Dustin Ash went two-for-three tonight at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Ash earned enough points over the season to clinch the MetroPCS Super Late Model championship before tonight's finale so he also entered the Thunder Roadster and Legend Cars classes on Championship Night. Ash won the 50-lap MetroPCS Super Late Model feature -- his eighth of the season -- ahead of Bear Rzesnowiecky and Robert Ewing. He also won the Thunder Roadster main event but had to settle for 18th in the Legend Cars final. Ash, 22, as the Bullring champion, also is the 2010 NASCAR Nevada State Champion. MetroPCS Super Late Model heats were won by Rzesnowiecky and Ash.

Going into championship night, the tightest battle for a 2010 crown was in the Bomber division. Wade Pearson needed to finish two positions ahead of Pete Meyer to win the title. Just after Pearson took the lead in the 25-lap feature, Meyer was sent to the rear of the field for making contact with the car of Tom Dittman, causing him to spin and bring out the caution flag. The green flag flew and Meyer made his dash to the front, but once again made contact with the car of Dittman and, as Yogi Berra once said, "It was deja-vu all over again." Meyer was sent to the rear of the field for causing the caution period on lap 16. Pearson held off Meyer's repeated late-race challenges to win the race, which ended the points battle in a tie. Both drivers agreed to compete in a five-lap race for the championship, held after the MetroPCS Super Late Model feature. The winner of the coin toss received his choice of inside or outside lane. Meyer won the five-lap shootout and the 2010 Bullring Bomber crown. Bomber heats were won by Meyer and Steve Borkowski.

Phil Goodwin scored his 10th win of the season and his fifth Charger championship as he won the 25-lap finale. Vinny Raucci finished second and Mario Opipari (who also won the Charger heat) was third.

Dustin Ash won the 20-lap Thunder Roadster feature. Frank Sinatra impersonator Nick D'Egidio finished second and Travis Boyle was third. Jacksen Smith had the points championship clinched before the race started but was forced to utilize has back-up car after his primary mount encountered engine problems. He finished sixth.

Michael Todd Glazier halted the 25-lap Legend Cars feature on lap 3 when his car crashed and rolled over on its top in Turn 4. He was not injured. The rest of the feature was just as wild as the feature was punctuated by caution periods and a red flag. The race reached the time limit and ended in a green-white-checker finish. Three cars battled each other for the lead going into Turn 3 onthe final lap, but only one -- Justin Irwin -- made it out of Turn 4 and across the finish line. Alex Young finished second but later was disqualified after his car failed to pass technical inspection and Cheyanne Schindler moved up to second place. Legend Cars 2010 champions: Cheyanne Schindler (Semi-pro champion), Frank McCourt (Masters champion), Jason Iriwn (Young Lions champion), Robert D'Ambra (Pro champion).

The 12-lap Bandolero Bandit feature was won by Chris Trickle, who also won the points championship. Vincent Raucci Jr. finished second and Matthew Emery was third.

Jacob Tilton won the 12-lap Bandolero Outlaw feature and also clinched the 2010 championship. Christian Warren finished a close second and Kayli Barker was third.

Christian Warren won the Battle of the Bullring Bandoleros (Bandit and Outlaw classes combined). Kayli Barker finished second and Chris Trickle was third.

NEXT RACE: Saturday, Oct. 30 – Speedfest 2010 on NHRA Las Vegas Nationals Weekend -- SRL Southwest Tour Late Models (200 laps), USAC Midgets, Legend Cars, Bandoleros. Spectator gates open at 5 p.m.

All results are unofficial until Monday morning.

12-lap Bandolero Bandit feature: 1. Chris Trickle (champion), 2. Vincent Raucci Jr., 3. Matthew Emery, 4. Camron Stafford, 5. Erika Thigpen, 6. Christian Glass, 7. Cheyenne McCourt.

12-lap Bandolero Outlaw feature: 1. Jacob Tilton (champion), 2. Christian Warren, 3. Kayli Barker, 4. Austin Morris, 5. Wyatt Harwood.

15-lap Battle of the Bullring Bandoleros (non-point race, Outlaw and Bandit classes combined): 1. Christian Warren, 2. Kayli Barker, 3. Chris Trickle, 4. Jacob Tilton, 5. Matthew Emery, 6. Wyatt Harwood, 7. Austin Morris, 8. Vincent Raucci Jr., 9. Christian Glass, 10. Camron Stafford, 11. Erika Thigpen, 12. Cheyenne McCourt.

20-lap Thunder Roadster feature: 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Nick Degidio, 3. Travis Boyle, 4. Doug Germano, 5. Michelle Williamson, 6. Jacksen Smith (champion).

