6:14 p.m. - Comments from Justin Lamb of Henderson, Nev., who was the runner-up to Ted Seipel of San Leandro, Calif., in the Super Gas category Sunday at the SummitRacing.com NHRA Nationals:


"I ran exactly what I needed in the final. We needed to go 10.05 and I ran 10.058 and (Seipel) was 10.07. He had a .003 (reaction time) and if I would have been .015 or .020 (instead of .055), I would have won. I just made a mistake and missed the tree. His son Kyle, when he races, races my car. His son has been racing for a really long time and when he does race, I always have an extra car so he drives my dragster, so it was actually very cool (to race Ted Seipel in the final). Obviously I wanted to win but if I didn't win, he'd be my next choice - it made losing not so bad. It's still a really good day - it's a great day. I now have a win and a runner-up in the first three national events so that's good for points."

Thank you and good night from The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

5:58 p.m. - Comments from Pro Stock driver Jeg Coughlin, who earned his second victory of the season and the 43rd of his career Sunday at the SummitRacing.com NHRA Nationals:


(For the second time in your career, you had to go five rounds on race day) "I'm used to going multiple rounds from my days in bracket racing. For the team, we had kind of a hurry-up offense all day and really didn't catch our breaths until we got prepared for the final. The NHRA did a great job working with the situation and delaying the program just enough to get us prepared properly. We had to hustle. This is the second time we've had a re-run and today was Kurt Johnson - they don't get any tougher than him. We had a tough day. We're running for Full Throttle points here and for the dollars and for the Countdown to One and we'd love nothing more than to come out of Indy in first place in the Countdown with the extra bonus points that come with being number one. But there's a lot of racing between here and there."

5:20 p.m. - Comments from Funny Car driver Ron Capps, who earned his third victory of the season and the 28th of his career Sunday at the SummitRacing.com NHRA Nationals:


(It was a nice way to rebound from the last two races when you lost in the first round) "I was asked several times by the media what was wrong and I just never worried. You need to get in your comfort zone. You'll find a lot of teams that seem like they may be struggling here the last few races.

With four test dates for the whole year, there are a lot of teams testing things, including us, testing things that you have to try in qualifying once you get in the show and even on race day, believe it or not. It's tough to gauge how people are actually doing in their pit area. When we won that first round today and it was 4.21 and it wasn't that good, we got put over in the right lane and everybody thought we were doomed - and so did I - and it went right down there. It seems like when we don't have lane choice and Ace (McCulloch, crew chief) has got his back against the wall a little bit, he comes out swinging."

"As long as you know deep inside and your camp knows what you're doing, that's the thing. I got beat on a holeshot in Gainesville and there wasn't one thing said by anybody on the team - they know you're beating yourself up as it is. When you come back to the pit area and your guys, instead of saying, ‘Man, what happened?' they try to bring you back up right away and that's huge."

5 p.m. - Comments from Top Fuel driver Tony Schumacher, who earned his second victory of the season and the 58th of his career Sunday at the SummitRacing.com NHRA Nationals:

"Really, the team won today; I didn't do a great, great job driving. Last week I had a pretty special week and this week it was the team. They did just a heck of a job. Yesterday, I was a little gun shy. I went up there and red-lighted and had to get all that stuff out at some point. But that's what a team is all about. We put a good group of guys together and some days it's their days to shine and some days it's my day but at the end of the day we all shine together. It was a perfect, perfect run; that final was outstanding."

(Two wins in a row, it seems like losing your crew chief and losing a crew didn't seem to matter) "Obviously it matters because we had an amazing team. But when they said they were going to leave and we knew the guys were moving on, we didn't get down. We didn't throw helmets and we get angry. The fact is, that was the situation and now it's our job to hire good people and surround yourself with people that can make your car go down the racetrack and compete against those guys. Most of the guys on my team haven't won two races in a row so that was so great for them and they did it today - they really did. I didn't drive flawlessly today ... I didn't do as good a job as I did last week. But that's what a team is all about."

