Results from Friday night at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway - the first day of the two-day Fall Classic Presented By Bank of America.

1. Chris Clyne - No. 1 Qualifier for fifth consecutive year. (14.950 sec.).
2. Greg Pursley 14.991 sec.
3. Taylor Barton 14.993 sec.
4. Tom Lovelady 14.999 sec.
5. Charlie Wahl 15.020 sec.

FIRST MODIFIED HEAT (15 laps, 11 cars):
Guy Young starts from pole position.  Michael  Morrissey takes lead on lap 2. Great race-long battle for third place involving Sebastian Couture, Wayne Morris Jr. and Kelly Peacock.  Morrissey wins, Young finishes second - both transfer to A-Feature.

SECOND MODIFIED HEAT (15 laps, 11 cars):
Eddie Laws starts from pole.  Great battle for third place with Jimmy Dickerson and Dean Olson - they make contact and spin in Turn 4 (caution). Bullring 2007 champion Scott Osborn catches leader on lap 8.  Final lap: Laws slides wide in Turn 4 with the checkered flag in sight, Osborn dives low, takes the lead and the win.

FIRST LATE MODEL HEAT (15 laps, 14 cars):
Chris Birdsong starts from pole position, flanked by Chris Bray. Birdsong off the pace on lap 1, pulls off track.  Lap 2 (caution): John Spilotro spins in Turn 4. Lap 5 (caution): Marty Wallace spins in Turn 1.  Bray leads, but is hotly pursued by Brian Wong and Todd Burns.  Lap 7 (caution): Cliff Chester spins Turn 4.   Restart: Burns-Wong battle resumes, but caution flag flies again on lap 10 for George Ruark's spin in Turn 2.  Doff Cooksey and Brent Morris spin and crash on front chute on the restart.  Racing resumes, Wong and Burns resume dogfight for second place, but Bray wins the white-knuckle marathon.  Wong finishes second and advances to the A-Feature with Bray.

SECOND LATE MODEL HEAT (15 laps, 14 cars):
Jameel Saied starts from the pole, wins the race. Victor Pfluger finished second.

MODIFIED B-MAIN (15 laps, 17 cars):
Sebastian Couture starts from the pole, flanked by Dow Woerner. Couture leads, Woerner slows, Tim Richter grabs second, caution flag waves for two-car spin on the back chute - all on first lap!  Restart: Couture leads, Richter second.  Caution flag on lap 8: Richard Streker spins in Turn 4.  Restart: Couture leads, race slowed again by a four-car accident in Turn 1.  Couture wins the slugfest, cars cross finish line three-wide for third place at the checkered flag.

15-LAP BOMBER HEAT:  Won by Joe Crouch.

FIRST SUPER LATE MODEL HEAT (15 laps, 9 cars):
Dave Quartero is early leader, but Andy Allen takes command on lap 2. Allen beats Quartero to the finish line by one-half car length.  Jimmy Parker Jr. put on a great show in this one, catching the leaders at the halfway point and grabbing third place on the final lap.

Polesitter Fabian Bray leads but Ray Hooper Jr. makes contact with Brian Fitzgibbons and the caution flag flies on lap 1.  Restart: Mike Haslam takes lead from Bray on lap 2.  Caution flag flies for Tony Jackson on lap 3 (spun in Turn 4).  Restart: Haslam leads but the caution flies again for Ricky McCray's spin in Turn 4.  Haslam paces the field again as race restarts on lap 5 but a three-car spin in Turn 4 halts the action again.  Haslam's brand-new car finally sees the checkered flag, Bray holds off Sean Woodside for second place.

THIRD SUPER LATE MODEL HEAT (15 laps, 9 cars):
John Manke starts from the pole, Smash Mouth's lead singer Steve Harwell starts fourth.  The field made it to Turn 2 on the opening green flag when Tom Buzze and Alex Haase made contact and spun, collecting Harwell.  Harwell, driving the 2007 Bullring championship car of Dustin Ash, follows Haase to the pits and Manke restarts at the rear.  Only six cars restart the race on lap 1.  Brandon Loverock opens up a considerable lead on the rest of the field and wins the race. 

