13th Annual Legends Cars and 4th Annual Thunder Roadsters Asphalt Nationals Results are official. There was one change in the Thunder Roadsters feature, which is noted below. Thunder Roadsters A-Main Event Results (40 laps): 1. Matt Lassiter (Grifton, NC),2. Kyle Beattie (unknown), 3. Craig Haack (Lewisburg, TN), 4. Jovon Halen (Las Vegas, NV), 5. Tom VanWingerden (Huntersville, NC), 6. Michael VanWingerden (Huntersville, NC), 7. Matt Ross (Las Vegas, NV), 8. Bobby Ruppert (Las Vegas, NV), 9. Randy Miles (Addison, TX), 10. Roger Hocking (Las Vegas, NV), 11. John Thomson (Las Vegas, NV), 12. Ron Duprau (Las Vegas, NV), 13. Timothy McDonald (Odessa, TX), 14. Ashlee Jackson (Wichita Falls, TX), 15. Mike Carter (Krum, TX), 16. Rick Rochell (Las Vegas, NV), 17. Dale Dlugos (Las Vegas, NV), 18. Duane Swanson (Seattle, WA), 19. Richard Rusin (Las Vegas, NV), 20. Buddy Goudy (Benbrook, TX), 21. Jim Gresham (Stockbridge, GA) Dave Green initially won the race and Mike Montes initially finished second, however both drivers were disqualified in post-race technical inspection. Green¿s disqualification was a result of an unapproved suspension modification and Montes¿ disqualification was a result of an unapproved engine component.