4:20 p.m. - Notes from the SummitRacing.com NHRA Nationals finals:

Tony Schumacher earned his second victory of the season and 58th of his career. Schumacher is 2-for-2 in final rounds this season. ... Ron Capps notched his third win of the season and 28th of his career. This was his third final round of the season. ... Jeg Coughlin appeared in is third final round of 2009 and picked up his second victory of the season and 43rd of his career. ... Schumacher took over the Top Fuel points lead with the win and holds an 18-point lead over Antron Brown. ... Capps retained the points lead in Funny Car while Coughlin took over the lead in Pro Stock points. Capps leads Matt Hagan by 106 points and Coughlin leads Jason line by 12 points.

3:50 p.m. - Final results from the 10th annual SummitRacing.com NHRA Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway:



Top Fuel: Tony Schumacher (3.874 at 311.77) def. Brandon Bernstein (4.003 at 295.66).

Funny Car: Ron Capps (4.182 at 297.81) def. Matt Hagan (4.335 at 248.89).

Pro Stock: Jeg Coughlin (6.715 at 205.15) def. Greg Stanfield (foul).

Check back shortly for comments from the winning drivers.

2:38 p.m. - Semifinals winners and final-round matchup in Pro Stock:

Semifinals: Jeg Coughlin (6.708 at 204.60) def. Jason Line (6.738 at 205.79); Greg Stanfield (6.805 at 205.01) def. Greg Anderson (11.463 at 75.73).


Final: Stanfield vs. Coughlin.

2:32 p.m. - Semifinals winners and final-round matchup in Funny Car:

Semifinals: Ron Capps (4.201 at 292.20) def. Robert Hight (4.304 at 258.17); Matt Hagan (4.200 at 302.41) def. Cruz Pedregon (6.510 at 103.50).


Final: Hagan vs. Capps.

2:27 p.m. - Semifinals winners and final-round matchup in Top Fuel:

Semifinals: Tony Schumacher (3.932 at 308.43) def. Shawn Langdon (4.022 at 292.27); Brandon Bernstein (4.004 at 295.21) def. Antron Brown (4.149 at 216.51).

Final: Schumacher vs. Bernstein.

2:25 p.m. - Justin Lamb of Henderson won his fifth-round elimination race in Super Gas on Sunday and will get a bye into the final later this afternoon. Lamb turned in a 10.07-second pass in round five but his opponent, David Carroll, red-lighted. Lamb has four career national-event victories.

2 p.m. - Tony Pedregon appeared to have it over his brother Cruz in the second round of Funny Car eliminations after Cruz spun his tires about 200 feet into his run. But Tony dropped a cylinder three-quarters of the way through his run, drifted to the left and hit the timing cones at the finish line. As a result, Cruz advanced to the semifinals against Matt Hagan despite not taking a time in the round.

"I hate to see that happen; we like to go out here and put on a good show," Cruz said of the race. "The Pedregon brothers are about winning championships and doing a great job and I'm sure Tony would like to have that one back. Sometimes you need those breaks; we certainly got ours here last year."

1:46 p.m. - Second-round winners and semifinals matchups in Pro Stock:


Second round: Jason Line def. Rickie Jones; Greg Stanfield def. Warren Johnson; Greg Anderson def. Larry Morgan; Jeg Coughlin def. Mike Edwards (foul).


Semifinals: Coughlin vs. Line; Anderson vs. Stanfield.

1:24 p.m. - Second-round winners and semifinals matchups in Funny Car:

Second round: Cruz Pedregon def. Tony Pedregon (DQ - centerline violation); Matt Hagan def. Jack Beckman; Ron Capps def. Mike Neff; Robert Hight def. John Force.


Semifinals: C. Pedregon vs. Hagan; Hight vs. Capps.

1:10 p.m. - Second-round winners and semifinals matchups in Top Fuel:


Second round: Shawn Langdon def. Joe Hartley; Antron Brown def. Doug Kalitta; Brandon Bernstein def. Larry Dixon; Tony Schumacher def. Cory McClenathan.


Semifinals: Langdon vs. McClenathan; Brown vs. Bernstein.

