Quality Motorsports scored its seventh Super Late Model win after Mike Cofer posted his second season win and Evil Knievel was a guest for the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday night. Knievel was a guest of Quality Motorsports and Martz Motorsports as he watched a long-time family friend Justin Martz compete in the Super Late Model feature. Martz qualified third for the 50-lap main event, but started fourth after a six-car invert. The Butte, Mont. resident took an early lead from race leader and teammate Mike Ray on lap 11. Martz maintained a substantial lead until he was slowed by lap traffic on lap 34. Shortly there after Chris Clyne, running in second, got into Martz and brought out the caution. Both drivers were relegated to the rear of the field. Ray was running in third and would have been awarded the lead, but he went to the pits therefore the lead was relinquished to Cofer, the fastest qualifier. The two-time Super Bowl champion was able to maintain his lead and hold off Spencer Clark to post his second win this season. Clark finished second followed by Chuck Trickle and Thane Alderman. ¿It was a long hard week, but this is what it is all about. We have been the fastest car in qualifying every week and it just goes to show you that the fastest car doesn¿t always win,¿ said Cofer in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿Spencer Clark showed a lot of class tonight. He knew I was a faster car, he couldn¿t get the 18 (Mike Ray) he stepped aside and let us get in front and hopefully we pulled him to the front too, that was a class act." Stoney Gray earned his first Sudden Impact Auto Body IMCA Modified feature win this season in the 30-lap main event. Gray took the lead on lap nine from race leader Eric Bauer. Don Williams challenged Gray for the lead several times, but Gray was able to hold him off for the win. Williams finished second followed by Bauer and Chris Silva. ¿I earned every bit of that one. It has been a long time coming,¿ said Gray in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿Donny was beaten¿ on me pretty good. He is a great driver. I kept looking in the mirror, he was there then he was gone. The car was going away at the end. Donny was fast and I thought he was going to just fly by at any time, it was just our night.¿ Alex Haase posted his first Pro Legends Cars win in the 25-lap Pro/Master Legends Cars feature event. Dennis Lovelady was the top-finishing Master Legends Cars driver picking up his third win this season with a third-place finish. ¿I just tried to stay out front and not look in my mirrors,¿ said Haase in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿Dennis Lovelady was pushing me real hard. I was just hoping him and Jimmy Parker were fighting the whole thing out so I could get a lead.¿ When asked about his 2004 season Hasse said, ¿We have had nothing but motor problems this year.¿ Dave Green posted his seventh Thunder Roadster win in the 25-lap main event. He passed race leader Matt Ross on lap 11 and maintained his lead to the checkered flag. Ross finished second followed by Dale Dlugos and Rick Rochell. Semi-Pro Legends Cars driver Dustin Ash posted his seventh win this season in the 25-lap feature event. Josh Gross and Ash battled back and forth, in the end Ash took the checkered flag. Gross finished second followed by Justin Cicchini and Derek Frohlich. Austin Murphy posted his fourth Bandolero Cars win this season in the 15-lap main event. Jeremiah Wagner finished second followed by Connor Kassik and Sarah Chelberg. Artie White posted his second 7-Eleven Bullring Bombers win in the 40-lap main event. ALL RESULTS ARE UNOFFICIAL. Official results will be sent out Monday. Super Late Model Main Event Results (50 laps): 1. Mike Cofer, 2. Spencer Clark, 3. Chuck Trickle, 4. Thane Alderman, 5. Rick Cobb, 6. Greg Haase, 7. David Anderson, 8. Scott Gafforini, 9. Justin Martz, 10. Chris Clyne, 11. Dennis Rock Jr., 12. Guy Griebel, 13. Mike Ray, 14. Travis Swalwell, 15. Mike Haslam, 16. David Quartaro, 17. Justin Johnson, 18. Mark Ayers, 19. Robert Ferre Jr., 20. Bob Barker, 21. Jerry Spilsbury, 22. Charlie Pike Sudden Impact Auto Body IMCA Modifies Main Event Results (30 laps): 1. Stoney Gray, 2. Don Williams, 3. Eric Bauer, 4. Chris Silva, 5. Randall Boren, 6. Tom Barber, 7. Steve Burke, 8. Aaron McMorran, 9. David Gerchman, 10. Joby Buagh, 11. Rick Taylor, 12. Randy Ussery, 13. Chris Gerchman, 14. CJ Scherkenbach, 15. Larry Gerchman Semi-Pro Legends Cars Main Event Results (25 laps): 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Josh Gross, 3. Justin Cicchini, 4. Derek Frohlich, 5. Jace Meier, 6. Andrew Murphy, 7. Nicole Booth, 8. Keith Wellman, 9. Matt Mawhinney, 10. Jonathan Mawhinney Pro/Master Legends Cars Main Event Results (25 laps): 1. Alex Haase, 2. Jimmy Parker Jr., 3. Dennis Lovelady, 4. Rick Rogas, 5. Robby Guevara, 6. Tom Lovelady, 7. Steve Legg, 8. Kurt Minnick, 9. Ron Booth, 10. James Galza, 11. Greg Albright, 12. Ed Hohman, 13. Taylor Barton, 14. Fletcher Hammond Thunder Roadsters Main Event Results (25 laps): 1. Dave Green, 2. Matt Ross, 3. Dale Dlugos, 4. Rick Rochell, 5. Richard Rusin, 6. Paul Green Bandolero Cars Main Event Results (15 laps): 1. Austin Murphy, 2. Jeremiah Wagner, 3. Connor Kassik, 4. Sarah Chelberg, 5. John Davis, 6. Broc Murphy, 7. Alex Kennedy, 8. Kyle Huender, 9. John Hilliker 7-Eleven Bullring Bombers Main Event Results (40 laps): 1. Artie White, 2. Eric Penrod, 3. Wade Pearson, 4. Mike Heck, 5. Gary Wyatt, 6. Anthony Finley, 7. Darwin Atwood, 8. Chris McArthur, 9. JJ Nunn, 10. Jeremy Hubbard, 11. Brent Rawling, 12. Brent Leonard, 13. Howard Smith, 14. Larry Burton Sr., 15. Cody Chapman, 16. Dan Benstead, 17. Troy Rawling, 18. Rick Lamb, 19. Gary Bodell