Thane Alderman, Mark Ith and Troy Decuir posted wins at the Cannery Showdown at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday night. The Showdown featured the VP Racing Fuels Late Model Championship, IMCA Modified Pavement Nationals and the Mechanix Wear Speed Trucks series finale. Alderman of Las Vegas won the 140-lap VP Racing Fuels Late Model Championship. The race consisted of two 70-lap segments with a 15-minute mid-race break. At the halfway point pole setter Chris Clyne of Las Vegas was the leader followed by Alderman, Mike Cofer, Scott Gafforini and Spencer Clark. Clyne lead the field until lap 132 when Greg Pursley of Bakersfield, Calif. took the lead after contact was made between the two. Clyne maintained control of his car and fell back to third place with Alderman in second. Alderman challenged Pursley for the lead and was successful on lap 138. The 2002 Bullring Super Late Model champion held on for the $5,000 win. Pursley finished second followed by Clyne and Michael Haslam of Victoria BC, Canada. ¿The car was pretty good in the first half, we were waiting for the break to make it better,¿ alderman said. ¿On the restarts we were better than the 14 car (Clyne), but we just couldn¿t get by him. At one point Cofer and Pursley were pressuring me, so I let them go thinking maybe they could get him (Clyne). It worked out in my favor. Luck plays a big part in this.¿ Mark Ith Jr. of West Valley, Utah won the 40-lap IMCA Modified Pavement Nationals. Ith Jr. started on the inside of row two and followed race leader Eric Bauer of Las Vegas until the halfway point. Mid-race Ith Jr. took command and never looked back. Ith Jr. took the checkered flag followed by Ben Phillips of Coluse, Calif., Eric Bauer and Darrel Stutzman of Colorado Springs, Colo. ¿This track is awesome, I like it,¿ Ith Jr. said. ¿At the start he (Bauer) was fast and then he got a little bit tight so I thought I¿d see what I had and the car worked great.¿ Troy Decuir of Riverside, Calif. won the 99-lap Mechanix Wear Speed Trucks series finale. Decuir passed race leader Lee Hatch of Covina, Calif. on lap 24 and was able to hold off the field for the win. John Burritt of Sparks, Nev. finished second followed by Hatch and Danny Williams of Las Vegas. ¿The truck was hooked up tonight and we had to keep our head clear and hit our marks,¿ Decuir said. ¿That¿s two in a row for us and it feels good to be back on top.¿ Official VP Racing Fuels Late Model Championship Results (140 laps): 1. Thane Alderman (Las Vegas, Nev.), 2. Greg Pursley (Bakersfield, Calif.), 3. Chris Clyne (Las Vegas, Nev.), 4. Michael Haslam (Victoria BC, Canada), 5. Spencer Clark (Las Vegas, Nev.), 6. Mike Cofer (Las Vegas, Nev.), 7. Scott Gafforini (Las Vegas, Nev.), 8. Steve Anderson (Las Vegas, Nev.), 9. Fabian Bray (Las Vegas, Nev.), 10. Jerry Spilsbury (Las Vegas, Nev.), 11. Jeff Wright (San Diego, Calif.), 12. Bob Wickey (San Marcos, Calif.), 13. Rick Cobb (Las Vegas, Nev.), 14. Stephen Peace (El Cajon, Calif.), 15. Dexter Bean (Westby, Wis.), 16. Russell White Riverside, Calif.), 17. Brandon Riehl (Boring, Ore.), 18. Rick Rochell (Las Vegas, Nev.), 19. Wayne Jacks (Las Vegas, Nev.), 20. David Beat (El Cajon, Calif.), 21. Greg Haase (Las Vegas, Nev.), 22. Justin Johnson (Las Vegas, Nev.), 