Revised: May 11, 2010
1. Disqualifications in the Charger feature.
2. Bandolero Young Guns (Outlaws) finish revised.

Derek Thorn of Bakersfield, Calif., started ninth and won tonight’s SRL Blackjack 121 Presented By GoLivestream.TV at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The race turned out to be the Blackjack 110, but Thorn didn’t seem to mind the missing 11 laps.

In consideration of the high amount of caution periods – and the extra laps run due to caution flags – SRL officials decided to shorten the event to 110 laps due to fuel consumption. Thorn repelled a challenge on the final lap Jim Pettitt III and held on to win the race. Jonathan Gomez finished third.

Dustin Ash won his third MetroPCS Super Late Model feature of the 2010 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series. Scott Gafforini finished second and Bear Rzesnowiecky took third place.

Defending Charger division champion Phil Goodwin of Henderson scored his second win of the 2010 campaign by a comfortable margin of more than three seconds. Behind Goodwin was a fierce battle for second and third place, waged by Mario Opipari, Dallas Simonette and Vinny Raucci. Opipari finished second and Raucci was third. Eight-lap Charger heat races were won by Opipari and Goodwin, both on the last half of the final lap.

Kyle Weatherman of St. Louis won the time-limit-shortened Legend Cars feature ahead of Jeremiah Wagner and Chase Catania. The Legend Cars Developmental feature was won by Michael Dejong.

The 12-lap Bandolero Bandit feature was halted on the opening lap for a rollover by Erika Thigpen in Turn 1. She was not injured. Chris Trickle won the event, followed by Christian Glass and Vincent Raucci Jr.  Jacob Tilton won the Bandolero Young Guns feature ahead of Michael Morris and Danny Nicolai.

Next race: May 22 – Race Night is Date Night. Admission for ladies is $3; margaritas for ladies are $2 each. Lucas Oil Modified Series, MetroPCS Super Late Models, NASCAR Chargers, Legend Cars, Thunder Roadsters, Bandoleros, Bombers. Listen to Area 108 (KVGS-FM 107.9) to win free tickets.

All results are official.

SPEARS SRL SERIES BLACKJACK 121 PRESENTED BY GOLIVESTREAM.TV: 1. Derek Thorn (Bakersfield, Calif.), 2. Jim Pettitt II, 3. Jonathan Gomez, 4. Eric Holmes, 5. Auggie Vidovich, 6. Joe Farre, 7. Brennan Newberry, 8. Ryan Foster, 9. Gene Voigt, 10. Keith Spangler, 11. Kyle Cattanach, 12. Ross Smiska, 13. Jared Vorse, 14. Jacob Gomes, 15. Shawn Calderwood, 16. Josh Combs, 17. David Mantooth, 18. Jason Gilbert, 19. Carlos Vieira, 20. Thomas Martin, 21. David Mayhew, 22. Kevin Callahan, 23. Jon Wood, 24. Brandon Loverock, 25. M.K. Kanke, 26. Dallas Montes, 27. Kevin Vereron, 28. Eddie Secord, 29. Ken Benhamon.

SRL QUALIFYING (TOP 10): 1. Derek Thorn (14.551 sec.), 2. Ryan Foster (14.609 sec.), 3. Brandon Loverock (14.631 sec.), 4. Jonathan Gomez (14.639 sec.), 5. Auggie Vidovich (14.640 sec.), 6. Eric Holmes (14.666 sec.), 7. Carlos Vieira (14.669 sec.), 8. David Mayhew (14.670 sec.), 9. Jared Vorse (14.741 sec.), 10. Greg Voigt (14.743 sec.).

40-LAP MetroPCS SUPER LATE MODEL FEATURE: 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 4. Glen Burke, 5. Robert Ewing, 6. Steve Anderson, 7. David Anderson, 8. Nick Parmelee, 9. Dennis Rock Jr., 10. Fabian Bray, 11. Jim Petrie, 12. John Spilotro, 13. Casey Kingsland.

25-LAP CHARGER FEATURE (REVISED): 1. Phil Goodwin, 2. Mario Opipari, 3. Vinny Raucci, 4. Dallas Simonette, 5. Steve Tilton, 6. Mike Sell, 7. Chuck Burgess, 8. James Wingard, 9. Hayley Lager, Chad Mattos (disqualified), Mike McKearn (disqualified), Gary Griffiths Jr. (disqualified).

13-LAP LEGEND CARS FEATURE (shortened due to time limit): 1. Kyle Weatherman, 2. Jeremiah Wagner, 3. Chase Catania, 4. Robert D’Ambra, 5. Brecken Snow, 6. J. Avila Jr., 7. Devin Mack, 8. Jason Irwin, 9. Alex Young, 10. Josh Fultz, 11. Fletch Hammond, 12. Kyle Niquette, 13. Spencer Gallagher, 14. Jay Beasley, 15. Scott Rhoden, 16. Justin Irwin, 17. Josh Gross, 18. Austin Reed, 19. Jeffrey King, 20.  Dylan Cruz, 21. Cheyanne Schindler, 22. Frank McCourt, 23. Nick Thigpen, 24. Cale Kanke, 25. J.K. Snow, 26. Darren Amidon, 27. Mike Abbate, 28. Michael Fox.

15-LAP LEGEND CARS DEVELOPMENTAL FEATURE: 1. Michael Dejong, 2. Kolleen Dresser, 3. Andrew Muscanell, 4. Nikky Saxon, 5. Michael Glazier.

12-LAP BANDOLERO BANDIT FEATURE: 1. Chris Trickle, 2. Christian Glass, 3. Vincent Raucci Jr., 4. Matthew Emery, 5. Cheyanne McCourt.

12-LAP BANDOLERO YOUNG GUN (OUTLAWS) FEATURE (REVISED): 1. Jacob Tilton, 2. Michael Morris, 3. Danny Nikolai, 4. Austin Morris, 5. Christian Warren,6. Wyatt Harwood, 7. John Spilotro, 8. Kayli Barker, 9. Brooke O'Hanley.