Hendrick Motorsports driver Kyle Busch returned to his hometown for the Night of Fire at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Thursday night. A record number of fans (5,078) watched Busch win both the Super Late Model and Pro/Master Legends Cars races at The Orleans NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series along with fireworks, demolition derby and a jet car meltdown. In the 75-lap Super Late Model race, Busch started seventh after an eight car invert. A caution period on lap 2 for a wreck (Chris Clyne, Mike Cofer and Rick Rochell) allowed Busch to restart in the third position behind Frank Deiny Jr. and Rich Attisani. By lap 30 Busch took the lead in his RC Racing Decals sponsored machine. Steve Anderson fought his way to the second position tracking down Busch until lap 71 when he sustained a flat tire. Busch was able to hold off the 2002 division track champion Thane Alderman for the win. Alderman finished second followed by Chuck Trickle and Ray Hooper Jr. Busch started seventh in the 20-lap Pro/Master Legends Cars feature event after the eight car invert. The 18-year-old quickly charged to the front of the pack and took command on lap 5. The Pro driver maintained his lead to take the checkered flag. Rick Rogas finished second and was the top finishing Master driver. Robby Guevara was third and Craig Stewart fourth. ¿We had a great time out here. We really ran well,¿ Busch said. ¿Dick Cobb the owner of the car and Rick Cobb, his son, the sponsor gave me a great opportunity to come out here and have a great time. We didn¿t come back here expecting to win, we just wanted to run up front with the old time boys. It felt pretty good to win in both the Legends and Late Model competition.¿ Jimmy Parker Jr. posted his second consecutive win this season in the Semi-Pro Legends Cars 20-lap feature. Parker battled with Alex Haase for the lead. Thirteen-year-old Haase was black flagged for car trouble on lap 10, which allowed Parker to take the lead. The 16-year-old maintained his lead to the checkered flag. Dustin Ash finished second followed by Joey Mogar and Haase. In Late Model action Doug Hamm posted his first division win in the 30-lap main event. At the midway point Hamm took the lead from rookie Travis Swalwell and never looked back. Hamm took the checkered flag followed by Swalwell, Donna Gunther and Glen Burke. Ken Kulikowski won the Stewart Motorsports IMCA Modified 30-lap feature event. Wayne Morris Jr. finished in front of Kulikowski, but was penalized for jumping the restart after a caution on lap 27. Therefore, Kulikowski was awarded the win. Dan Fitzgerald finished second followed by Larry Gerchman and Tim Richter. Official results will be released Monday Super Late Models Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (75 laps): 1. Kyle Busch, 2. Thane Alderman, 3. Chuck Trickle, 4. Ray Hooper Jr., 5. Spencer Clark, 6. Don Williams, 7. Guy Griebel, 8. Rick Chelberg, 9. Steve Anderson, 10. Jerry Spilsbury, 11. Richard Bridges, 12. Rich Attisani, 13. Dennis Rock Jr., 14. Scott Gafforini, 15. George Antill, 16. Frank Deiny Jr., 17. Mike Cofer, 18. Rick Rochell, 19. Billy Newman, 20. Chris Clyne Late Models Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (30 laps): 1. Doug Hamm, 2. Travis Swalwell, 3. Donna Gunther, 4. Glen Burke, 5. Kirk Miller, 6. Robert Rittgers, 7. Robert Roth, 8. Ron Moffitt, 9. Tom Youmans, 10. PC Weekley, 11. Mark Schottmuller, 12. Deane Fountain, 13. Chris Bray, 14. Justin Johnson, 15. Dan Howell, 16. Marc McDermott, 17. Morris Sealy, 18. Steve Reeves Pro/Master Legends Cars Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (20 laps): 1. Kyle Busch, 2. Rick Rogas, 3. Robby Guevara, 4. Craig Stewart, 5. Steve Legg, 6. Ed Hohman, 7. Fletcher Hammond, 8. Dennis Lovelady, 9. Ken Neff, 10. Bobby Ruppert, 11. James Galza, 12. Kurt Minnick, 13. BJ Bollman, 14. Tim Richter, 15. Jovon Halen, 16. Danny Williams, 17. Michael Fredericks Semi-Pro Legends Cars Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (20 laps): 1. Jimmy Parker Jr., 2. Dustin Ash, 3. Joey Mogar, 4. Alex Haase, 5. Kevin Terrell, 6. Jerry Jones, 7. Daniel Parker, 8. Josh Gross, 9. Matt Mawhinney, 10. Mike Anderson, 11. Chris Gerchman, 12. JT Montes, 13. Candice Clark, 14. Justin Cicchini, 15. Taylor Barton, 16. Tom Lovelady, 17. Darrin Carlton, 18. Shawn Szep, 19. John Smith (DNS) Stewart Motorsports IMCA Modifieds Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (30 laps): 1. Ken Kulikowski, 2. Dan Fitzgerald, 3. Larry Gerchman, 4. Tim Richter, 5. Kenny Thompson, 6. Todd Stancliff, 7. Stoney Gray, 8. Wayne Morris Jr., 9. Kirk Miller, 10. Ben Pigeon, 11. David Gerchman, 12. Rich Attisani, 13. CJ Scherkenbach, 14. Randall Boren, 15. Rick Durica, 16. Eric Bauer