It was a busy weekend at The Strip at LVMS March 24-25. With three LVMS Bracket Series events and a pair of LVMS Jr. Dragsters races, there was plenty going on at the four-wide facility.

It was a family affair for some, as Tabitha and Jessica Boardman each won their age brackets in the LVMS Jr. Dragsters event on Sunday and Trey Vetter edged his sister, Taylor, in the finals of the Super Pro division at the LVMS Bracket Series event the same day.

Here are complete results from the weekend.


Saturday, March 24

LVMS Bracket Series Race No. 3

Super Pro
Champion: Chris Naffziger, Las Vegas (.006 reaction/8.016 ET/169.76 mph)
Runner-up: Chad Webber, Kingman, Ariz. (.015/7.719/170.99)

Champion: Scott Parsons, Monroe, Utah (.013 reaction/8.759 ET/144.69 mph)
Runner-up: Keoki Desa Jr., North Las Vegas, Nev. (.035/8.738/153.44)

Champion: C.W. Hoefer, Calimesa, Calif. (.051 reaction/12.047 ET/102.59 mph)
Runner-up: Dwight Machael, Las Vegas (.053/11.995/109.46)

Champion: Justin King, Henderson, Nev. (.038 reaction/9.880 ET/129.78 mph)
Runner-up: Larry Mota, Orem, Utah (.088/9.209/152.16)


LVMS Bracket Series Race No. 4

Super Pro
Champion: Jeremy Rapp, Las Vegas (.022 reaction/7.190 ET/184.80 mph)
Runner-up: Jeff Farrar, Las Vegas (.022/10.529/135.93)

Champion: Scott Machael, Las Vegas (.015 reaction/10.663 ET/115.90 mph)
Runner-up: Scott parsons, Monroe, Utah (.076/8.800/141.43)

Champion: Tim Arnswald, La Quinta, Calif. (.002 reaction/12.297 ET/108.51 mph)
Runner-up: C.W. Hoefer, Calimesa, Calif. (.059/12.019/107.53)

Champion: Jeremy Bates, Provo, Utah (.014 reaction/9.575 ET/143.06 mph)
Runner-up: Larry Mota, Orem, Utah (.045/9.240/146.50)


LVMS Jr. Dragsters Event No. 3

Ages 6-9
Champion: Jacob Taylor, Las Vegas (.228 reaction/11.957 ET/55.75 mph)
Runner-up: Brian Price, Las Vegas (.198/14.071/45.46)

Champion: Parker Equires, Henderson, Nev. (.023 reaction/9.001 ET/74.47 mph)
Runner-up: Kayslee Price, Las Vegas (.141/8.957/72.81)

Champion: Taylor Wiens, Las Vegas (.089 reaction/7.934 ET/79.65 mph)
Runner-up: Ethan Januik, Henderson, Nev. (.075/7.988/80.94)

Champion: Cody Garceau, Las Vegas (.007 reaction/8.028 ET/81.46 mph)
Runner-up: Cadie Del Toro, Las Vegas (.066/7.827/83.99)


Sunday, March 25

LVMS Bracket Series Race No. 5

Super Pro
Champion: Trey Vetter, Henderson, Nev. (.036 reaction/7.912 ET/156.68 mph)
Runner-up: Taylor Vetter, Henderson, Nev. (.087/7.640/176.14)

Champion: Howard DeVore, Flagstaff, Ariz. (.031 reaction/10.634 ET/124.91 mph)
Runner-up: Jack Swanson, Yucaipa, Calif. (-.014/12.602/105.82)

Champion: C.W. Hoefer, Calimesa, Calif. (.038 reaction/12.192 ET/97.30 mph)
Runner-up: Jake Evans, Las Vegas (.045/11.948/112.14)

Champion: Leo Shaver, Las Vegas (.223 reaction/8.956 ET/147.39 mph)
Runner-up: Justin King, Henderson, Nev. (red light/14.727/103.00)


LVMS Jr. Dragsters Event No. 4

Ages 6-9
Champion: Madalynn Price, Las Vegas (.066 reaction/12.270 ET/49.77 mph)
Runner-up: Jacob Taylor, Las Vegas (.118/11.964/55.25)

Champion: Jessica Boardman, Las Vegas (.087 reaction/8.956 ET/74.35 mph)
Runner-up: Sean Kelly, Encino, Calif. (.131/8.965/72.35)

Champion: Tabitha Boardman, Las Vegas (.014 reaction/7.973 ET/80.20 mph)
Runner-up: Taylor Lee Taylor, Las Vegas (.087/7.986/81.05)

Champion: Elizabeth Strones, Flagstaff, Ariz. (.001 reaction/7.915 ET/82.77 mph)
Runner-up: Cody Garceau, Las Vegas (-.020/8.105/81.30)