Derek Thorn of Bakersfield, Calif., and Matthew Hicks of Lakeside, Calif., shared the spotlight tonight at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Thorn won the 125-lap season finale for the SPEARS Southwest Tour and Hicks won the 75-lap Lucas Oil Modified Series feature.

SPEARS SOUTHWEST TOUR: Jonathon Gomez started the SPEARS Southwest Tour Century Motorsports & Marine 125 contest from the pole position and led the first 35 laps. Derek Thorn fought past Gomez to take the lead on the 36th circuit and Greg Pursley slipped by the former race leader to claim second place. Pursley soon relinquished second place to Jim Pettit II and the trio pulled away from the pack. By the halfway point, at lap 63, Thorn and Pettit pulled away from the rest of the field.
The red flag was thrown on lap 99 for oil leaked on the track from Ross Strmiska's car. The race restarted with Thorn in the lead, followed by Pettit and Gomez. Thorn went on to win, followed by Pettit and Jeremy Doss. Bullring 2013 NASCAR Super Late Model champion Jay Beasley finished 10th. Pettit secured his third SPEAR Southwest Series title simply by starting the race.

LUCAS OIL MODIFIED SERIES: Doug Hamm of Las Vegas started the 75-lap Lucas Oil Modified Series feature from the pole position and led the first 11 laps until Matthew Hicks challenged on the inside and grabbed the lead. Hicks survived a rash of caution periods and cruised on to victory. Scott Winters finished second and Joe Deguevara of Las Vegas was third.
A record number of entries - 50 - filled the Lucas Oil Modified pit area. The 20-lap B-Features were won by Michael Hale and Mike Salm. The Lucas Oil Modified Series Dash was won by Shelby Stroebel. Chris Gerchman won the 2013 Lucas Oil Modified Series championship.

Cody Jessup prevailed in the late-race three-car battle for first place in the 30-lap USAC Ignite Midget Series feature. Bryant Dawson and Tyler Ankrum were a close second and third, respectively. USAC Midget heats were won by Ankrum and Dawson.

Both 35-lap S2 Late Model features were won by Trevor Huddleston. Ryan Cansdale finished second in both features and won the 2013 S2 Late Model championship.

Clayton Weatherman won the 35-lap Legend Cars feature. Dylan Cappelo finished second and Noah Gragson was third.


125-lap SPEARS Southwest Tour feature (Century Motorsports & Marine 125): 1. Derek Thorn, 2. Jim Pettit II, 3. Jeremy Doss, 4. Jonathon Gomez, 5. Trevor Cristiani, 6. Jacob Gomes, 7. Ross Strmiska, 8. Greg Pursley, 9. Jason Gilbert, 10. Jay Beasley, 11. Donny St. Ours, 12. Ken Benhamou, 13. Cole Custer, 14. Tracy Bolin, 15. Greg Voigt, 16. Greg Bischofberger, 17. Scott Sanchez, 18. Troy Ermish, 19. Cole Loftsgard, 20. Bobby Hodges, 21. Jonathon Mawhinney, 22. Brandon White, 23. Dave Byrd, 24. Austin Barnes, 25. Carlos Vieira, 26. Matt Meech, 27. Rob Kiemele.

75-lap Lucas Oil Modified Series feature: 1. Matthew Hicks, 2. Scott Winters, 3. Joe Deguevara, 4. Shelby Stroebel, 5. Aaron McMorran, 6. Tripp Gaylord, 7. Rich Lindgren, 8. Doug Carpenter, 9. Mark Ith Jr., 10. Doug Hamm, 11. Mike Salm, 12. Jim Mardis, 13. Michael Hale, 14. Brad Tilton, 15. Tim Morse, 16. Dave Arce, 17. Nick Romano, 18. David Crouch, 19. Jay Linstroh, 20. Roger Brown, 21. Chris Gerchman, 22. Jason Pattison, 23. J. Avila Jr., 24. Chase Catania, 25. Jason Bamberg, 26. Jessica Clark.

First 35-lap S2 Late Model feature: 1. Trevor Huddleston, 2. Ryan Cansdale, 3. Daryl Scoggins, 4. Kenny Smith, 5. Johnny Butler, 6. Bill Waters, 7. Chris Morrison, 8. Dave Lowenstein, 9. Nastasia Dodd, 10. Karon Lowenstein.

Second 35-lap S2 Late Model feature: 1. Trevor Huddleston, 2. Ryan Cansdale, 3. Kenny Smith, 4. Daryl Scoggins, 5. Johnny Butler, 6. Bill Waters, 7. Chris Morrison, 8. Nastasia Dodd, 9. Dave Lowenstein, 10. Karen Lowenstein.

30-lap USAC Ignite Midget Series feature: 1. Cody Jessop, 2. Bryant Dawson, 3. Tyler Ankrum, 4. Jimmy Waters, 5. Michael Fanelli, 6. Ron Hazelton, 7. Christine Breckenridge, 8. Jarid Blondell, 9. Marina Turner, 10. Jamie Belfiore, 11. Shawn Buckley.

35-lap Legend Cars feature: 1. Clayton Weatherman, 2. Dylan Cappelo, 3. Noah Gragson, 4. Kyle Weatherman, 5. Ricky Schlick, 6. Connor Cantrell, 7. Michael Womack, 8. Buddy Sheppard, 9. Chad Schug, 10. Zane Smith, 11. Ethan McMillion, 12. Tim Mangini, 13. Terry Sykes, 14. Dusty Riggs, 15. Blaine Perkins, 16. Eric Olson, 17. Brad Toth, 18. Tony Mangini, 19. Randall Beddow, 20. Bradon Weaver, 21. Riley Herbst.