With daytime temperatures in the 70s and a constant breeze, it was a beautiful day to open the 2009 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series season at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Saturday night's main event was a 100-lap feature for the MetroPCS Super Late Models.

Glen Burke led the 24-car MetroPCS Super Late Model field across the stripe at the opening green flag. Branden Giannini was in the lead on lap 3 when the first caution flag flew for oil on the track from Dave Campoverde's car in Turn 1. The race restarted with Gianinni in the lead, followed by Burke and Taylor Barton. Barton took the lead on lap 16 as Burke began to fade and lose positions. The second caution flag of the race flew on lap 18 when Burke spun in Turn 2. The race restarted on lap 22 but before the lap could be completed, Jim Petrie, Burke and Greg Hanneman crashed in Turn 1. The race restarted on lap 31 with Barton in the lead, chased by Connors, Giannini and 2008 champion Scott Gafforini.

At the halfway point, Barton enjoyed a comfortable lead over Connors and Gafforini.Greg Hanneman brought out the next caution flag when he spun 360 degrees and stopped on the front straightaway on lap 63. On lap 66, Gafforini wrestled second place from Connors. Hanneman's car once again stopped the show on lap 75 as his car slowed on the track. This placed Gafforini, in a brand-new car, on Barton's tail on the ensuing restart. As the race wore on, Barton cruised to a comfortable lead and went on to win as Gafforini held off Connors for third place. Justin Johnson finished fourth and Chris Bray was fifth.

Jeff Connors won the $200 Budweiser MetroPCS Super Late Model Dash. Taylor Barton was fastest during qualifying (15.31 sec.).

The Thunder Roadster feature had three different leaders and was one of the best races of the night. Jarod Carpenter took the lead on lap 10 and went on to win the 20-lap Thunder Roadster feature. Johan Timmer finished a close second and early-race leader Damon Blakemon was third. Eight-lap Thunder Roadster heats were won by: Ron Reed and Jarod Carpenter.

Billy Bob Grasser won the 20-lap Bomber feature over Wade Pearson and Dallas Simonette. Eight-lap Bomber heats were won by Pete Meyer and Fred Harding.

Defending Charger champion Phil Goodwin of Henderson picked up where he left off by dominating tonight's 30-lap feature. Matt Johnson was second and Vinny Raucci finished third. Charger heats were won by Goodwin and Darren Rollins.

The 16-lap Bandolero Bandits feature was won by Chris Warren by a huge margin. Giles thornton finished second and Jacob Tilton was third. Rachel Brown of Las Vegas led a tight three-car pack across the finish line to win the 16-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature. Patrick O'Hanley finished a close second and Kolleen Dresser was third.

Next race: Saturday, April 4. The Bullring is offering race fans a 50-percent discount on adult admission tickets for the first five races of the 2009 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series season. If fans purchase adult admission tickets in advance -- by 5 p.m. Friday at the ticket office of each scheduled race week -- they will pay $5 instead of $10. The tickets must be purchased in advance in order to obtain the discount. Adult tickets purchased at the gate on race day will be $10. The discount offer is valid for these remaining dates: April 4, April 18, May 2 and May 3.

All results are official.

100- lap MetroPCS Super Late Model feature: 1. Taylor Barton, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Jeff Connors, 4. Justin Johnson, 5. Chris Bray, 6. Branden Giannini, 7. Steve Anderson, 8. Dave Quartero, 9. Robert Ewing, 10. Jimmy Parker Jr., 11. Bob Barker, 12. Joe Deguevera, 13. Dennis Rock Jr., 14. Nick halen, 15. Ray Hooper Jr., 16. Kyle Cline, 17. Robby Brand, 18. Greg Hanneman, 19. Jeff Bargerhuff, 20. John Taylor, 21. Jim Petrie, 22. Glen Burke, 23. Skylar Mortenson, 24. Dave Campoverde.

30-lap Charger feature: 1. Phil Goodwin, 2. Matt Johnson, 3. Vinny Raucci, 4. Darren Rollins, 5. Chuck Burgess, 6. Don Sargent, 7. James Wingard, 8. Brianna Holley, 9. Jerry Gentry, 10. Becky Torbergson, 11. Matt Cunningham, 12. Gary Griffiths Jr., 13. James Lauk.

20-lap Thunder Roadster feature: 1. Jarod Carpenter, 2. Johan Timmer, 3. Damon Blakemon, 4. Don Reed, 5. Fred Chase, 6. Tony Gugliuzza, 7. Ed Hohman, 8. Chris Bosley, 9. Al Budd, 10. Bob Dresser, 11. Johnny Budd.

20-lap Bomber feature: 1. Billy Bob Grasser, 2. Wade Pearson, 3. Dallas Simonette, 4. Pete Meyer, 5. Fred Harding, 6. Jesse Day, 7. Harold Sherard, 8. Bob Caravella, 9. Steven Creech, 10. Anthony Finley, 11. Ben Sherard, 12. Jennifer Cunningham, 13. Barbara West, 14. Tom Dittman, 15. Bryan Gerald, 16. Nick Walters, 17. Jerri Pearson.

16-lap Bandolero Bandits feature: 1. Christian Warren, 2. Giles Thornton, 3. Jacob Tilton, 4. Kayli Barker, 5. Chris Trickle, 6. Vincent Raucci Jr., 7. Christian Glass, 8. Wyatt Harwood.

16-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature: 1. Rachel Brown, 2. Patrick O'Hanley, 3. Kolleen Dresser, 4. Jacksen Smith, 5. Ian Anderson, 6. Haley Lager, 7. Michael Morris, 8. Brooke O'Hanley.