Las Vegas' Gary Oaks swept this past weekend's bracket races in the motorcycle division, defeating Kahea Woods on May 16 in Bracket Race No. 5 and topping Leo Shaver in Bracket Race No. 6 on May 17. In addition, Tristan Craig of Henderson, Nev., won the Sportsman class in Bracket Race No. 5 before finishing as runner-up the following day, and Mason Phlegar did the same in the Storm division.

Saturday, May 16
Bracket Race No. 5

Champion: Gabrielle Schmidt, Golden Valley, Ariz. (.073 reaction/8.316 seconds/78.07 mph)
Runner-up: Elizabeth Strones, Flagstaff, Ariz. (-.016/7.938/81.32)

Champion: Aaron Covington, Las Vegas (.105 reaction/8.903 seconds/70.76 mph)
Runner-up: Preston Howard, Las Vegas (.393/11.852/54.55 mph)

Champion: Mason Phlegar (.215 reaction/14.593 seconds/43.98 mph)
Runner-up: Jacob Taylor, Las Vegas (.525/14.922/42.03)

Super Pro
Champion: Don McDavitt, Lake Havasu City, Ariz. (.018 reaction/9.567 seconds/139.41 mph)
Runner-up: Jason Dawson, Las Vegas (-.011/8.390/152.26)

Champion: Scott Horsley, Las Vegas (.016 reaction/11.720 seconds/112.73 mph)
Runner-up: Jason Hoorn, Henderson, Nev. (.165/10.608/126.46)

Champion: Tristan Craig, Henderson, Nev. (.009 reaction/13.211 seconds/105.29 mph)
Runner-up: Nick Ariotti, Boulder City, Nev. (.061/12.461/105.95)

Champion: Gary Oaks, Las Vegas (.027 reaction/8.818 seconds/149.28 mph)
Runner-up: Kahea Woods (.038/8.625/152.87)

Sunday, May 17
Bracket Race No. 6

Champion: Keoki Desa, North Las Vegas (.021 reaction/7.889 seconds/81.77 mph)
Runner-up: Cason Segundo, Boulder City, Nev. (.026/8.949/72.83)

Champion: Doniphan Schmidt, Golden Valley, Ariz. (.048 reaction/12.254 seconds/51.67 mph)
Runner-up: Reilly Garceau, Las Vegas (.092/8.948/70.25)

Champion: Kialyn Armstrong, Mesa, Ariz. (.121 reaction/15.593 seconds/39.70 mph)
Runner-up: Mason Phlegar (.585/14.522/42.89)

Super Pro
Champion: Morgan Thompson, Las Vegas (.013 reaction/7.352 seconds/178.38 mph)
Runner-up: Chad Axford, Las Vegas (.024/8.182/160.44)

Champion: Kayla Sewell, North Las Vegas (.048 reaction/9.057 seconds/139.34 mph)
Runner-up: Carl Gagnon, Las Vegas (.064/11.784/111.99)

Champion: Jon Irving, Boulder City, Nev. (.040 reaction/12.019 seconds/105.10 mph)
Runner-up: Tristan Craig, Henderson, Nev. (.044/13.295/104.64)

Champion: Gary Oaks, Las Vegas (.033 reaction/8.924 seconds/139.06 mph)
Runner-up: Leo Shaver, Las Vegas (.060/9.596/138.05)