Jimmy Parker, Jr. raced to his first Super Late Model win of his career Saturday night during the main event at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

 Parker, Jr., the youngest driver on the track and a rookie in the division, out-drove the veterans in a green-white-checkered finish.  Parker, Jr. took the lead away from Scott Gafforini on lap 11 and held onto it.  Thane Alderman finished second followed by Gafforini and Mike Cofer.

            ¿I love a lot people tonight,¿ said Parker, Jr.  ¿I dreamed about this win last night.  I found a lucky shirt and wore it.  This car was great and when you have a car like this, there¿s nothing much you can do but not make a mistake.¿

Lee Hatch won the 75-lap Speed Trucks feature making a pass for the win on the last lap crossing the finish line 3 inches ahead of Alex Haase.  Haase of Las Vegas took the lead on lap 33 and exchanged the lead position with Hatch throughout the remainder of the race. Haase finished second followed by Darren Young and Justin Fisher.

            ¿I have to thank my crew and my spotter,¿ said Hatch.  ¿I kept him busy tonight.  We definitely have more grip with the softer tires.  My truck wasn¿t perfect but as the tires wore it got better.  The truck came to me and I think Alex¿s went away from him.  Alex had a great truck.  The drag race coming out of turn four was awesome.  It was a fun race.¿

            Rick Rochelle won his second Thunder Roadsters feature of the season.  Matt Ross finished second followed by Bobby Ruppert and Jovan Halen.

Dustin Ash was the top qualifier in the Delta Gunite Legends series and went on to win the 25-lap feature.  Derek Frohlich finished second followed by Josh Gross and Robby Guevara. 

Justin Good won his first 3-888-LAW Charger feature.  Finishing second was Joe Deguevara followed by Darrin Rollins and Bill Mullen.

Beau Hutchinson collected his first victory in the Bandoleros followed by Jeremiah Wagner and Hunter Colodny.


Official results will be released Monday


Super Late Models Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (35 laps): 1. Jimmy Parker, Jr., 2. Thane Alderman, 3. Scott Gafforini, 4. Mike Cofer, 5. Steve Anderson, 6. Justin Johnson, 7. Spencer Clark, 8. Nick Parmelee, 9. Bob Wickey, 10. Ray Hooper. 11. Dennis Rock, Jr., 12. Brett Edwards, 13. Tony Clark, 14. Bob Barker, 15. David Anderson, 16. Tom Lovelady, 17. Kyle Cline, 18. Chuck Trickle, 19. Rich Attasani, 20. Taylor Barton, 21. Guy Griebel, 22. Billy Mitchell, 23. Travis Swalwell


Speed Trucks Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (75 laps): 1. Lee Hatch, 2. Alex Haase 3. Darren Young, 4. Justin Fisher, 5. Kyle Cattanach, 6. George Antill, 7. Matt Daly, 8. Steve Guccione, 9. Donny Goodwin, 10. Robby MacDonald, 11. Kenny Smith, 12. Joey Mogar, 13. Victor Pfluger, 14. Andy Allen, 15. Matt Jaskol, 16. Joe Farre, 17. Jim Putman, 18. Scott Dodd, 19. Terry Young, 20. Bobby McGowan, 21. Kevin Fedderson, 22. Clay Andrews, 23. Scott Franchimone, 24. Don Davis, 25. Gabi Dicarlo, 26. Moses Smith


Chargers Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (30 laps): 1. Justin Good, 2. Joe Deguevara, 3. Darren Rollins, 4. Bill Mullen, 5. Nate Giesen, 6. Steve Dessormeau, 7. Mario Opipari, 8. Mike Heck, 9. David Gola, 10. Phil Goodwin, 11. Jimmy Wilson, 12. John Della-Penna, 13. Robert Roig, 14. Robert Behunin, 15. Brian Matzke, 16. Jim Petrie, 17. Dale Ward


Legends Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Rick Derek Frohlich, 3. Josh Gross, 4. Robby Guevara, 5. Rick Rogas, 6. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 7. Keith Wellman, 8. Johnny Morrissey, 9. Fletcher Hammond, 10. Darin Carlton, 11. Jonathan Mawhinney, 12. Ken Neff, 13. B.J. Bollman, 14. Mike Anderson, 15. Dallas Colodny, 16. Ed Hohman, 17. Eric Chelberg, 18. J.T. Montes, 19. Audrey Ross, 20. Brandy Radke, 21. Chris Shorten, 22. Jeff Craig, 23. Rich Lombardo


Thunder Roadsters Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Rick Rochelle, 2. Matt Ross, 3. Bobby Rupert, 4. Jovon Halen, 5. Mike Montes, 6. Barry Yost, 7. Brian Kizer, 8. Roger Hocking, 9. Richard Rusin, 10. Steve Ray, 11. Bobby Covarrubias, 12. Jordan Yost


Bandoleros Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (10 laps): 1. Beau  Hutchinson, 2. Jeremiah Wagner, 3. Hunter Colodny, 4. Mitchell Taylor, 5. Lucas Reilly, 6. Jacob Bishop, 7. Cheyenne Schindler, 8. Nicholas Huggins