The 2008 Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series will consist of 10 races. Participant's eight (8) best finishes in the first nine (9) races and the points earned in the season-finale National Dragster Challenge will count toward the title. In the event that a race meet is cancelled for any reason, the race will not be rescheduled and an adjustment will be made to the points program at the sole decision of the track director.

2008 Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series schedule

Regular events: Gates open at 3 p.m., time trials (2 runs) at 5 p.m.
Late events: Gates open at 6 p.m., time trials at 8 p.m.
Eliminations will immediately follow the second round of time trials unless otherwise noted on event night.

Saturday, March 15: Points race No. 1 (Season Kick-Off).
Saturday, April 5: Points race No. 2.
Saturday, April 19: Points race No.3.
Saturday, May 17: Points race No. 4 (King of the Track Championship Qualifier Night).
Saturday, May 31: Points race No. 5 (King of the Track Championship).
Saturday, June 7: Points race No. 6.
Saturday, June 14: Points race No. 7.
Saturday, Aug. 9: Points race No. 8) Late-Night Special).
Saturday, Sept. 6: Points race No. 9.
Saturday, Sept. 14: Points race No. 10 (season finale, NHRA National Dragster Challenge).
Sept. 26-28: E.T. Finals (Top Gun Raceway - Fallon, Nev.).

Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series classes

Super Pro Bracket (S/PRO): 7.00-12.20 sec. dial-in.5 Full Tree, optional staging. Electronics (throttle stops/delay boxes) permitted. Compulink Cross-Talk will be used.

Pro Bracket (PRO):  7.00-14.50 sec. dial-ins..5 Full Tree, optional staging. Electronic devices not permitted. Transbrake and line-lock permitted.

Sportsman Bracket (SPT): 12.00-21.00 sec. dial-ins, .5 Full Tree, optional staging. No electronic devices. Muffler(s) required.

E.T. Motorcycle (MC): 7.50-15.99 sec. dial-ins.  Split tree (.4 Pro or .5 Full). No electronics (throttle stops/delay boxes) permitted.

Super Pro (additional information): Compulink Cross-Talk will be used to allow drivers to use a cross-over to get two clean shots at the starting tree.  With Compulink Cross-Talk, the faster car's top bulb will come on when the slower opponent's tree begins to fall. The faster driver can then leave off of the opponent's top bulb or his second or bottom amber. Should the faster car elect not to cross-over, the driver must display an "N" after his dial-in to de-activate Cross-Talk. Once a driver has de-activated the system, a negative sign will appear on the scoreboard on the dial-in.

Tow vehicles are not permitted in Pro and Sportsman classes once the car has reached the rear of the staging lanes. Cars are permitted to tow back to their pits once they have exited the track.

Points participation:  All drivers must sign up for participation in the LVMS points program and pay the $35 program registration fee before any points will be counted in the 2008 championship total.  There is no grace period to sign up for points.  Points tally begins when registration form is turned in.

Banquet awards:  The top five finishers in each category will receive an award and one ticket to the 2008 awards banquet. The champion in each category will receive a trophy, jacket, gold card and two tickets to the 2008 awards banquet.

2008 Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series $10,000 points fund

Super Pro: 1) $2,500; 2) $1,000; 3) $550; 4) $350; 5) $250.
Pro: 1) $1,500; 2) $750; 3) $350; 4) $250; 5) $150.
Sportsman: 1) $750; 2) $350; 3) $250; 4) $200; 5) $150.
Motorcycle: 1) $300; 2) $150; 3) $100.

Team Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will field one (1) team at the 2008 NHRA Summit Drag Racing Series Division 7 E.T. Finals. The event is open to any driver who signs up for points participation and competes in at least one (1) regular point event. In the event that more drivers wish to enter the E.T. Finals than team space allows, preference will be given to drivers who compete in the most points races. All participants will be required to purchase an NHRA membership and permanent number prior to entering the 2008 NHRA Division 7 E.T. Finals.
Per the rules of the NHRA Pacific Division, each track is allowed to send a team of 64 participants in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman and E.T. Motorcycle classes, as well as an additional four racers in the High School class. In the event that a full team is filled, then we will be eligible to send up to four alternates.

High School Drag Racing Series

The High School Drag Racing Series will be contested along with the E.T. Series.  A total of six (6) events are scheduled.  A racer's best four (4) finishes in the first five (5) races - in addition to points earned in the season finale National Dragster Challenge - will count toward the title. The top four (4) point finishers will represent LVMS at the NHRA Division 7 E.T. Finals.
High School Series race dates: March 15, April 5, April 19, May 17, Sept. 6, Sept. 14.
In an effort to encourage participation in the program, racers will be eligible to compete in High School and one additional program in the same car on the nights their class is contested.

High School: 12.00-24.99 sec. (12.00 sec. is the absolute limit). Cars racing below 12.00 sec. will receive one warning before being ejected.  .5 Full Tree - optional staging. No electronics unless OEM equipped. Conventional four-wheeled vehicles utilizing a daily driver configuration.  No motorcycles, ATVs, dune buggies, Altereds or dragsters. Not necessary for vehicle to be licensed or insured. DOT or OEM Tires accepted. Muffler(s) required. Exhaust must run through mufflers. Driver must have a current and valid driver's license.

2008 point distribution system

The Strip at LVMS will distribute Jerry's Nugget Series points as follows for the 2008 season:  16 points to compete in the first round of eliminations; 10 points for each round win during race eliminations; 5 bonus points for the race elimination winner; 2 bonus points for the race elimination runner-up.  Any driver who breaks prior to first round of eliminations will receive 6 points after passing tech inspection.

First tie-breaker will be based on total number of round wins.
Second tie-breaker will be based on total number of final-round wins.
Third tie-breaker will be based on total number of final-round runner-up finishes.
Fourth tie-breaker will be based on total number of head-to-head races between the tied drivers.
Fifth tie-breaker: a foot race to the 330-ft. mark after being blindfolded and spun around eight times.