Brandon Riehl, Ronnie Hultz and Lee Hatch took the checkered flag at the Silver State Fall Classic at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday night.

Brandon Riehl of Boring, Ore. won the 140-lap VP Racing Fuels Late Model Championship. Local Mike Cofer started on the pole and maintained an early lead until local Jason Allen took command on lap 62. Allen, Riehl, and Cofer were the top three drivers at the halfway break (lap 70). On lap 71 Riehl earned the lead and maintained it to the checkered flag. Cofer finished second followed by Dick Cobb and Thane Alderman, both of Las Vegas.

"I¿ve been wanting to ¿whip cookies¿ for the last month," Riehl said. "I¿ve been so close to winning, I either pile it up or stack it into the wall."

"It¿s frustrating," Cofer said. "All-in-all it was a good weekend."

Ronnie Hultz of Denver, Colo. won the 40-lap I.M.C.A. Modified Pavement Nationals. After starting on the outside pole, Hultz gained an early lead and maintain his momentum to the checkered flag. Shawn Johnson of Colorado Springs, Colo. finished second followed by Wayne Morris Jr. of Las Vegas and Jason Beaulier of Campbell River, British Columbia.

"We worked very hard at this," Hultz said. "We didn¿t have the best of luck on the way up here. So it is good for something to go right. Hard work pays off."

Lee Hatch of Covina, Calif. won the 200-lap Mechanix Wear Speed Trucks series finale. Hatch dominated both 100-lap segments to take the checkered flag. Randy Brown of West Covina, Calif. finished second and clinched the Mechanix Wear Speed Trucks championship. Local Spencer Clark finished third followed by Darren Young of Gilbert, Ariz.

"It would have been nice to get the championship, but nobody deserves it more than Randy Brown," Hatch said. " We are just super happy to win this race tonight, that is what we came here to do."

"It feels awesome," Brown said. "We were playing it safe. We worked for three years for this."

VP Racing Fuels Late Model Championship Results (140 laps): 1. Brandon Riehl (Boring, Ore.), 2. Mike Cofer (Las Vegas, Nev.), 3. Dick Cobb (Las Vegas, Nev.), 4. Thane Alderman (Las Vegas, Nev.), 5. Kevin Vernon (Bakersfield, Calif.), 6. Brandon Miller (Santa Ana, Calif.), 7. Rick Cobb (Las Vegas, Nev.), 8. Jeff Wright (San Diego, Calif.), 9. Tony Bruncati (Alta Loma, Calif.), 10. Jerry Spilsbury (Las Vegas, Nev.), 11. Rod Slack (Fort Worth, Texas), 12. Jason Allen (Las Vegas, Nev.), 13. Darren Michels (Las Vegas, Nev.), 14. Mike Duncan (Lamont, Calif.), 15. John Manke (Ramona, Calif.), 16. Chuck Trickle (Las Vegas, Nev.), 17. Scott Gafforini (Las Vegas, Nev.), 18. Dan Obrist (Las Vegas, Nev.), 19. Nick Joanides (Woodland Hills, Nev.) 20. Rich Attisani (Las Vegas, Nev.), 21. Wayne Jacks (Las Vegas, Nev.), 22. Mike Obrist (Portland, Ore.), 23. Darrel Midgley (British Columbia), 24. David Beat (Santee, Calif.), 25. Jeff Anthony (Livermore, Calif.), 26. Michael Ayers (Las Vegas, Nev.)

