The four-day, 2005 Las Vegas Bracket Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway now is history. Tracy Holt, Steve Lambert and Rick Emanuel were the big winners on Sunday. The entire event, which began on Thanksgiving morning, paid a total of $124,000 in prize money. Shawn Langdon of Mira Loma, Calif., won the overall Super Pro points title. Doug Chamberlain of Utah won Saturday's $65,000 Ultimate Gambler race. A total of 388 cars were entered in the event. The 2006 edition of the Las Vegas Bracket Nationals will be expanded to a five-day format. Below are the complete results for all four days, indicating driver, hometown, car, reaction time, elapsed time (E.T.) and top speed: SUNDAY RESULTS: SUPER PRO -- $5,000-to-win, 1/8-mile. Winner: Tracy Holt (Riverton, Utah) 2002 Worthy dragster .027 4.922 sec./107.15 mph. Runner-up: Tony Fuller (Rogers, Ark.) 2005 Undercover dragster -.017 (foul) 4.755 sec./145.50 mph. PRO -- $1,000-to-win, 1/8-mile. Winner: Steve Lambert (Boise, Idaho) 1968 El Camino .018 6.766 sec./93.39 mph. Runner-up: Phil Doughty (Las Vegas) AMX .018 10.046 sec./40.09 mph. STREET -- $250-to-win, 1/8-mile. Winner: Rick Emanuel (Las Vegas) 1974 Nova .042 8.093 sec./81.12 mph. Runner-up: Troy McDonald (Nampa, Idaho) 2005 Stratus .053 11.038 sec./65.66 mph. SATURDAY RESULTS: ULTIMATE GAMBLER -- $1,000 entry fee, winner-take-all (65 cars entered) 1/8-mile* Winner: Doug Chamberlain 1969 Chevelle .048 5.994 sec./ 114.05 mph. Runner-up: Butch Warner .068 5.5258 sec./130.07 mph. SUPER PRO -- $5,000-to-win, 1/8-mile Winner: Gordon Turner .006 4.822 sec./143.25 mph. Runner-up: Rod Fuller (Las Vegas) 2005 Undercover dragster .032 4.870 sec./141.68 mph. PRO -- $1,000-to-win, 1/8-mile Winner: Mark Simonian (Sanger, Calif.) 1969 Camaro .050 6.814 sec./99.41 mph. Runner-up: Chuck Killian Jr. (Orange, Calif.) 1969 Camaro -.010 (foul) 7.326 sec./92.41 mph. STREET -- $250-to-win, 1/8-mile Winner: Dan Reaume (Kingman, Ariz.) 1965 Ranchero .062 9.329 sec./76.25 mph. Runner-up: John Joines (Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.) 2003 Silverado -.036 (foul) 9.419 sec./73.31 mph. *All Saturday races were contested on an eighth-mile strip due to high winds. FRIDAY RESULTS: SUPER PRO -- $5,000-to-win Winner: Shawn Langdon (Mira Loma, Calif.) 2005 Spitzer dragster .018 7.689 sec./167.97 mph. Runner-up: Mike Dullins (LaGrange, N.C.) 2002 Undercover dragster .011 7.557 sec./176.63 mph. PRO -- $1,000-to-win Winner: Kevin Houmard (Covina, Calif.) 1970 Camaro .039 9.534 sec./135.82 mph. Runner-up: Dora Prudhomme (Boise, Idaho) 1966 Chevrolet .098 11.264 sec./117.31 mph. STREET -- $250-to-win Winner: David Gonzales (Fallon, Neva.) 1986 Cutlass .008 13.525 sec./94.29 mph. Runner-up: Jon Irving (Boulder City) 2002 Camaro .100 13.163 sec./105.60 mph. GEEZER GAMBLER -- $1,000-to-win (75 cars entered) - Open to any racer 55 or older. Winner: Roger Roqalfa (Bailey, Colo.) 1966 Chevrolet THURSDAY RESULTS: SUPER PRO -- $5,000-to-win Winner: Chris Jaggers (Middleton, Idaho) 1996 Soran dragster .034 8.379 sec./159.25 mph. Runner-up: Toby Smith (Chandler, Ariz.) 2003 Yancer dragster .016 7.698 sec./165.05 mph. PRO -- $1,000-to-win Winner: Kim Zimmerman (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1970 Dodge .066 11.617 sec./112.98 mph. Runner-up: Wayne Floyd (Mt. Shasta, Calif.) 1969 Opel GT -.008 (foul) 12.557 sec./110.34 mph. STREET -- $250-to-win Winner: Jon Irving (Boulder City) 2002 Camaro .041 13.127 sec./106.31 mph. Runner-up: David Gonzales (Fallon, Nev.) 1986 Cutlass -.015 (foul) 13.403 sec./96.54 mph. The final event of the 2005 season at The Strip at LVMS, BFGoodrich Midnight Mayhem, will take place on Friday, Dec. 2. Street-style racing will take place from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Now concluding its fourth year, Midnight Mayhem was designed to attract illegal street racers to the safe confines of The Strip at LVMS. $10 to race, $5 for spectators. Midnight Mayhem is open to any street-legal car and any licensed driver with proof of insurance. For more information, please call The Strip's office at (702) 632-8213 or visit