Photo Gallery

Carl Edwards jumps off the Stratosphere Tower

February 24, 2011
  • Credit: HARRY RANSOM
  • Photographer Harry Ransom caught the best shot of Carl in flight.
    Credit: HARRY RANSOM
  • Carl Edwards and Jamie Little talk to the media before their jump.
    Credit: John Bisci
  • Jamie Little is attached to the safety harness.
    Credit: John Bisci
  • Edwards suits up prior to the 108-story plunge.
    Credit: John Bisci
  • Edwards, quickly on his way to the bottom.
    Credit: MARC PAULUS
  • Jamie Little heads for the landing pad.
    Credit: John Bisci
  • Credit: John Bisci
  • Credit: MARC PAULUS
  • Carl signs the SkyJump Las Vegas wall.

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