Brad Personett raced to the Pro RWD victory Saturday night at the NHRA Sport Compact Las Vegas Nationals, continuing his late season surge toward the NHRA Xplod Sport Compact Racing Series world championship title.


Personett, the 2004 NHRA Sport Compact Rookie of the Year, drove his Titan Motorsports Scion to his second consecutive victory, and fourth overall. The Elkhart, Ind. driver, who received a bye run in the first round before defeating Matt Hartford in the semifinals, clocked a performance 6.558 seconds at 216.31 mph in the final to defeat Vince Fourcade-replacement Ed Marx, whose Toyota Celica neared the wall forcing the veteran drag racer to lift.  


Ed Bergenholtz, Justin Humphreys, Ron Lummus and Jeremey Lookofsky also were winners in their respective classes at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the ninth of 11 events in the $2.1 million NHRA Xplod Sport Compact Racing Series.


Bergenholtz claimed his fourth victory in his seventh final round appearance of the season in Pro FWD. Bergenholtz posted a final round run of 8.089 at 158.67 in his Mazda 6 to take the win over Marty Ladwig, who failed to make the call in his Chevy Cobalt.


Humphreys earned his second victory of the season in Modified on a single pass when final round opponent Ali Afshar had problems getting his Subaru to the starting line for the final.


Lummus extended his Xplod Series lead in Hot Rod by earning his fourth victory of the season in his eighth final round appearance. Lummus drove his Garret Turbos Pontiac Sunfire to a national record performance of 7.826 at 184.57 in the final to defeat Mike Crawford, whose Dodge SRT-4 broke on the starting line.


Lookofsky claimed his first career victory in the Honda Tuning All Motor class by posting a 10.21 at 132.91 in his Honda Civic. Runner-up Bubba Ocdneda's Honda CRX broke in the final.


In sportsman classes, Julie Stephan (Sport RWD), Jasen Penman ( Sport FWD) and Chris Dye (Street Stock) were winners.


Bill Dudley of Las Vegas won the E.T. Bracket 1 division finale over Brad Hardey of La Jolla, Calif.  Dudley's 1986 Nissan ran 17.962 sec./66.44 mph. to Hardey's 15.486 sec./89.48 mph.  Dudley, 62, has all but clinched his ninth championship at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series in the Sport Compact division.


Michael Schwichow of Cypress, Calif., defeated Richard Laitinen of Las Vegas for E.T. Bracket 2 honors.


The NHRA Xplod Sport Compact Racing Series continues with the fourth annual NHRA Sport Compact Fallnationals, Oct. 1-2, at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, Englishtown, N.J.



LAS VEGAS -- Saturday's final results from the third annual NHRA Sport Compact Las Vegas Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  The race is the ninth of 11 in the $2.1 million NHRA Xplod Sport Compact Racing Series:



Brad Personett, Orlando, Fla., '04 Celica, 6.558, 216.31  def. Ed Marx, Bakersfield, Calif., '05 Celica, 16.816, 48.35.



Ed Bergenholtz, Santa Ana, Calif., '06 Mazda, 8.089, 158.67  def. Marty Ladwig, San Antonio, Texas, '05 Cobalt, broke.



Justin Humphreys, Mount Airy, Md., '03 GS300, broke  def. Ali Afshar, North Hollywood, Calif., '05 WRX, 12.745, 70.64.



Ron Lummus, Anaheim, Calif., '05 Pontiac, 7.826, 184.57  def. Mike Crawford, Eden, N.C., '04 SRT-4, 18.601, 58.23.



Jeremy Lookofsky, Northridge, Calif., '00 Civic, 10.216, 132.91  def. Bubba Ocdneda, Signal Hill, Nev., '89 CRX, broke.



Julie Stepan, West Hollywood, Calif., '05 WRX, 9.786, 141.76  def. Dan Schechter, Plano, Texas, '93 RX7, 10.879, 138.09.



Jasen Penman, Midvale, Utah, '93 Honda, 10.075, 143.51  def. Mike Barreraz, Lompac, Calif., '96 Honda, 11.315, 135.09.



Chris Dye, Colorado Springs, Colo., '02 RSX, 13.066, 107.61  def. John Sauro, Las Vegas, Nev., '92 Civic, 13.632, 102.32.