12:45 p.m. -- First-round winners and second-round matchups in Pro Stock:

First round: Mike Edwards def. Steve Spiess; Jeg Coughlin def. Kurt Johnson (foul); Jason Line def. Dave Connolly; Rickie Jones def. Allen Johnson; Greg Anderson def. V Gaines; Larry Morgan def. Tom Hammonds; Greg Stanfield def. David Beckley; Warren Johnson def. Johnny Gray.


Second round: Edwards vs. Coughlin; Line vs. Jones; Anderson vs. Morgan; Stanfield vs. W. Johnson.

12:15 p.m. - A timing light malfunction will force Jeg Coughlin and Kurt Johnson to re-run their first-round Pro Stock race. According to NHRA officials, a stray piece of rubber led to a staging light malfunction that improperly gave Johnson a red light. The race will be re-run at approximately 12:25 p.m.


11:50 a.m. -- First-round winners and second-round matchups in Funny Car:

First round: Ron Capps def. Brian Thiel; Jack Beckman def. Ashley Force Hood; Tony Pedregon def. Del Worsham; Robert Hight def. Jeff Arend; Mike Neff def. Gary Densham; Matt Hagan def. Bob Bode; John Force def. Tim Wilkerson; Cruz Pedregon def. Bob Tasca III.


Second round: T. Pedregon vs. C. Pedregon; Beckman vs. Hagan; Hight vs. Force; Neff vs. Capps.

11:24 a.m. -- First-round winners and second-round matchups in Top Fuel:

First round: Doug Kalitta def. David Baca; Brandon Bernstein def. Spencer Massey; Cory McClenathan def. Troy Buff; Shawn Langdon def. Steve Chrisman; Antron Brown def. Mike Strasburg; Larry Dixon def. Urs Erbacher; Tony Schumacher def. Terry Haddock; Joe Hartley def. Morgan Lucas.


Second round: Langdon vs. Hartley; Schumacher vs. McClenathan; Brown vs. Kalitta; Dixon vs. Bernstein.

10:30 a.m. -- Here are the first-round pairings for today's professional eliminations:

Top Fuel: 1. Shawn Langdon vs. 16. Steven Chrisman; 2. Antron Brown vs. 15. Mike Strasburg; 3. Larry Dixon vs. 14. Urs Erbacher; 4. Tony Schumacher vs. 13. Terry Haddock; 5. Cory McClenathan vs. 12. Troy Buff; 6. Spencer Massey vs. 11. Brandon Bernstein; 7. David Baca vs. 10. Doug Kalitta; 8. Morgan Lucas vs. 9. Joe Hartley.

Funny Car: 1. Tony Pedregon vs. 16. Del Worsham; 2. Robert Hight vs. 15. Jeff Arend; 3. Mike Neff vs. 14. Gary Densham; 4. Ashley Force Hood vs. 13. Jack Beckman; 5. Bob Bode vs. 12. Matt Hagan; 6. Ron Capps vs. 11. Brian Thiel; 7. John Force vs. 10. Tim Wilkerson; 8. Cruz Pedregon vs. 9. Bob Tasca III.


Pro Stock: 1. Mike Edwards vs. 16. Steve Spiess; 2. Greg Anderson vs. 15. V. Gaines; 3. Greg Stanfield vs. 14. David Beckley; 4. Jason Line vs. 13. Dave Connolly; 5. Allen Johnson vs. 12. Rickie Jones; 6. Warren Johnson vs. 11. Johnny Gray; 7. Tom Hammonds vs. 10. Larry Morgan; 8. Jeg Coughlin vs. 9. Kurt Johnson.

10:15 a.m. - Good morning from The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway where final eliminations for the 10th annual SummitRacing.com NHRA Nationals will be contested on an absolutely gorgeous day. As was the case yesterday, there isn't a cloud in the sky, there is no threat of rain and winds out of the north are nothing like the gale-force winds that wreaked havoc on the racing Friday afternoon.

Driver introductions will begin at 10 a.m. (PDT) and final eliminations for the three professional categories gets underway at 11 a.m. Check back here often, as we'll be updating this blog throughout the day with news, results and interviews from the winning driver.