THURSDAY, March 31

9 A.M. -                                 Gates open for Vendors and Displays

12 P.M. -                                Early entry for all pre-registered participants

5 P.M. -                                  Credential gates close

FRIDAY, April 1

6 A.M. -                                 Gates Open

8 A.M. -                                 Tech Inspection

10 A.M. -                               Time Trials / 2 Sessions / Run by class

(Run order:  Pro, Super Pro, Sport Compact, Street, Truck, Viper, Slant 6, Max Wedge, Time only, Super Quick, Stock/Super Stock )

4:30 P.M.-                              Clean-up Run (Time Permitting for any car not getting two runs)

5 P.M. -                                  Time Trials Conclude


6 A.M. -                                 Gates Open

8 A.M. -                                 Time Trials / 2 sessions / Run by Class (Same run order as Friday)

Noon -                                    Super Quick Qualifying #1, Stock/Super Stock, Exhibition Classes

2 P.M. -                                  Mopars at The Strip Gambler Challenge

(Open to all bracket classes. $20 to enter. 8 closest cars to dial-in face-off for cash & prizes)

4 P.M. -                                  Super Quick Qualifying #2, Stock/Super Stock, Exhibition Classes

4:30 P.M. -                             Clean-Up Run (Time Permitting for any car not getting two runs)

5 P.M. -                                  Secure Track

SUNDAY, April 3

6 A.M. -                                 Gates Open

7:30 A.M. -                            RFC Service

8 A.M. -                                 E.T. Bracket Run-for-the-Money ($20 per car / 50% payback to winner)

9:30 A.M. -                            First Round Eliminations all bracket classes

11 A.M. -                               Opening Ceremonies/Car Show Awards/Special Introductions

12 P.M. -                                Super Quick Round 1 (32 cars)

12:15 P.M. -                           Stock/Super Stock Round 1

12:25 P.M. -                           Exhibition Classes

12:30 P.M.-                            2nd Round Eliminations all bracket classes / Continue until end of racing

1 P.M.-                                   Super Quick Round 2 (16 cars)

2 P.M.-                                   Super Quick Round 3 (8 cars)

3 P.M.-                                   Super Quick Round 4 (4 cars)

4 P.M.-                                   All Finals

4:30 P.M.-                              Victory Lane Awards

5 P.M. -                                  Secure Event



LANES 1 & 2:                      Pro Bracket

LANES 3 & 4:                      Super Pro Bracket

LANE 5:                                Sport Compact / Street / Truck / Viper (Classes will run together during time trials)

LANE 6:                                Slant Six

LANE 7:                                Max Wedge

LANE 8:                                Time Only Runs

LANE 9:                                Stock/Super Stock

LANE 10:                              Super Quick / Exhibition





1).           Pro, Super Pro, Sport Compact, Street, Truck, Viper, Slant Six, Max Wedge will all be run as a E.T. Bracket.

2).           .5 Full Tree for all bracket classes

3).           Compulink Cross-Talk will be used for Super Pro. If you do not wish to see your opponents top bulb please place a ¿N¿ after the dial-in on your window.

4).           Classes will be randomed paired until the semi-finals before being placed on a qualified ladder based on closest to dial-in.

5).           Best reaction time on a winning run will determine the provisional bye.

6).           First or second round buybacks will be offered in all bracket classes (time permitting).

7).           Please display all car numbers and dial-ins on the left (driver¿s side) of car.



All spectators and participants are encouraged to use Interstate 15 to Exit 54 (Speedway Boulevard). All facility entry

Gates will be located on the left side of the street. Please follow the signs.

  • Show Cars and Swap Meet vendors: please use the Speedway Boulevard Hollywood Gate and follow the loop road to ¿The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway¿ pit area. This will be the only entry point for Show Cars and Swap Meet Vendors.
  • Racers and Midway Vendors:   please use Speedway Boulevard GATE C.  This will be the only entry point for Racers and Midway Vendors.
  • Spectators:  please use Speedway Boulevard GATE A.



Super Pro Bracket (Electronics Permitted):                 7.50 ¿ 12.50  


Pro Bracket (Non-Electronics):                                                       7.50 ¿ 14.50    (No tow vehicles permitted)


Sport Compact/Street/Truck/Viper:                                               10.00 ¿ 25.00

No Electronics, D.O.T. Tires and mufflers required.


Slant Six:                                                                                              7.50 ¿ 14.50


Max Wedge:                                                                                         7.50 ¿ 14.50


Super Quick (Electronics Permitted):                                            6.00 ¿ 7.99

Cars must qualify quicker than 7.99.  / .4 Pro Tree / Laddered on NHRA 32 car Pro Ladder / Cars cannot dial outside of the class parameters or slower than .2 tenths off of their qualified time. Non-qualifiers will be eligible to run Super Pro Bracket.


Stock/Super Stock:            Class will follow all NHRA rules. Current NHRA index for altitude corrected track will be used for class qualifying.