For the second consecutive year, the Accident Re-creation Conference (ARC) held its training seminar at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Hosted Monday morning by the North Las Vegas Police Department, the four-day seminar featured one day of intentional crashing -- a.k.a. accident re-creation -- in the pit area of the speedway's half-mile dirt oval.

"Basically, it is a seminar for anyone who needs to learn accident re-creation for their investigations," said Shawn Walker, Public Information Officer for the North Las Vegas Police Department. "We have 236 participants, including attendees from all 50 states and many countries, including England.  They are from police agencies throughout the world, insurance companies and attorneys."

Five two-car crashes of different types were staged at the speedway.  After each crash was staged, participants took photos and analyzed the crash scenes.  According to Walker, they will spend the remaining three days of the seminar analyzing their data.

The conference also was filmed by The Discovery Channel for future broadcast use.