Results, indicating driver/rider, hometown, vehicle, reaction time, elapsed time, top speed:



 Winner: Mike Billich (Henderson) 1980 Camaro .020 10.684 sec./124.17 mph.

Runner-up: Doug Schneider (Las Vegas) 1969 Dart -004 (foul) 11.770 sec./113.43 mph.


Winner: Charles Sturdevant (Draper, Utah) 2009 Yancer dragster .006 8.560 sec./154.12 mph.

Runner-up: Scott Parsons (Monroe, Utah) 1967 Cutlass .000 11.120 sec./118.15 mph.




Winner: Ron Winters (Las Vegas) 1968 El Camino .060 16.094 sec./80.44 mph.



Runner-up: Sal Cachia (Las Vegas) 1955 Bel Air .084 12.073 sec./109.30 mph.




Winner: Leo Shaver (Las Vegas) 1987 Ninja .031 9.571 sec./136.06 mph.

Runner-up: T.J. Crocker (Henderson) 2005 Hayabusa .004 10.008 sec./133.90 mph.


Winner: Tristan Craig (Las Vegas) 1970 Chevelle .054 13.647 sec./100.14 mph.

Runner-up: Meaghan Henderson (Boulder City) -.044 (foul) 17.420 sec./77.04 mph.


Duck Race: Mel Uechi of Las Vegas defeated Carl Cannavo of N. Las Vegas. The Duck Race is a consolation event, open to all drivers who lost during the first or second rounds of eliminations.

Vince Generalao of Las Vegas defeated Meaghan Henderson of Boulder City in the Jr. Dragster Lightning final.

Troy Vetter of Henderson defeated Cody Webber of Kingman, Ariz., in the Jr. Dragster Thunder final.

Jr. Dragster Novice honors went to Josh Gagnon of Las Vegas. Josh defeated Richard Kilgore of Las Vegas in the final round.

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