Nevada Secretary of State Dean Heller and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. Sheriff Bill Young raced each other tonight during the fourth round of Thursday Night Street Wars at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Heller and Young competed in street-legal cars and the Secretary of State won both rounds. Both officials were on hand to support The Strip's Thursday Night Street Wars program which was launched March 17 to combat illegal street racing. "I've never been on a drag strip before," admitted Heller, who competed in a borrowed 2005 Pontiac. "I am pleased to be out here. I think it's a wonderful event and I am proud to promote this. Hopefully kids will get off the street and come to the track in a safe environment like this." "It's harder than it looks," proclaimed Sheriff Young. Like Heller, Young never had drag raced until tonight. He competed in a 1996 Camaro built by Law Enforcement Racers Against Drugs (LERAD). The car was built and is operated solely from donations from sponsors and is not funded by tax dollars. "Our car's not geared right for drag racing - it's geared for road racing," Young explained. "First gear was pretty tough to come out of, but it was a lot of fun. "I appreciate The Strip doing this program. I can certainly see a reduction in illegal racing out on the south end of town. We have not had any deaths, I believe -- as a result of illegal street racing -- since The Strip started this program. To me, that's a success." Would they come back to race each other again? "Give me a phone call - I'll be there," Heller said. "Absolutely! I just have to get a better car," said Young. Like The Strip's popular BFGoodrich Midnight Mayhem program, Thursday Night Street Wars is open to any licensed driver with proof of insurance. All cars and motorcycles must be street legal, driven to the track and pass a safety inspection. As an added incentive, Thursday Night Street Wars awards $100 and a trophy to the drivers turning in the fastest speed and lowest elapsed time (E.T.). Thursday Night Street Wars appeals to experienced Midnight Mayhem participants and illegal street racers who want an additional challenge. Racers compete on a fully-prepped track, just like the NHRA professional drag racers are used to. Thursday Night Street Wars are conducted from 8 p.m.-1 a.m. Gates open at 7 p.m. Entry fee is $20 to race. Spectator admission is $5. The Thursday Night Street Wars schedule has expanded due to popular demand. Additional Thursday Night Street Wars will be held on July 14, August 11, Sept. 1, Sept. 8, September 15 and Nov. 11. For more information, telephone Las Vegas Motor Speedway at (702) 632-8213, or visit or