Record number of entries for Alcohol Dragster and Alcohol Funny Car causes The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to cut off entries for Nov. 2-5 NHRA LODRS


It's the type of predicament most track operators can only dream of.  With a record 50 Top Alcohol entries (28 Top Alcohol Funny Car and 22 Top Alcohol Dragster) for the Nov. 2-5 NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Short Line Express Markets event at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, track officials have announced that no more entries will be accepted.  The event already had been expanded by one day to accommodate the necessary time needed to make the Top Alcohol-class runs.

"We're at a point where the Top Alcohol car count is too big and we're going to begin calling teams that aren't in contention for the points and asking them to stay home," said Chris Blair, LVMS Senior Director of Drag Racing Operations. "We're going to take a look at the Divisional and National Lucas Oil point standings and determine which participants are in contention for the point championships and also have a legitimate shot at qualifying for the race.  If a racer doesn't meet the criteria, their entry will be declined.  Last year, the bump in Top Alcohol Dragster was 5.50 sec. and Top Alcohol Funny Car was 5.74 sec., and we're sure those numbers will improve this year.  If a driver hasn't been able to consistently run quicker than the bump then this probably isn't the race for them to attend."

Only eight qualified positions are available in both the Top Alcohol Dragster and Top Alcohol Funny Car category.  At this time, Top Alcohol Dragster has 22 entries and Top Alcohol Funny Car has 28 entries.  In addition to those numbers, more than 900 cars in the other Lucas Oil categories will be competing in the final NHRA divisional event of the 2006 season.

"It's a tough situation to be in - to turn away participants who normally could make the show at most divisional races," continued Blair. "However, we have national and divisional championships on the line and we need to make sure those participants have the opportunity to race under the best conditions possible.  We need to make sure that the racer competing for the Super Street title receives the same opportunities as the racer competing in Top Alcohol. We pride ourselves on being customer friendly to all sportsman racers and want to make sure that everyone's needs are properly met."

The track will enforce an extremely-strict zero-tolerance policy for oil and fluid leaks for this event for all classes. In addition, Top Alcohol pit spaces will be awarded based on 2006 national and divisional point standings.  Only the top 16 in points for both Top Alcohol Dragster and Top Alcohol Funny car will receive a spot in the track's pro pit/midway area.

The following race entries have been accepted for the 2006 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Pacific Division Finals to be held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on November 2-5, 2006:

            Top Alcohol Dragster: Ashley Force, Steve Federlin, Mike Austin, Chris Demke, Bob Perkins, Duane Shields, Johnny Ahten, Frank Dischbein, Spencer Massey, Jeff Hamelink, Garrett Bateman, Joey Severance, Kevin Brown, Larry Miersch, Mark Niver, Darren Nicholson, Ed Vickroy, Jeff Isbell, Eric Morris, Danny Valdez, Dennis Swearingen, Brian Smith, Sean O'Bannon, Randy Eakins, Aaron Olivarez.

            Top Alcohol Funny Car: Jay Payne, Steve Gasparelli, Dennis Taylor, Ross Stickler, Brian Hough, Clint Thompson, Doug Gordon, Mark Woznichak, John Weaver, Pete Rivera, Mike Drake, Ron August, Mert Littlefield, Don Hudson, Larry Miner, Rian Konno, Jason Rupert, John Patton, Sean Bellemeur, David Ray, Roger Bateman, Hank Coolidge, Bret Williamson, Jeff Carroll, Paul Crifasi, Nancy Matter, Dale Van Gundy, Bucky Austin/Joey Severance.

            "At this point we have not turned away anyone on the list who pre-registered," said Chris Blair, LVMS Sr. Director of Drag Racing Operations.  "Any late entries must contact the NHRA Pacific Division office to determine eligibility for competition in this event.  At this point, additional entries will only be granted to teams currently in contention for NHRA National and Divisional points.  Any racer who is listed on this entry list and has elected not to race in Las Vegas is encouraged to contact the NHRA Pacific Division offices."

For more information, please contact The Strip's office at (702) 632-8213 or visit