Over 5100 fans had a blast at the U.S. Foodservice Night of Fire at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series. Fans enjoyed the jet-quad, fireworks and witnessed Quality Motorsports driver Mike Ray post his fourth Super Late Model win. Ray qualified fourth, but started third in the 75-lap feature event after a six-car invert of the 21-car field. Spencer Clark, who started on the pole, had a strong run until lap 10 when Ray took the inside line in Turn Four to take command. Clark and Ray battled back and forth with Clark regaining the lead on lap 22. On lap 25 Ray once again took the inside line for the lead with teammate Mike Cofer in tow. Ray pulled to a substantial lead with Cofer and Chris Clyne battling for the second position. A caution was thrown on lap 56 for two cars that tangled in front of the race leader, unable to slow down in time Ray clipped the front of one car. With minor damage Ray was able to maintain his lead position and lead the five-car train of Cofer, Clyne, Thane Alderman and Chuck Trickle on the lap 61 restart. At the checkered flag, Ray was victorious for the fourth time this season. Cofer finished second followed by Clyne and Trickle. ¿Tonight we had a good car. Everyone on the team has worked real hard the last couple of weeks and it showed.¿ When asked about the contact made with another car under caution and possible damage Ray said, ¿I still think something feels funny in the rear end but it kind of helped make it turn a little bit, whatever it was worked.¿ In Late Model race action, Mark Schottmuller posted his first win this season in the 30-lap main event. He took the lead on lap eight and was unchallenged until Doug Hamm battled side-by-side on lap 21. Schottmuller and Hamm battled back and forth until lap 27. While Schottmuller was fighting for the lead Hamm broke and considerably slowed down. Schottmuller took the checkered flag while Hamm struggled to hold onto his second-place position with the field on his bumper. Chris Bray finished second followed by Doug Matter and Eric Bauer. Don Williams earned his fifth Sudden Impact Auto Body IMCA Modified win in the 30-lap event. Williams took the lead at the midway point from race leader Randall Boren and maintained it to the checkered flag. Boren finished second followed by Stoney Gray and Todd Stancliff. Dustin Ash collected his 10th victory in 12 races in the 25-lap Semi-Pro Legends Cars feature. He took the lead on lap five and never looked back. Justin Cicchini finished second followed by Josh Gross and Matt Mawhinney. Pro Legends Cars driver Taylor Barton won the 25-lap Pro/Master Legends Cars feature to post his fourth win this season. Rick Rogas was the top-finishing Master driver with a fifth-place finish. Brent Rawlings won the demolition derby. ALL RESULTS ARE UNOFFICIAL. Official results will be sent out Monday. Super Late Model Main Event Results (75 laps): 1. Mike Ray, 2. Mike Cofer, 3. Chris Clyne, 4. Chuck Trickle, 5. Thane Alderman, 6. Spencer Clark, 7. David Anderson, 8. Jerry Spilsbury, 9. Rick Cobb, 10. Mike Haslam, 11. Richard Bridges, 12. David Quartaro, 13. Bob Barker, 14. Guy Griebel, 15. Mark Ayers, 16. Rick Taylor, 17. Pat Petrie Jr., 18. Travis Swalwell, 19. Justin Johnson, 20. Dennis Rock Jr., 21. Scott Gafforini Late Models Main Event Results (30 laps): 1. Mark Schottmuller, 2. Doug Hamm, 3. Chris Bray, 4. Doug Matter, 5. Eric Bauer, 6. Dan Howell, 7. Nick Antrillo, 8. Robert Roth, 9. Jay Rode, 10. Morris Sealy, 11. Al Budd, 12. Glen Burke, 13. PC Weekley Sudden Impact Auto Body IMCA Modifieds (30 laps): 1. Don Williams, 2. Randall Boren, 3. Stoney Gray, 4. Todd Stancliff, 5. David Gerchman, 6. Rick Taylor, 7. Larry Gerchman, 8. Aaron McMorran, 9. Chris Gerchman, 10. David Boardman, 11. Tom Barber, 12. Steve Burke, 13. Andrew Phipps, 14. Chris Silva, 15. Joby Baugh, 16. Scott Osborn, 17. CJ Scherkenbach, 18. Rick Durica, 19. Tim Helms, DNS: Randy Ussery Semi-Pro Legends Cars Main Event Results (25 laps): 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Justin Cicchini, 3. Josh Gross, 4. Matt Mawhinney, 5. Keith Wellman, 6. Jace Meier, 7. Derek Frohlich, 8. Mike Anderson, 9. Jonathan Mawhinney, 10. Darrin Carlton, 11. John Wright, 12. Rich Lambardo Pro/Master Legends Cars Main Event Results (25 laps): 1. Taylor Barton, 2. Tom Lovelady, 3. Alex Haase, 4. Jimmy Parker Jr., 5. Rick Rogas, 6. Steve Legg, 7. Craig Stewart, 8. Robby Guevara, 9. Kurt Minnick, 10. Ken Neff, 11. James Galza, 12. Dennis Lovelady Demolition Derby Winner: 1. Brent Rawlings, 2. Matt Daly, 3. Andy Grul, 4. Joey Monk