Justin Johnson of Las Vegas scored his third consecutive Super Late Model victory of the 2007 season at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday night.  Don Sargent won his second Bomber feature of the season and Dog Hamm continued his domination of the Late Model class.  Charlie Wahl won his first IMCA Modified trophy of the year and Darren Rollins ended Brian Matzke's skein in the Charger division.

SUPER LATE MODELS: The $200-to-win Budweiser Fast Dash was won by Dustin Ash.  Super Late Model heats were won by Travis Swalwell and Fabian Bray.

Ash started the caution-filled 40-lap Super Late Model finale from the pole position, sharing the front row with Jeff Conners.  Ash took the lead on the opening green flag and led the first 25 laps until Johnson, who started sixth, took the lead with an inside pass in Turn 2. An accident in Turns 3 and 4 on lap 35 eliminated the second, third and fourth-place cars as it appeared the engine in Jimmy Parker Jr.'s entry expired.  Everyone was running close and the cars stacked up on the high side of the track.  Ash, Tom Lovelady, Swalwell and Parker Jr. were done for the night.  The race restarted with Johnson in the lead, now followed by Steve Anderson and Richard Bridges.  They finished in that order, with Johnson collecting his third consecutive Bullring Super Late Model victory of the 2007 campaign.

40-lap Super Late Model feature: 1. Justin Johnson, 2. Steve Anderson, 3. Richard Bridges, 4. Rich Attisani, 5. Dave Quartero, 6. Scott Gafforini, 7. Bob Barker, 8. Jeff Conners, 9. Taylor Barton, 10. Aaron McMorran, 11. Derek Frohlich, 12. Fabian Bray, 13. Dustin Ash, 14. Tom Lovelady, 15. Travis Swalwell, 16. Jimmy Parker Jr., 17. Dennis Rock Jr., 18. Matt Jaskol, 19. Jim Petrie.  

IMCA MODIFIEDS: IMCA Modified heats were won by Craig Stewart and Charlie Wahl.

Craig Stewart started the 25-lap IMCA Modified feature from the pole and led the first 18 laps.  Charlie Wahl passed Stewart as the pair exited Turn 4 on lap 18 to take the lead and score his first Bullring victory of the 2007 season.

25-lap IMCA Modified feature: 1. Charlie Wahl, 2. Craig Stewart, 3. Dennis Lovelady, 4. Scott Osborne, 5. Steve Simon, 6. Richard Streker, 7. Rick Taylor, 8. Pat Petrie, 9. Tadd Burns, 10. Bobby Ruppert, 11. Garrett Yamada, 12. Wayne Morris Jr.

LATE MODELS: Late Model heats were won by Doug Hamm and Chris Birdsong.

Hamm started the 25-lap Late Model feature from the pole position and won the race.  Hamm was closely followed by Birdsong, who finished second but later was disqualified for failing to pass post-race tech inspection.  The same fate befell Eric Martin, who originally finished fifth. Robert Ewing was moved up to second place, followed by Glen Burke, Dave Campoverde and Chris Bray.

25-lap Late Model feature: 1. Doug Hamm, 2. Robert Ewing, 3. Glen Burke, 4. Dave Campoverde, 5. Chris Bray, 6. Doug Matter, 7. Joe Deguevera, 8. John Taylor, 9. Matt Frady, 10. Nick Antrillo, 11. Stan Mullis, 12. Dan Howell, 13. Morris Sealy, 14. Skylar Mortenson. 

CHARGERS: Charger qualifying heats were won by Phil Goodwin and Darren Rollins.

Goodwin started the 25-lap Charger feature from the pole position, flanked by Rollins.  Rollins took the lead on the first lap and went on to win the feature, followed by Mike Heck and two-time winner Brian Matzke.

25-lap Charger feature: 1. Darren Rollins, 2. Mike Heck, 3. Brian Matzke, 4. Mario Opipari, 5. Phil Goodwin, 6. Ben Morris, 7. Joe Crouch, 8. Travis Boyle, 9. Joe Finger, 10. Vinni Raucci, 11. Rick Morales, 12. Drew Dixon, 13. Nathan Giesen, 14. John Wright, 15. Jerry Gentry, 16. John Della-Penna, 17. Tim Masserang, 18. Justin Kiser, 19. David Gola, 20. Dale Ward, 21. Becky Torgberson, 22. Bill Mullen, 23. Steve Dessormeau, 24. Jim Bargerhuff.

BOMBERS: The lone Bomber qualifying heat was won by Don Sargent.

Michelle Ingle started the 12-lap Bomber feature from the pole position but quickly lost the lead to Billy Grasser.  Grasser's lead was short-lived, however, as Don Sargent took command on the first lap.  The pass was negated by a caution flag for Tim Nass' spin and Grasser had the lead on the restart.  Sargent regained the lead on lap 3, only to lose it to Larry Dittman's popular station wagon Bomber on lap 6. Sargent battled back and regained the lead on lap 7 and won "by a nose" over Dittman.

12-lap Bomber feature: 1. Don Sargent, 2. Larry Dittman, 3. Chad Mattos, 4. Tim Nass, 5. Billy Grasser, 6. Kevin Anderson, 7. Michelle Ingle.

The $100 "Mystery Bonus Drawing" was held for all classes.  The extra prize money was added by drawing for the first five finishing positions in each feature. Winners included: Doug Hamm (Late Models), Steve Anderson (Super Late Models), Brian Matzke (Chargers), Scott Osborne (IMCA Modifieds) and Billy Grasser (Bombers).

All results are unofficial until Monday morning.

Announcers: Nathan Hirschi and Dan Lea.  Pit reporter and trackside interviews: George Antill. The National Anthem was performed by Brigette Foster.

On Saturday, April 28, the Bullring will present Race No. 5 of the 2007 NASCAR Whelen All American Series, featuring the inaugural Education Appreciation Night with the Corvette Club Cruise, Super Late Models, IMCA Modifieds, Legends Cars, Chargers, Bandoleros and Thunder Roadsters. All teachers (elementary, high school, public, private) with ID will receive free admission. Gates will open at 5 p.m., qualifying at 5:15 p.m., features at 7 p.m.  For more information, please call LVMS at (702) 644-4444 or visit www.LVMS.com.