The LVMS Bracket Series and Jr. Dragsters racers officially broke in the new racing surface at The Strip at LVMS over the St. Patrick's Day weekend. Each series hosted a pair of events March 17-18 at the newly renovated facility, which was expanded from two to four lanes in recent months.

A number of locals found their way to the Winner's Circle, including sisters Brianna and Taylor Wiens. Here are complete results from the drag strip's opening weekend.

Results from The Strip at LVMS

Saturday, March 17

LVMS Jr. Dragsters Race No. 1

Age 6-9
Champion: Madalynn Price, Las Vegas (.246 reaction/12.839 ET/49.47 mph)
Runner-up: Carleigh Garceau, Las Vegas (.134/12.507/50.56)

Champion: Jordan Rainwater, Chino Valley, Ariz. (.096 reaction/8.965 ET/73.35 mph)
Runner-up: Jessica Boardman, Las Vegas (.119/8.969/74.80)

Champion: Taylor Wiens, Las Vegas (.050 reaction/7.925 ET/83.11 mph)
Runner-up: Ethan Januik, Las Vegas (.021/7.890/83.23)

Champion: Cadie Del Toro, Las Vegas (.088 reaction/7.901 ET/81.46 mph)
Runner-up: Haley Morris, Las Vegas (.057/8.032/79.03)

LVMS Bracket Series Event No. 1

Super Pro
Champion: Brianna Wiens, Las Vegas (.025 reaction/6.995 ET/189.68 mph)
Runner-up: Jeremy Rapp, Las Vegas (-.017/7.305/155.90)

Champion: Sacha Hoefer, Calamesa, Calif. (.037 reaction/12.005 ET/102.84 mph)
Runner-up: Jon Irving, Henderson, Nev. (.044/11.321/115.27)

Champion: C.W. Hoefer, Calimesa, Calif. (.030 reaction/12.213 ET/93.30 mph)
Runner-up: Sacha Hoefer, Calimesa, Calif. (.048/12.118/100.67)

Champion: Justin King, Henderson, Nev. (No time)
Runner-up: N/A (crashed)


Sunday, March 18

LVMS Jr. Dragsters Race No. 2

Ages 6-9
Champion: Carleigh Garceau, Las Vegas (.116 reaction/12.121 ET/53.09 mph)
Runner-up: Madalynn Price, Las Vegas (.192/12.625/49.27)

Champion: Parker Equires, Henderson, Nev. (.034 reaction/9.146 ET/73.61 mph)
Runner-up: Preston Howard, Las Vegas (.126/9.036/70.94)

Champion: Taylor Lee Taylor, Las Vegas (.034 reaction/8.053 ET/79.56 mph)
Runner-up: Tabitha Boardman, Las Vegas (.071/8.036/83.15)

Champion: Zakery Grosz, Las Vegas (.105 reaction/8.014 ET/80.38 mph)
Runner-up: Haley Morris, Las Vegas (-.028/8.009/77.75)


LVMS Bracket Series Event No. 2

Super Pro
Champion: Kyle Thorpe, Henderson, Nev. (.040 reaction/8.261 ET/157.61 mph)
Runner-up: Roger Kato, North Las Vegas, Nev. (.027/10.037/163.99)

Champion: Robin Harris, Las Vegas (.052 reaction/10.247 ET/130.62 mph)
Runner-up: Wendy Parsons, Monroe, Utah (.048/10.311/130.22)

Champion: Jon Irving, Henderson, Nev. (.000 reaction/12.072 ET/108.95 mph)
Runner-up: C.W. Hoefer, Calimesa, Calif. (.053/12.039/97.64)

Champion: Niko Morelas, Las Vegas (.005 reaction/10.132 ET/137.08 mph)
Runner-up: Leo Shaver, Las Vegas (.275/9.141/127.09)