Robby Gordon on the past two weekends of disappointing finishes: ¿It seems like it just has not been our time since the season started this year. We were in the right place at the wrong time in Daytona. Then, it was almost like instant replay in Rockingham. Both times, the No. 31 Cingular Wireless Chevrolet was running in the top 15. It is disappointing and frustrating, especially with each weekend being one step closer to that 26th race. There is no reason for Team Cingular not to be in the Chase for the NASCAR Cup. I have a great group of guys behind me who have been putting me behind the wheel of nothing but great cars so far this year. Our finishes haven¿t shown it, but the new team is doing great. I know it is going to get better. It has to get better.¿   

Thoughts going into Las Vegas: ¿The entire Cingular Wireless team is looking to the west for a fresh start. We have had a rough couple of finishes so far this year, so hopefully things will take a turn for the better.  Our test at Las Vegas is a bonus in our corner, because we ran in race trim a lot and learned a lot about the track and the tires. I think the Las Vegas race is going to separate the men from the boys, because last year the tires didn¿t drop off a lot, but this year is going to be a different story.

¿I like going out to Las Vegas, because it¿s in the desert and when I am not on the track I love playing in the desert. In fact, I am planning to play around Thursday and take some of the guys on my team for a ride in my sand car, along with some other friends. Desert racing has been a major part of my life, so I will always make time to play in the sand and race in the sand at least a few times each year.

¿I also like Las Vegas, because it gives me time to go hang out at my West Coast home and check in on my fairly new business in Anaheim, Calif. It has been a little over a year since I opened the Robby Gordon Off-Road Center. I turned my race shop into the new store.  We put wheels, tires and suspension and lift kits on street-legal cars. It is a different direction I decided to pursue and expand. It has been pretty fun and successful over the past year.¿

Racing off-road: ¿I ran my Chevrolet trophy truck in Laughlin, Nev., earlier this year and this past weekend down in the Baja Peninsula. I am just having some fun and at the same time testing out my new truck for the Baja 1000 later this year. I am running some powerful RCR engines in my trophy truck and working out some kinks that will help me be as competitive as possible later this year in Baja.¿

Chris Andrews on his rookie NASCAR Cup crew chief season up to this point: ¿The year has been good, but the Cingular Wireless team¿s finishes are not showing it. The results we have been putting out each weekend definitely are not showcasing the good team of guys that is standing behind Robby and Team Cingular. We have been in the top 10 the first two races and sadly we have just been in the right place at the wrong time.  Our results are not showing how good we are. Robby and the pit crew are doing a great job, it is just unfortunate incidents that keep plaguing us. Aside from that, winning races is what it is all about and that is what we aim to do every weekend no matter where we finish the weekend before or where we stand now.

¿So far, this year is a whole lot different than what I have been doing the last couple of years in the industry as a team engineer. Last year, I made suggestions to the guy who made the decisions. This year, I am the guy making the decisions.  I am fortunate and thankful to have Scott Miller working alongside me, because he is definitely always looking at the bigger picture and keeping me tuned into that. He also just keeps Team Cingular on the same page with the other RCR teams. The old cliché, ¿three heads are better than one,¿ could not be truer when it comes to stock car racing, especially when you get to this level of competition.¿