Joe Crouch starts from the pole, but Gary Wyatt grabs the lead on lap 1. Larry "The Torch" Dittman takes second place from Crouch on lap 4.  00/23 came together in Turn 4 and eventually crashed on the front chute. Wyatt leads on the restart, closely followed by Dittman and J.J. Nunn, enjoying his best Bullring run of the 2007 season.  Dittman steals the lead from Wyatt in traffic on the back chute on lap 14.  Unbelievable! Dittman makes contact with lapped car Billy Grasser on the front chute and taps the wall!  Wyatt retakes the lead Dittman recovers and battles Wyatt for the lead as they approach the lapped car of Grasser again.  Dittman passes Wyatt for the lead again on lap 40 and then drives high up the track to get safely past Grasser.  Dittman's perils had not ceased however as lapped car Nick Walters spun directly in front of him in Turn 1 on lap 46.  On the final lap, Dittman lapped J.J. Nunn by using the apron in Turn 4 to take the checkered flag and mercifully bring the fracas to an end. \

50-lap Bomber feature finish: 1. Larry Dittman, 2. Gary Wyatt, 3. J.J. Nunn, 4. Joe Crouch, 5. Billy Bob Grasser, 6. Anthony Finley, 7. Fred Harding, 8. Nick Walters, 9. Bryan Gerald, 10. Chris Bosley, 11. Wade Pearson.

Michael Hale started the 26-car finale from the pole position, flanked by Mark Ith Jr.  Hale jumps into the early lead as cars race three-wide through the first turn.  Local favorites Scott Osborn (the 2007 Bullring Modified champion) and Sebastian Couture came together in Turn 4 on lap 6, with Osborn's No. 0 taking the worst of it.  Osborn retires to the pits, Couture restarts at the rear of the field.  Ith now leads the frantic parade as Osborn rejoins the field.  The pace slowed on lap 23 for a five-car spin in Turn 1 just as the leader was approaching heavy lapped traffic.  Jay Linstroth dove under Ith in Turn 1 to take the lead on the restart but the move was negated as Dennis Lovelady, Eddie Laws and Tim Richter spun in Turn 4 to bring the caution flag back out.  Linstroth repeated the feat on the restart and assumed command of the 50-lap finale on lap 27.  The field had yet to record another lap when the caution flag was thrown yet again for a three-car accident.  The race was red-flagged as the LVMS Fire & Safety Crew extricated Jeff Verlin from his car. Verlin was evaluated and transported for a precautionary checkup.  Michael Hale challenged race leader Linstroth for the lead on lap 30 and the pair raced side-by-side until the race's polesitter got past on the inside.  Scott Winters caught Hale with three laps remaining and took the lead.  Winters, who led only the final two laps, went on to collect the $2,500 paycheck.

50-lap Modified feature finish: 1. Scott Winters, 2. Michael Hale, 3. Jay Linstroth, 4. Trevor Boys, 5. Mark Ith Jr., 6. Michael Morrissey, 7. Guy Young, 8. Gary Rodriguez, 9. Rick Taylor, 10. Wayne Morris Jr., 11. Wheeler Boys, 12. Bryan Wordelman, 13. Gary Glenn, 14. Tom Hynes, 15. Lynn Hardy, 16. Dean Olson, 17. Merl Fitzpatrick, 18. Jentry Pisca, 19. Scott Osborn, 20. Jerry Walton, 21. Jeff Verlin, 22. Sebastian Couture, 23. Eddie Laws, 24. Pat Petrie, 25. Dennis Lovelady, 26. Tim Richter.

Times approximate - schedule subject to change.
3 p.m. - Spectator gates open.
3:45 p.m.:
Bandolero Last-Chance Race No. 1 (15 laps, top 8 transfer to A-Feature).
Bandolero Last-Chance Race No. 2 (15 laps, top 8 transfer to A-Feature).
Late Model B-Feature (15 laps).
Super Late Model B-Feature (15 laps, top 3 transfer to A-Feature).
National Anthem.
Super Late Model Fast Dash.
Bandolero Fall Classic Feature (20 laps).
Charger Fall Classic Feature (40 laps).
Late Model Fall Classic Feature (100 laps).
Legends Cars Fall Classic Feature (40 laps).
Super Late Model Fall Classic Feature (140 laps, 5-minute fuel stop at lap 70).