25-lap Bomber feature: 1. Wade Pearson, 2. Pete Meyer, 3. Steve Borkowski, 4. Bret Empey, 5. Tom Dittman, 6. Josh Morgan, 7. Houston Simonette, 8. Barbara West, 9. Gerald Dittman, 10. Jason Kaiser, 11. Martin Sullins, 12. Cayla Bronston, Jim Merlino (disqualified), Dave Stevens (disqualified).

25-lap Charger feature: 1. Phil Goodwin (champion), 2. Vinny Raucci, 3. Mario Opipari, 4. Steve Tilton, 5. Hayley Lager, 6. Ron Barker, 7. Dallas Simonette.

25-lap Legend Cars feature: 1. Justin Irwin, 2. Cheyanne Schindler (Semi-pro champion), 3. Frank McCourt (Masters champion), 4. Jeffrey King, 5. Scott Rhoden, 6. Scott Eldzedge, 7. Jason Irwin (Young Lions champion), 8. Kelly Thelen, 9. Michael Fox, 10. Devin Mack, 11. Mike Abbate, 12. Robert D'Ambra (Pro champion), 13. Andrew Muscannell, 14. Ian Anderson, 15. Kolleen Dresser, 16. Spencer Gallagher, 17. J. Avila Jr., 18. Dustin Ash, 19. Wayne Jacks, 20. J.K. Snow, 21. Michael Todd Glazier, 22. Nick Thigpen, Alex Young (disqualified).

50-lap MetroPCS Super Late Model feature: 1. Dustin Ash (champion), 2. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 3. Robert Ewing, 4. Steve Anderson, 5. Scott Gafforini, 6. David Anderson, 7. Jim Wulfenstein, 8. Dennis Rock Jr., 9. Stan Mullis, 10. Spencer Gallagher, 11. John Spilotro, 12. Glen Burke, 13. Jeff Bargerhuff, 14. Billy Mitchell, 15. Jim Petrie.

Unofficial Bandolero Bandit points: 1. Chris Trickle 792, 2. Vinny Raucci Jr 764, 3. Christian Glass 730, 4. Erika Thigpen 639, 5. Matthew Emery 558, 6. Cheyenne McCourt 571, 7. Camron Stafford 377, 8. Jimmy Petrie 78.

Unofficial Bandolero Outlaw points: 1. Jacob Tilton 771, 2. Christian Warren 737, 3. Kayli Barker 704, 4. Austin Morris 685, 5. Wyatt Harwood 584, 6. Michael Morris 409, 7. John Spilotro 348, 8. Brooke O’Hanley 233, 9. Patrick O’Hanley 192, 10. Michael Lovas 125, 11. Ricky Schlick 88, 12. Danny Nikolai 50, 13. Kolleen Dresser 43, 14. Michelle Brachowski 38.

Unofficial Thunder Roadster points top 10: 1. Jacksen Smith 623 (champion), 2. Travis Boyle 573, 3. Bob Dresser 473, 4. Doug Germano 441, 5.Nick D'Egidio 399, 6. Brecken Snow 360, 7. Michelle Williamson 203, 7. Chris "Spanky" Bosley 188, 8. Damon Blakemon 175, 10. Jonny Budd 154.

Unofficial Charger points top 10: 1. Phil Goodwin, 2. 657, 2. Mario Opipari 637, 3. Vinny Raucci 635, 4. Steve Tilton 545, 5. Chuck Burgess 509, 6. Hayley Lager 488, 7. Tom Pfundstein 442, 8. Dallas Simonette 385, 9. Ron Barker 360, 10. Mike Sell 254.

Unofficial Legend Cars Pro points: 1. Robert D'Ambra, 2. Justin Irwin 750, 3. Jeremiah Wagner 594, 4. Brecken Snow 549, 5. Mike Abbate 542, 6. Jay Beasley 538.

Unofficial Legend Cars Semi-Pro points: 1. Cheyanne Schindler 724, 2. Scott Rhoden 672, 3. Alex Young 659, 4. Andrew Muscanell 598, 5. Spencer Gallagher 566.

Unofficial Legend Cars Masters points: 1. Frank McCourt, 2. Michael Fox 681, 3. Jeffrey King 540, 4. Michael Todd Glazier 404, 5. Fletch Hammond 357.

Unofficial Legends Cars Young Lions points: 1. Jason Irwin 741, 2. Ian Anderson 694, 3. Nick Thigpen 634, 4. Devin Mack 616, 5. J. Avila Jr. 608.

Unofficial MetroPCS Super Late Model points top 10: 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Scott Gafforini/Bear Rzesnowiecky 312, 4. Robert Ewing 296, 5. Glen Burke 255, 6. Nick Halen 210, 7. Dennis Rock Jr. 206, 8. Steve Anderson 194, 9. David Anderson 160, 10. Casey Kingsland 118.