Rich Attisani and Chris Clyne split the Super Late Model twin 30-lap main event wins at the Chris Trickle Father¿s Day Doubleheader presented by the U.S. Army as part of The Orleans NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday. In the first main event, Attisani was untouchable after starting on the outside pole. He was challenged late in the race after a caution by Scott Gafforini and Clyne, but was able to maintain his momentum to take the checkered flag. Attisani posted his first Super Late Model win this season. Gafforini finished second followed by Clyne and Rick Rochell. ¿Its great to win on Father¿s Day weekend, this win is for my father,¿ said Attisani. ¿The crew worked really hard. We have not been running to the caliber that this team is capable of. We¿ve been struggling.¿ In the second main event, Clyne led the entire 30-lap event from the pole position. Mike Cofer, who started sixth, gave Clyne a run for the money after lap 12. Clyne was able to maintain his drive to take the checkered flag marking his first career win. Cofer finished second followed by Frank Deiny Jr. and Attisani. ¿We broke a water pump after the first practice, so we missed practice and qualifying,¿ said Clyne. "We worked hard for this win, it has been a long time coming.¿ Semi-Pro Legends Cars driver, Tom Lovelady was the fastest qualifier, but started the 20-lap main event third after a three-car invert. Lovelady tangled with Jimmy Parker Jr. on the start and was sent to the back of the pack for a full restart. Alex Haase, Dustin Ash and Jesse Brown battled for the lead throughout the race. Haase led the pack on the white flag lap until Lovelady shot to the front with Brown in tow. Lovelady posted his first Semi-Pro Legends Cars win. Brown finished second followed by Haase and Ash. Pro Legends Cars driver Matt Triplett of Albuquerque, N.M. dominated the 20-lap Pro/Masters Legends Cars main event. Rick Rogas finished second and was the top finishing Masters driver. Dennis Lovelady finished third followed by Jovon Halen. Glen Burke won the 20-lap Late Model main event. Late in the race, Donna Gunther challenged Burke for the lead. Lap traffic prevented Gunther from passing Burke on lap 24. Burke held on for the win in a green-white-checkered flag finish. Travis Swalwell finished second followed by Kirk Miller and Mark Schottmuller. Dave Green collected his seventh Thunder Roadsters presented by Tri-State Petroleum and VP Racing Fuels 20-lap feature win. Dale Dlugos finished second followed by Mike Montes and Matt Ross. Kyle Huender, 13, posted his first Bandolero Cars win in the 10-lap main event. Jeremiah Wagner finished second followed by Sarah Chelberg and Brandon Oxborrow. Daren Rollins won the 50-lap 7-Eleven Bullring Bombers main event. Aaron Turrel led the race until he spun on lap 30. Official results will be released Monday Super Late Models Main Event No. 1 UNOFFICIAL Results (30 laps): 1. Rich Attisani, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Chris Clyne, 4. Rick Rochell, 5. Frank Deiny Jr., 6. Mike Cofer, 7. Don Williams, 8. Chuck Trickle, 9. Thane Alderman, 10. George Antill, 11. Guy Griebel, 12. Jerry Spilsbury, 13. Greg Haase, 14. Jeff Coleman, 15. Spencer Clark, 16. Rick Chelberg, 17. Steve Anderson, 18. Fabian Bray Super Late Models Main Event No. 2 UNOFFICIAL Results (30 laps): 1. Chris Clyne, 2. Mike Cofer, 3. Frank Deiny Jr., 4. Rich Attisani, 5. Chuck Trickle, 6. Scott Gafforini, 7. Don Williams, 8. Guy Griebel, 9. Spencer Clark, 10. George Antill, 11. Rick Rochell, 12. Steve Anderson, 13. Greg Haase, 14. Dow Woerner, 15. Jerry Spilsbury, 16. Rick Chelberg, 17. David Anderson, 18. Thane Alderman Late Models Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Glen Burke, 2. Travis Swalwell, 3. Kirk Miller, 4. Mark Schottmuller, 5. Dan Howell, 6. Mark McDermott, 7. Donna Gunther, 8. Ron Moffatt, 9. Deane Fountain, 10. Doug Hamm, 11. Steve Reeves, 12. Morris Sealy, 13. Robert Roth, 14. PC Weekley, 15. Chris Bray Pro/Master Legends Cars Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (20 laps): 1. Matt Triplett, 2. Rick Rogas, 3. Dennis Lovelady, 4. Jovon Halen, 5. Michael Fredericks, 6. Ed Hohman, 7. Ken Neff, 8. Craig Stewart, 9. Fletcher Hammond, 10. BJ Bollman, 11. Robby Guevara Semi-Pro Legends Cars Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (20 laps): 1. Tom Lovelady, 2. Jesse Brown, 3. Alex Haase, 4. Dustin Ash, 5. Jimmy Parker Jr., 6. Joey Mogar, 7. Justin Cicchini, 8. Kevin Terrell, 9. John Smith, 10. Matt Daly, 11. Josh Gross, 12. Mike Craine, 13. Rob Konopka, 14. Shawn Szep, 15. Mike Anderson, 16. Tim O¿Toole, 17. Daniel Parker, 18. Ron Reed, 19. Taylor Barton, 20. JT Montes Bandolero Cars Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (10 laps): 1. Kyle Huender, 2. Jeremiah Wagner, 3. Sarah Chelberg, 4. Brandon Oxborrow, 5. Connor Kassik, DNS Jonathan Mawhinney Thunder Roadsters presented by Tri-State Petroleum and VP Racing Fuels Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Dave Green, 2. Dale Dlugos, 3. Mike Montes, 4. Matt Ross, 5. Richard Rusin, 6. Barry Yost, 7. Paul Green, 8. John Thompson 7-Eleven Bullring Bombers (50 laps) Winner: Darren Rollins