23. Charlie Wahl (Las Vegas, Nev.), 24. Don Wlliams (Las Vegas, Nev.), 25. Mike Duncan (Bakersfield, Calif.), 26. Chuck Tickle (Las Vegas, Nev.) Official IMCA Modifieds Pavement Nationals Results (40 laps): 1. Mark Ith Jr. (West Valley, Utah), 2. Ben Phillips (Colsue, Calif.), 3. Eric Bauer (Las Vegas,Nev.), 4. Darrel Stutzman (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 5. Darvin Ackerland (Boise, Idaho), 6. Terry Lawrence Jr. (Nampa, Idaho), 7. Michael Morrissey (Sparks, Nev.), 8. Bubba Harvey (Kansas City, Kan.), 9. Mark Crough (Hutchinson, Kan.), 10. Dan Fitzgerald (Las Vegas, Nev.), 11. Tom Hynes (Hay River Alb., Canada), 12. Kim Lawrence (Draper, Utah), 13. Jerry Walton (Las Vegas, Nev.), 14. Bryan Herzog (Clovis, Calif.), 15. Dan Lee (High River Alb., Canada), 16. Alan Smith ( Pueblo West, Colo.), 17. Joel Hansen (Eaton, Colo.), 18. Greg Dickey (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 19. Wayne Morris Jr. (Las Vegas, Nev.), 20. Ronnie Hults (Arvada, Colo.), 21. Michael Hale (West Valley, Utah), 22. Ken Kulikowski (Las Vegas, Nev.), 23. Guy Young (Redding, Calif.), 24. Forest Smith (Bellvue, Colo.), 25. Derek Clementson (Denver, Colo.), 26. Blane Lujan (Pueblo West, Colo.) Official Mechanix Wear Speed Trucks Main Event Results (99 laps): 1. Troy Decuir (Riverside,Calif.), 2. John Burritt (Sparks, Nev.), 3. Lee Hatch (Covina, Calif.), 4. Dan Williams (Las Vegas, Nev.), 5. Donny Goodwin (San Clemente, Calif.), 6. Robert Kroeker Norco, Calif.), 7. Kevin Fedderson (San Diego, Calif.), 8. Colin Dickerson (Peoria, Ariz.), 9. Rob Ferguson (unkown), 10. Scott Dodd (Mira Loma, Calif.), 11. Scott Rueschenberg (Mesa, Ariz.), 12. Tom Lovelady (Las Vegas, Nev.), 13. Bud Budavari (La Puente, Calif.), 14. Darren Young (Gilbert, Ariz.), 15. Bobby Sayers (Moreno Valley, Calif.), 16. Joey Mogar (Las Vegas, Nev.), 17. Dan Digiacomo (Laguna Niguel, Calif.), 18. Lee Keach (Las Vegas, Nev.) Super Late Models B-Main No. 1 Results (25 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main):1. Steve Anderson, 2. Fabian Bray, 3. Jeff Wright, 4. Don Williams, 5. Guy Griebel, 6. Travis Swalwell, 7. Eddie Secord, 8. Scott Moses, 9. George Antill, 10. Mark Shcackleford, 11. William Hoagland, 12. Pat Petrie, 13. Al Sadler, 14. Jeremy Lupains, 15. Billy Mitchell Super Late Models B-Main No. 2 Results (25 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main):1. Bob Wickey, 2. Stephen Peace, 3. Greg Haase, 4. Rick Cobb, 5. David Quartaro, 6. Claude Bell, 7. Richard Bridges, 8. James Bruncati, 9. Ron Overman, 10. Dennis Rock Jr., 11. Jody Tanner, 12. Bobby Collister, 13. Dan Obrist, 14. Cindy Clark IMCA Modifieds B-Main No. 1 Results (15 laps, top 5 transfer to A-Main):1. Bubba Harvey, 2. Dan Fitzgerald, 3. Ronnie Hults, 4. Bryan Herzog, 5. Ken Kulikowski, 6. Errol Sharron, 7. George Englehardt, 8. Shawn Johnson, 9. Roger Carufel Jr., 10. CJ Scherkenbach, 11. Tony Ackerland, 12. Chris Silva, 13. Randall Boren IMCA Modifieds B-Main No. 2 Results (15 laps, top 5 transfer to A-Main): 1. Terry Lawrence Jr., 2. Michael Hale, 3. Wayne Morris Jr. (driver change), 4. Dan Lee, 5. Tom Hynes, 6. Charlie Wilson, 7. Stoney Gray, 8. John Fortner, 9. Trevor Boys, 10. Rick Taylor, 11. Russ Cazier, 12. Dan Clementson, 13. Terry Breese, 14. Roger Bonneville