Thane Alderman, the 2002 Late Model track champion, posted his first Super Late Model win at The Orleans NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday for Craftsman Night at the races. Alderman qualified sixth for the 40-lap Super Late Model main event and started fourth after the eight-car invert. Ray Hooper Jr. led the pack with Steve Anderson in tow until lap 11 when Anderson took command. Alderman caught Anderson and both drivers ran nose-to-tail. Alderman took the lead on lap 30 and never looked back. Chuck Trickle finished second followed by Anderson and Rick Rochell. ¿It has been over a year since we won. It has been terrible; we have had such bad luck,¿ Alderman said. ¿The car was awesome tonight. Hopefully we¿ll win some more before the season is out.¿ Firefighter Jerry Walton was on fire in the 25-lap Stewart Motorsports IMCA Modified feature event. Walton started on the pole and jumped to a substantial lead. Stoney Gray ran down Walton and both drivers ran side-by-side to the checkered flag. Walton was able to hold off Gray for his first win this season. Gray finished second followed by Larry Gerchman and CJ Scherkenbach. In the Charger 25-lap feature, points leader Doug Matter lead the pack until lap 9 when a caution came out. On the restart, Matter did not maintain the pace car speed and was sent to the rear of the field. Tom Youmans took the lead and was challenged by Fred Kiser Jr. Youmans and Kiser Jr. battled nose-to-tail until lap 13 when Kiser Jr. took command and maintained his lead to post his first win. Youmans finished second followed by Doug Davenport and Jim Petrie. Taylor Barton and Jimmy Parker Jr. battled for the lead in the 25-lap Semi-Pro Legends Cars main event until lap 12 when both cars tangled. The lead was relinquished to Alex Haase who was able to maintain his lead to post his third win this season. Dustin Ash finished second followed by Shawn Szep and Joey Mogar. In Bandolero Cars action, Jonathan Mawhinney posted his sixth win this season in the 10-lap feature. Austin Murphy of Lancaster, Calif. challenged Mawhinney for the lead on the white flag lap before a caution came out. Mawhinney was able to hold off Murphy in the green-white-checkered finish. Murphy finished second followed by Sarah Chelberg and Jeremiah Wagner. Pro Legends Cars driver Matt Triplett of Albuquerque, N.M. won the Pro/Master Legends Cars 25-lap main event. Triplett took command on lap 21 and was able to hold off the field for the win. Rick Rogas was the top finishing Master driver with a third-place finish. Chris Clyne finished second and teammate Robby Guevara fourth. Dave Green posted his eighth Thunder Roadster presented by Tri-State Petroleum and VP Racing Fuels win in the 25-lap feature. David Anderson finished second followed by Dale Dlugos and Matt Ross. Darren Rollins won the 50-lap 7-Eleven Bullring Bombers feature event. Official results will be released Monday Super Late Models Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (40 laps): 1. Thane Alderman, 2. Chuck Trickle, 3. Steve Anderson, 4. Rick Rochell, 5. Dennis Rock Jr., 6. Mike Cofer, 7. George Antill, 8. Ray Hooper Jr., 9. Jerry Spilsbury, 10. Steve Rzesnowiecky, 11. Billy Newman, 12. Bob Barker, 13. Rick Chelberg, 14. Charles Price, 15. Spencer Clark, 16. Richard Bridges, 17. Scott Gafforini, 18. Guy Griebel Chargers Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Fred Kiser Jr., 2. Tom Youmans, 3. Doug Davenport, 4. Jim Petrie, 5. Pat Petrie, 6. Phil Goodwin, 7. Doug Matter, 8. Steve Dessormeau, 9. Mark McAllister, 10. Terry Elmore, 11. Tim McKenna, 12. Tracy Mortimer, 13. Matt Lutz, 14. Nathan Giesen, 15. Dave Rountree, 16. Mike McKearn, 17. Jerry Jones, 18. Joe Finger, 19. Mike Riefler, 20. Don Sargent, 21. Jerry Gentry, 22. Morris Sealy Stewart Motorsports IMCA Modifieds Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Jerry Walton, 2. Stoney Gray, 3. Larry Gerchman, 4. CJ Scherkenbach, 5. Ken Kulikowski, 6. Randall Boren, 7. Todd Stancliff, 8. Mike McKearn, 9. Rick Durica, 10. Eric Bauer, 11. Kenny Thompson, 12. David Gerchman, 13. Tim Helms, 14. Rich Taylor, 15. Chris Silva Pro/Master Legends Cars Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Matt Triplett, 2. Chris Clyne, 3. Rick Rogas, 4. Robby Guevara, 5. Dennis Lovelady, 6. Craig Stewart, 7. Tim O¿Toole, 8. Jovon Halen, 9. Steve Legg, 10. Bobby Ruppert, 11. Ken Neff, 12. Michael Fredericks, 13. Fletcher Hammond, 14. Ed Hohman, 15. BJ Bollman Semi-Pro Legends Cars Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Alex Haase, 2. Dustin Ash, 3. Shawn Szep, 4. Joey Mogar, 5. Tom Lovelady, 6. Daniel Parker, 7. Matt Mawhinney, 8. John Smith, 9. Jimmy Parker Jr., 10. Taylor Barton, 11. Chris Gedicks, 12. Tommy Suell, 13. Justin Cicchini, 14. Andrew Murphy, 15. Mike Anderson, 16. Candice Clark, 17. JT Montes, 18. Chris Gerchman, 19. Josh Gross, 20. Kevin Terrell Bandolero Cars Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (10 laps):, 5. Kyle Huender, 6. Broc Murphy, 7. Brandon Oxborrow, 8. Connor Kassik Thunder Roadsters presented by Tri-State Petroleum and VP Racing Fuels Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Dave Green, 2. David Anderson, 3. Dale Dlugos, 4. Matt Ross, 5. Tom Green, 6. Richard Rusin, 7. Randy Bowman, 8. Mike Montes, 9. Paul Green, 10. John Thompson, 11. Scott Montes, 12. Ron Reed 7-Eleven Bullring Bombers Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (50 laps): 1. Darren Rollins