Event PA can be heard on 103.9 FM

Entry fees: Car/Driver     $85 (pre-paid)
Early Bird Test and Tune (Wednesday)  $80
Test and Tune (Thursday)   $60 – 2 run punch card
Crew – Restricted area (full event only)  $40 
Spectator (single day/per day)   $15 (not good for pit/restricted access)
Children (12 and under)    FREE
(track does not accept out of state checks – Visa, MC, American Express and debit cards accepted at credentials gate)

Event Schedule
Wednesday, September 28
Parking    8 AM – 9 PM
Tech    11 – 7 PM
Test and Tune   1 – 6 PM
Run for the Money  7 PM

Thursday, September 29
Gates open   7 AM – 9 PM
Tech    8 AM
Test and Tune ($60 car/driver) 8 AM – 3 PM
Gambler Eliminations  3 PM (buy backs first round only – High Roller $50, others $25)
Team Captain Meeting  5:30 PM

Friday, September 30
Gates open   7 AM
Tech    8 AM
Gambler Eliminations R2 8 AM
Time Trials (first session) Following R2 of Gambler (non Gambler competitors only)
Gambler Eliminations R3 After first time trial session
Time Trials (second session) After Gambler R3 (non Gambler competitors only)
Gambler Eliminations  To completion
Team Captain Meeting  5:30 PM
Racer Pit Party   7 – 10 PM (behind main grandstand - $1 beer and hot dogs)

Saturday, October 1
Gates open   7 AM
Tech    8 AM
Time Trials (one session) 8 AM
Eliminations   Noon
Race of Champions  2 PM

Sunday, October 2
Gates open   7 AM
Eliminations   8 AM

Racers may leave trailers overnight on Sunday.  Race will continue to Monday if necessary.

Run order for Time Trials
Friday/Saturday - Sportsman, High School, Pro, Motorcycle, Super Pro.  NO TIME RUNS ON SUNDAY.
We will make our best efforts to give every racer two time trials on Friday and one on Saturday.  If the need arises, we will have a special session Saturday morning for the Race of Champions participants, and then fill in between ROC rounds with the remainder of competitors.

Pairings and Lane Assignments
• All classes will be called to the lanes in sessions.  Each team will be assigned specific lanes and sessions throughout the event.  From those assignments, a random draw will be made to pair the lanes for each elimination round.
• Potential bye runs in eliminations will be done by random draw during the first round.  During subsequent rounds, the best winning reaction time from the previous round will have earned the potential bye for the following round.  Competitors may only receive one bye run during eliminations.
• Lane choice will be done via coin toss at the head of the lanes (by staging personnel).  Be prepared to tell staging personnel which lane you prefer, and to call the coin toss (point up for heads, down for tails).  Any racer pulled for a potential bye will have lane choice if paired at end of class.

Team Structure
• Each participating track is allowed to bring 64 entries, regardless of class, in addition to 4 High School competitors.  An additional 4 alternates per track may attend. 
• All team members must have competed in a minimum of one Summit Series event at the track they will be representing at this event. 
• Racers in the Race of Champions must have competed in at least 50% of the events (that counted toward Summit Series points) at the track they will be representing at this event.

Team Designators
A – Famoso  E – Albuquerque M – Maui  S - Infineon  Y – Fontana 
B – Barona   F – Firebird  P – Speedworld  V – Las Vegas  Z – Samoa
D – Sacramento  G – Top Gun  R - Redding  W – Irwindale   


Event Categories
Super Pro  7.00 – 11.99, electronics allowed (12.19 altitude correction)
Pro   7.00 – 13.99, no electronics (14.19 altitude correction)
Sportsman  12.00 – 19.99, no electronics (20.19 altitude correction)
Motorcycle  7.50 – 15.99, no electronics (16.19 altitude correction)
High School  12.00 – 24.99, no electronics (25.19 altitude correction)

High School Eliminator
Open to any student that has attended high school during the 2011 calendar year.  A Complimentary NHRA Competition Number will be provided for these participants.  Competitors will be required to buy NHRA Membership. 

Team Captains
Each team is allowed two (2) team captains.  Team captains will handle any and all problems or discrepancies that one of their competitors may encounter.  Only one team captain will be allowed in the tower at any one time.  Any disputes must be brought to the Division Director by a team captain.  Division Director will rule on any issues and have final say on such.  Designated Team Captains will be granted complimentary credentials to event.

ET Finals Rules and Regulations
• Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, and High School will be run on a five-tenth (.5) full tree with optional staging.  Motorcycle will be run utilizing a split tree format (.4 Pro or .5 Full).
• Deep staging will be allowed, but it may not be written on the vehicle, nor will the starter make any changes to the starting procedure for those deep staging.  Those deep staging assume all risk and must get staged in a timely fashion. 
• CrossTalk will be used in Super Pro only.  If you do not wish to use this option then you MUST PLACE AN “N” AFTER DIRECTLY BEHIND YOUR DIAL-IN (ex 7.99N).
• No passengers will be allowed in any vehicle during time trials or competition.
• Dial-ins and numbers must be on the front, both side, and rear windows
• Dial-ins must be displayed prior to leaving the head of staging lanes and entering the ready area (line behind tower), and may not be altered beyond that point unless OK’d by the Division Director.
• Once a driver pre-stages their vehicle, they have accepted the posted dial-ins on the scoreboard.
• Excessive braking may be grounds for disqualification.  Starter and/or Division Director will have final say on issuing a warning or an expulsion.  If a warning is issued, any subsequent infraction will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
• All tech cards must be filled in completely and legibly, being sure to indicate your team in the appropriate space on the tech card (top right section below car #, membership #, and class).
• One driver per entry.  Driver may enter up to two vehicles, must be in separate classes.
• Competitors will be allowed to dial .10 up or down from class parameters to adjust for altitude correction.  Pro and Super Pro may not dial below 7.00 regardless of altitude.
• Any racer or crew member found to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances, during racing hours, will be immediately excused from the event and the facility.
• Competition numbers must be vinyl or painted on in Super Pro, Pro, and Motorcycle