I.M.C.A. Modifieds Pavement Nationals Results (40 laps): 1. Ronnie Hultz (Denver, Colo.), 2. Shawn Johnson (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 3. Wayne Morris Jr. (Las Vegas, Nev.), 4. Jason Beaulier (Campbell River, Bristish Columbia), 5. Terry Breese (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 6. Charlie Wahl (Las Vegas, Nev.), 7. Dan Fitzgerald (Las Vegas, Nev.), 8. Greg Dickey (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 9. Matt Scheffe (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 10. Gregory Stivaletta (Pine, Colo.), 11. Graham Cook (Port Hardy, British Columbia), 12. Trevor Morrical (Brighton, Colo.), 13. Mike Moore (Bailey, Colo.), 14. Tony Ackerland (Boise, Idaho), 15. Dave Dease (Red Cliff, Alberta), 16. David Gerchman (Lake Havasu City, Ariz.), 17. Mike Kube (St. John, British Columbia), 18. Bob Sanders (Phoenix, Ariz.), 19. Roger Bonneville (Unknown), 20. Larry Gerchman (Lake Havasu City, Ariz.), 21. Gary Madsen (Salt Lake City, Utah), 22. Don Williams (Las Vegas, Nev.), 23. Darvin Ackerland (Boise, Idaho), 24. Jack Dessaints (Las Vegas, Nev.), 25. Roger Wilson (Salt Lake City, Ariz.), 26. Jim Cooksey (So. Jordan, Utah)

Mechanix Wear Speed Trucks Main Event Results (200 laps): 1. Lee Hatch (Covina, Calif.), 2. Randy Brown (West Covina, Calif.), 3. Spencer Clark (Las Vegas, Nev.), 4. Darren Young (Gilbert, Ariz.), 5. Dave Hartsook (Rancho Mirage, Calif.), 6. Scott Porter (LaVerne, Calif.), 7. Kenny Smith (El Monte, Calif.), 8. Danny Williams (Las Vegas, Nev.), 9. Robert Sanders (Phoenix, Ariz.), 10. Colin Dickinson (Peoria, Ariz.), 11. Nathan Mirth (Fullerton, Calif.), 12. Don Foreman (Las Vegas, Nev.), 13. TJ Clark (Las Vegas, Nev.), 14. Jeff Rocheleau (Bullhead City, Ariz.), 15. Alan Sanchez (Jamul, Calif.), 16. Candace Munzy (Oklahoma City, Oak.), 17. Bobby Sayers (Moreno Valley, Calif.), 18. Dan Digiacomo (Laguna Nigel, Calif.), 19. Robert Kroeker (Norco, Calif.), 20. Ron Nava (Encinitas, Calif.), 21. John Burritt (Sparks, Nev.), 22. Richard Franz (Glendale, Calif.), 23. Doug Ingraham (Westminister, Calif.), 24. Casey Kingsland (Las Vegas, Nev.), 25. Andrew Lewis (Corona, Calif.), 26. Jimmy Perry (Oak Hills, Calif.), 27. Stacy Pike (Kingman, Ariz.)

Late Models B-Main Results (30 laps, top six transferred):1. Dick Cobb, 2. Tony Bruncati, 3. Darren Michels, 4. John Manke, 5. Jeffrey Wright, 6. Michael Ayers, 7. Greg Haase, 8. Jody Tanner, 9. Bob Wickey, 10. Dennis Rock Jr., 11. Dow Woerner, 12. Steve Anderson, 13. John Tyczki Jr., 14. Cory Wolfe, 15. David Quartaro, 16. Rick Chavez, 17. Claude Bell, 18. Richard Bridges, 19. Michael Haslam, 20. Gary Jenkin, 21. Pat Petrie Jr., 22. Eric Martin, 23. Bill Haggland, 24. David Anderson, 25. Travis Swalwell, 26. Fabian Bray

I.M.C.A. Modifieds B-Main Results (20 laps, top six transferred):1. Don Williams, 2. Roger Bonneville, 3. Larry Gerchman, 4. Tony Ackerland, 5. Robert Martin, 6. Bob Sanders, 7. Eric Bauer, 8. Kirk Miller, 9. Wheeler Boys, 10. Rick McComb, 11. Rico Squizzato, 12. Donald Eldredge, 13. Charlie Wilson, 14. Ken Kulikowski, 15. John Keller, 16. Lawrence O¿Conner

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