LAS VEGAS -- Final round-by-round results for the five championship classes at the third annual NHRA Sport Compact Las Vegas Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the ninth of 11 events in the $2.1 million NHRA Xplod Sport Compact Racing Series:




ROUND ONE -- Matt Scranton, Toyota Celica, 16.628, 85.30 def. Stephan Papadakis, Honda Civic, broke; Matt Hartford, Chevrolet Cavalier, 23.037, 70.63 def. Abel Ibarra, Mazda RX-8, foul; Ed Marx, Celica, 6.954, 207.82 def. Ara Arslanian, Solara, 10.014, 91.61; Brad Personett, Celica, 15.540, 81.27 was unopposed;

SEMIFINALS -- Marx, 7.224, 199.58 def. Scranton, 7.526, 207.98; Personett, 6.538, 215.68 def. Hartford, 6.699, 199.91;

FINAL -- Personett, 6.558, 216.31 def. Marx, 16.816, 48.35.




FINAL -- Ed Bergenholtz, Mazda, 8.089, 158.67 def. Marty Ladwig, Chevrolet Cobalt, broke.




ROUND ONE -- Ken Scheepers, Mazda RX8, 9.551, 142.70 def. Rene Franco, Mazda RX3, 18.978, 83.74; Justin Humphreys, Lexus GS300, 8.018, 171.66 def. Jose Rapaw, Mazda RX7, broke; Ali Afshar, Subaru WRX, 19.092, 77.07 def. Tom Shambaugh, Cavalier, broke;

SEMIFINALS -- Afshar, 12.745, 70.64 def. Scheepers, foul; Humphreys, 8.040, 171.08 was unopposed;

FINAL -- Humphreys, broke def. Afshar, 12.745, 70.64.




ROUND ONE -- Mike Crawford, Dodge SRT-4, 8.468, 169.19 def. George Ahed, Honda CRX, 18.035, 62.10; Eric Del Rosario, Acura Integra, 10.401, 151.00 def. Irran Jolly, CRX, 10.653, 150.01; Kenny Tran, 8.207, 180.33 def. Alexei Guinitaran, 10.080, 142.75; Ron Lummus, Pontiac, 8.092, 156.23 def. Myles Bautista, Honda Civic, broke; Stephanie Eggum, 8.820, 167.55 def. Joe Housley, Civic, broke;

QUARTERFINALS -- Eggum, 8.800, 168.75 def. Tran, broke; Crawford, 22.337, 89.53 def. Del Rosario, 38.237, no speed; Lummus, broke was unopposed;

SEMIFINALS -- Lummus, 7.904, 178.45 def. Eggum, 8.741, 174.50; Crawford, broke was unopposed;

FINAL -- Lummus, 7.826, 184.57 def. Crawford, 18.601, 58.23.




ROUND ONE -- Chad Barber, Acura Integra, 10.869, 125.40 def. Mariss Liongson, Honda Civic, broke; Scott Mohler, Neon SRT, 10.976, 129.23 def. John Saovang, Civic, broke; Scott Kelley, Volkswagen Fastback, 10.690, 127.03 def. Todd Jones, Civic, broke; Jeremy Lookofsky, Civic, 10.407, 133.22 def. Shawn Hillier, Acura RSX, 10.793, 123.54; Bubba Ocdneda, Honda CRX, 13.099, 111.00 def. Bisi Ezzerioha, broke; Jesus Padilla, Mazda RX7, 10.169, 132.49 def. Adam Franzetti, Civic, broke; Tony Shagday, Accura RSX, 10.199, 134.26 was unopposed;

Norman Aubry, CRX, 10.839, 125.48 def. Ross Valmonte, CRX, broke; ALL MOTOR:

QUARTERFINALS -- Padilla, 10.182, 131.09 def. Aubry, 10.768, 124.86; Lookofsky, 10.310, 131.77 def. Kelley, 18.630, 103.56; Ocdneda, 10.475, 130.43 def. Mohler, 11.106, 123.91; Barber, 12.937, 110.76 def. Shagday, broke;

SEMIFINALS -- Lookofsky, 10.237, 132.69 def. Padilla, 10.158, 131.61; Ocdneda, 10.422, 130.48 def. Barber, 10.896, 122.50;

FINAL -- Lookofsky, 10.216, 132.91 def. Ocdneda, broke.