License and Membership
Entrants in ALL classes (Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Motorcycle, and High School) are required to have an NHRA Membership along with a Competition Number/License.  Those paying for either of these items at this event will be charged an additional $10 on top of any fees due. 

Summit Series Decals
Each competitor will be required to run the series decal for the duration of eliminations.  Those not having the decal will not earn points for team or be eligible for any prizes or awards.

Contingency Decals
The NHRA Trailer will have a very limited supply of these.  All racers are encouraged to have and/or get decals from the manufacturer prior to the event.  Decals must be on vehicle for duration of eliminations.  The contingency verification will take place after the race, but will be checked against photos from earlier rounds to see that decals were in place.

Across the starting line burnouts permitted in Super Pro only.  Pro cars with two-wheel brakes OK.

Tow Vehicles
Permitted in Super Pro only, may not enter staging lanes with vehicle.

Pit Vehicles
Track operators are responsible for policing their team’s pit vehicles for improper use.  All drivers/riders must be licensed and a minimum of 16 years of age.

Pit Areas and Camping
Each team will be designated a specific pit area.  We ask that all participants curtail any noisy activities at 11PM each night.  Please also be respectful of the facility and use trash cans to dispose of any trash prior to leaving the facility.  Camping is allowed for free.  There are no hookups and no dump stations.

National Dragster Team Spirit Award
This prestigious award will be given to the team that displays the best spirit based on these factors:
Pit area organization and decorations, overall conduct and sportsmanship in all areas of the facility, team display and support in the grandstands.  Award winner will be decided by the NHRA Certification Team.

Special Awards
NHRA will be give out the Best Appearing Vehicle awards in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, and Motorcycle.  Best Engineered and Best Appearing Crew will also be awarded.  The award recipients will be decided by the NHRA Certification Team.

Team Championship / Event and Race of Champions
Each participating track will be awarded one (1) point per round won in the five contested classes.  The team with the highest point total will be crowned the Pacific Division Team Champions.  Track Manager’s Challenge (Race of Champions team title) will award one point per round won during Saturday’s Race of Champions in all five classes.  In the event of a tie, points will be awarded for win (5), runner up (4), semi final (3), ¼ final (2), and 1/8 final (1).

Race of Champions
Each track may send up to four representatives in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Motorcycle, and High School.  Alternates for this race must be one of the top 10 point earners ONLY.

ROC Purse  Super Pro  Pro  Sportsman  Motorcycle
Winner   $4,500*              $4,200*     $4,200*     $4,000*
Runner up       400           250                    250                      200
Semi finals       100             100          100          100

High School Champion - $1,000 savings bond, RU - $500 savings bond, Semi’s - $200 savings bond

* includes $3,500 bonus for attending the Summit National Championship.  Received at Pomona banquet.

Event Purse (Sunday) 
Winner   $5,000                        $3,000       $2,000     $1,000
Runner up    2,500    2,000       1,000          600
Semi finals    1,000       750          500          250        
1/4 finals       500       300          200          125
1/8 finals        200       150          100            50

Gambler Shootout (Jackpot)
Open to all contestants.  Racers may only enter one gambler category unless entered in more than one category on team roster.  One entry per vehicle and/or driver per class.  Track will retain 10% of fees collected. 

Categories for the Gambler will be as follows:
High Roller ($100 entry) 7.00 – 12.19, electronics OK, optional staging, cross talk, .5 full tree
Low Roller ($50 entry) 7.00 – 20.19, no electronics, optional staging, .5 full tree
Motorcycle ($50 entry)  7.50 – 16.19, no electronics, optional staging, split tree

Purse breakdown after 10% retained by track
All classes Win – 40% Runner up – 20% Semi final– 10% ea.  ¼ final - 5% ea.

Run for the Money
Open to all contestants.  On Saturday’s time run racers who enter will put a dial in on their vehicle if after paying entry in the lanes.  The racer running closest to the dial in will receive 50% of cash with other 50% going to NHRA / host track.  Reaction time will be the tie-breaker (if tie remains - racers will split money).  $20 entry fee.

Director’s Note
Thank you all for participating in the largest member-based motorsport series in the world.  A big thank you must also go to Summit for their support of the series.  Please remember that you do this for fun, and so do I.  The staff at Las Vegas Motor Speedway has gone out of their way to make this event special for all who attend, your thank you to them would be to take care of the facility and be good ambassadors for the sport while in town.

Good luck to all competitors and let’s have a fun, safe weekend.

Mike Rice
NHRA Pacific Division Director