .426  9.948 sec./129.49 mph.

Runner-up: Eric Danielson Jr. (Las Vegas) 2003 Kawasaki  .571  10.817 sec./135.46 mph.



Winner: Bill Dudley (Las Vegas) 1987 Nissan  .594  18.496 sec./70.66 mph.

Runner-up: Dale Tuley (Las Vegas) 2001 Saturn  .671  18.347 sec./75.47 mph.

No. 1 Qualifier: Nathan Hirschi (Henderson).



Winner: Luke Winters (Las Vegas)  .843  11.421 sec./54.93 mph.

Runner-up: Taylor Vetter (Henderson) .829  13.157 sec./49.52.

No. 1 Qualifier: Vince Generalao (Las Vegas).



Winner: Ryan Valandingham (Kingman, Ariz.) .621  8.171 sec./78.74 mph.

Runner-up: Ian Perri (Las Vegas)  .426  9.355 sec./68.31 mph.

No. 1 Qualifier: Stephanie Crifasi (Las Vegas).