Justin Johnson of Las Vegas drove his No. 17 Sunworld Super Late Model to victory lane at the conclusion of the A-Feature at the Fall Classic at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday night. Chris Clyne was the fast qualifier and started the 140-lap feature on the pole. Clyne suffered engine problems on lap six and was forced to pull off of the track. Steve Peace moved to the lead position. Alex Haase took the lead from Peace on lap 17 with a pass in turn two. Johnson went under Peace on lap 38 for second place. Johnson took the lead from Haase on lap 101. Dustin Ash and Scott Gafforini followed for second and third place. Johnson maintained the lead and took the checkered. Ash finished second followed by Gafforini and Ray Hooper, Jr. Mike Haslam was fifth. "The first person I want to thank is God," said Johnson. "I had two angels riding with me tonight, Spencer Clark and Chris Trickle. This is the race to win." Doug Hamm of Las Vegas won the Late Model championship. Travis Thurkettle of Newhall, Calif. was the fast qualifier on Friday and started the 100-lap Late Model feature on the pole. Hamm took the lead from Thurkettle on lap 20 with a pass in turn three. Thurkettle and Kevin Callahan, running in the second and third-place position, made contact on lap 29 and were sent to the back of the field. Callahan worked his way back to second-place to challenge Hamm for the lead. Hamm held off Callahan to win the Late Model A-Feature. Callahan finished second followed by Morris Sealy and Brian Jones. Tadd Burns was fifth. "Everyone on my team put in a great amount of effort this week to make this happen," said Hamm. Dean Kuhn of Oceanside, Calif. started on the pole of the 50-lap IMCA Modified A-Feature. Kuhn quickly took command and led the entire race taking the checkered flag. Finishing second was Mark Ith followed by Tim Morse, Sebastian Couture and Wheeler Boys. "I have to thank all of my guys," said Kuhn. "They were just awesome." Josh Gross of Las Vegas was the fast qualifier Friday and started on the pole of the 30-lap Legends Car feature. Gross lost the lead on lap eight when 17-year old Chris Eggleston made a pass in turn three. Gross regained the lead on lap 17 but Eggleston took it back a lap later. Eggleston of Erie, Colo. led the remainder of the race taking the checkered flag. Gross finished second followed by Nick Carey and Wes Fry. Jonathan Mawhinney was fifth. "I raced here two years ago and the competition doesn't get any better than this, especially competing with Josh Gross," said Eggleston. "For us to come out here and be competitive is really unbelievable." OFFICIAL RESULTS Super Late Models Super Late Model Championship Results: 1. Justin Johnson, 2. Dustin Ash, 3. Scott Gafforini, 4. Ray Hooper, Jr., 5. Mike Haslam, 6. Jim Wulfenstein, 7. Ron Overman, 8. Linny White, 9. Corey Fancy, 10. Bob Wickey, 11. Davis Ross, 12. Alex Haase, 13. Jim Sikes, Jr., 14. Raymond Neveau, 15. Richard Bridges, 16. Derek Bocker, 17. Jimmy Parker, Jr., 18. Ronnie Hultz, 19. Travis Swalwell, 20. Thane Alderman, 21. Brett Edwards, 22. Steve Peace, 23. Matt Jaskol, 24. Tony Clark, 25. Bobby Sawyer, 26. Chris Clyne. Super Late Model B-Feature Results (20 laps, top eight transfer to the A-Feature): 1. Ronnie Hultz, 2. Bobby Sawyer, 3. Corey Fancy, 4. Jimmy Parker, Jr., 5. Derek Bocker, 6. Matt Jaskol, 7. Richard Bridges, 8. Brett Edwards, 9. Dan Moore, 10. Mark Shackleford, 11. Jeff Thompson, 12. Chris Oddo, 13. Zan Sharp, 14. Robby Haslam, 15. Ryan Hunter-Reay, 16. Rich Attasani, 17. Bob Barker, 18. Jim Petrie, 19. Scott Moses, 20. Fabian Bray, 21. Dennis Rock, Jr., 22. Eric Sweetman, 23. Andy Allen, 24. Taylor Barton, 25. Brian Fitzgibbons, 26. Mike Price, 27. Rick Chavez. IMCA Modifieds IMCA Modified Championship Results: 1. Dean Kuhn, 2. Mark Ith, 3. Tim Morse , 4. Sebastian Couture, 5. Wheeler Boys, 6. Eddie Laws, 7. Michael Hale, 8. Gentry Pisca, 9. Jason Aposhian, 10. Terry Lawrence, 11. Tom Berry, 12. Billy Johannsek, 13. Pat Petrie, 14. Dow Woerner, 15. Craig Stewart, 16. Butch Reid, 17. Michael Morrissey, 18. Greg Tucker, 19. Joey Mogar, 20. Rick Taylor, 21. Rick Greenstreet, 22. Randy Boren, 23. Jay Linstroth, 24. Tony Ackerland, 25. Tom Hynes, 26. Aaron McMorran. IMCA Modified B-Feature Results (top eight to transfer to the A-Feature): 1. Greg Tucker, 2. Tom Hynes, 3. Rick Taylor, 4. Tony Ackerland, 5. Dow Woerner, 6. Tom Berry, 7. Butch Reid, 8. Rick Greenstreet, 9. Shelby Strobel, 10. Roger Bonneville, 11. Wayne Morris, Jr., 12. Scott Osborn, 13. Richard Strecker, 14. Russell Ward, 15. Tom Barber, 16. Trevor Boys, 17. Merl Fitzpatrick, 18. Jason McClure, 19. Lynn Hardy, 20. Darvin Ackerland, 21. Ken Kulikowski, 22. Bobby Ruppert, 23. Tom Lovelady, 24. Garrett Yamada, 25. Kelly Peacock. Late Models Late Model Championship Results: 1. Doug Hamm, 2. Kevin Callahan, 3. Brian Jones, 4. Tadd Burns, 5. Jace Meier, 6. Travis Thurkettle, 7. Jason Bowles, 8. Craig Rayburn, 9. Fred Kiser, Jr., 10. Doug Matter, 11. Jameel Saied, 12. Jeff Connors, 13. John Spilatro, 14. Keith Spangler, 15. Brian Richardson, 16. Barry Karr, 17. Dan Digiammarino, 18. Chris Bray, 19. Brian Koski, 20. Craig Yeaton, 21. Tim Huddleston, 22. Eric Richardson, 23. Steve Hannaman, 24. Ryan Philpott, 25. Glenn Burke. (Third-place finisher Morris Sealy was disqualified after his car failed to pass post-race inspection.) Legends Cars Legends Car Championship Results (30 laps): 1. Chris Eggleston, 2. Josh Gross, 3. Nick Carey, 4. Wes Fry, 5. Jonathan Mawhinney, 6. K.J. Garrisson, 7. Johnny Morrissey, 8. Phillip Morrissey, 9. Jeremiah Wagner, 10. Kyle Clegg, 11. Austin Murphy, 12. Conner Caqntrell, 13. Broc Murphy, 14. Derek Frohlich, 15. Rowan Carey, 16. Ryan Bird, 17. Jovon Halen, 18. Brian Wong, 19. Wrango West, 20. Matthew Hicks, 21. Jace Hansen, 22. Tyler Chrisinger, 23. Larry Toddy, 24. Jake Grossweiler, 25. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 26. Branden Giannini, 27. Phil Peconi, 28. Rick Rogas, 29. Beau Hutchinson, 30. John Baker, 31. B.J. Bollman, 32. Darrin Amiden.