Las Vegas-area drag racers Jeremy Rapp, Jon Irving, Leo Shaver and Scott Horsley won 2016 LVMS Bracket Series season championships at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday.

Rapp, of Las Vegas, edged Greg Hicks for the Super Pro title by 13 points, 439-426, while Irving, of Henderson, Nev., topped Scott Parsons and Cody Webber 401-381 in the Pro class. Shaver's final Motorcycle division points total was 351, 35 more than fellow Las Vegan Kahea Woods.

Las Vegas' Horsley won the Sportsman class with 451 points, with Jacob Evans taking second at 376. Final points are based on a racer's best nine finishes from those 12 events.

In addition, Greg Hicks of Las Vegas won the annual King of the Track competition on Sunday, which featured each of that day's divisional winners, to take home a Wally of his own.

Hicks (Super Pro), Tristan Craig of Henderson, Nev. (Pro), Jake Evans of Las Vegas (Sportsman) and Tyler Anderson of Glendale, Ariz. (Motorcycle) each won their divisions at the 12th and final bracket race of the season on Sunday.

Keith Winters of Las Vegas (Super Pro), Webber of Kingman, Ariz. (Pro), Las Vegas' Evans (Sportsman) and Gary Oaks of Las Vegas (Motorcycle) won their divisions on Saturday, the 11th of 12 bracket races in 2016.


Super Pro
1. Jeremy Rapp, Las Vegas, 439 points
2. Greg Hicks, Las Vegas, 426
3. Russ Stryker, Truxton, Ariz., 401
4. Chad Axford, Las Vegas, 363
5. Chad Webber, Kingman, Ariz., 351

1. Jon Irving, Henderson, Nev., 401 points
T2. Scott Parsons, Monroe, Utah, 381
      Cody Webber, Kingman, Ariz., 381
T4. Wendy Parsons, Monroe, Utah, 361
      Tristan Craig, Henderson, Nev., 361

1. Leo Shaver, Las Vegas, 351 points
2. Kahea Woods, Las Vegas, 316
3. Gary Oaks, Las Vegas, 273
4. Rick Newport, Bluffdale, Utah, 245
5. Doug Rutherford, Las Vegas, 192

1. Scott Horsley, Las Vegas, 451 points
2. Jake Evans, Las Vegas, 376
3. Jon Irving, Henderson, Nev., 360
4. Tristan Craig, Henderson, Nev., 324
5. John Irving, Boulder City, Nev., 296


LVMS Bracket Series Race No. 12
Sunday, Sept. 18

Super Pro
Champion: Greg Hicks, Las Vegas (.015 reaction/7.882 ET/162.70 mph)
Runner-up: Jeffrey Avitabile, Long Beach, Calif. (.049/9.080/153.61)

Champion: Tristan Craig, Henderson, Nev. (.020 reaction/8.977 ET/149.36 mph)
Runner-up: Garrett Parsons, Monroe, Utah (.011/9.199/144.84)

Champion: Jake Evans, Las Vegas (.001 reaction/12.169 ET/110.91 mph)
Runner-up: Nick Ariotti, Boulder City, Nev. (.077/12.037/107.96)

Champion: Tyler Anderson, Glendale, Ariz. (.008 reaction/9.808 ET/135.06 mph)
Runner-up: Gary Oaks, Las Vegas (-.003/8.840/151.63)

King of the Track
Champion: Greg Hicks, Las Vegas (.066 reaction/7.916 ET/156.88 mph)
Runner-up: Tyler Anderson, Glendale, Ariz. (-.058/13.346/61.71)

LVMS Bracket Series Race No. 11
Saturday, Sept. 17

Super Pro
Champion: Keith Winters, Las Vegas (.001 reaction/8.003 ET/159.17 mph)
Runner-up: Bob DeFrancesco, Las Vegas (.007/11.093/128.93)

Champion: Cody Webber, Kingman, Ariz. (.039 reaction/11.036 ET/114.36 mph)
Runner-up: Jon Irving, Henderson, Nev. (.008/11.698/109.07)

Champion: Gary Oaks, Las Vegas (.038 reaction/8.862 ET/132.43 mph)
Runner-up: Jeremy Bates, Provo, Utah (.049/9.590/138.70)

Champion: Jake Evans, Las Vegas (.031 reaction/12.161 ET/110.90 mph)
Runner-up: John Irving Sr., Boulder City, Nev. (.103/12.812/96.29)