Jeremiah Wagner of Las Vegas won the 75-lap ASA Speed Trucks feature tonight at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Wagner was running in third place with 10 laps remaining in the feature. He dove under Bill Kann for second place then again used the inside groove to get past race leader Jeff Bischofberger. Bischofberger finished second and Darcy Shunk was third. The four-lap ASA Truck Series Dash was won by Charlie Price.

J. Avila Jr. of Los Angeles won the 25-lap USLCI Thunder Car feature. Shaun Polack was second and Ron Reed finished third. Primarily a Legend Cars driver, this race marked Avila’s first time in a Thunder Car.

The first 25-lap USAC Ignite Midget Series feature was won by Bryant Dawson, who also won the 30-lap feature on Saturday night. Austin Blair of Las Vegas was second and Christine Breckenridge was third. Dawson also won the second Midget feature, followed across the finish line by Michael Fanelli and Blair.

The 25-lap S2 Late Model feature was won by Cole Custer. Blake Dunkleberger was second and Trevor Huddleston finished third. Cheyanne Schindler of Las Vegas finished seventh after suffering mechanical problems.

The 20-lap American Band Legend Cars feature was won by Tye Mihocko. Zane Smith finished second and Andrew Muscanell was third.

Austin Toddy won the 12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Outlaw feature. California’s Ivan Gudmestad won the 12-lap main event for the Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Bandit class.

Ryan Partridge won the 35-lap Late Model feature. Luis Martinez was second and Cole Custer finished third.

NEXT RACE: Saturday, Sept. 8 – Annual Keith Danser Kids’ Candy Toss Night. Spectator gates will open at 4 p.m. Fans are invited to watch the Richmond, Va. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on the jumbo TV screen in the grass behind the main grandstand. Save money by purchasing tickets in advance at the LVMS ticket office, online at or by calling (702) 644-4444. Racing includes: Spears SRL Southwest Tour Series, NASCAR Super Late Models, NASCAR Super Stocks, NASCAR Bombers, USLCI Legends Cars, USLCI Bandoleros, USLCI Thunder Cars. Ed “Outlaw” Jones will make an appearance with his Jelly Belly wheelstander and young fans will receive free candy.

25-lap S2 Late Model feature: 1. Cole Custer, 2. Blake Dunkleberger, 3. Trevor Huddleston, 4. Andrew Anderson, 5. Greg Szot, 6. Bill Waters, 7. Cheyanne Schindler.

First 25-lap USAC Ignite Midget Series feature: 1. Bryant Dawson, 2. Austin Blair, 3. Christine Breckenridge, 4. Marina Turner, 5. George Blacker, 6. Michael Fanelli.

Second 25-lap USAC Ignite Midget Series feature: 1. Bryant Dawson, 2. Michael Fanelli, 3. Austin Blair, 4. Christine Breckenridge, 5. Marina Turner, 6. George Blacker.

12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Outlaw feature: 1. Austin Toddy, 2. Noah Gragson, 3. Vincent Raucci Jr., 4. Riley Herbst, 5. Erika Thigpen, 6. Jacob Quartaro.

12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Bandit feature: 1. Ivan Gudmestad, 2. Caden Carlin, 3. Chris Trickle, 4. Phillip Root, 5. Ryan Vargas, 6. Gianna Marretti, 7. Gino Marretti, 8. Dylan Washburn, 9. Sam Jacks, 10. Chaz Mansey, 11. Mason Sargent, 12. Megan Ferrari, 13. Tommy Trickle, 14. T.J. Ferrari, 15. Kyle Jacks, 16. Colby Furia.

25-lap Thunder Car feature: 1. J. Avila Jr., 2. Shaun Polack, 3. Ron Reed, 4. Joshua Quartaro, 5. Brian Reed, 6. Paul Licata, 7. Steve Tilton, 8. Nick D’Egidio, 9. Chris Bosley, 10. Ian Anderson, 11. Jacob Tilton.

75-lap ASA Truck Series feature: 1. Jeremiah Wagner, 2. Jeff Bischofberger, 3. Darcy Shunk, 4. Bill Kann, 5. Jim Putnam, 6. Colin Dickinson, 7. Cole Lofstgard, 8. Gerrit Cromsigt, 9. Billy Kann, 10. Brad Hillwig, 11. Andrew Porter, 12. Heather Dickinson, 13. Louie Pagano, 14. Charlie Price, 15. Eric Reschke, 16. Kevin Bates.

20-lap American Band Legend Cars feature: 1. Tye Mihocko, 2. Zane Smith, 3. Andrew Muscanell, 4. Darren Amidon, 5. Joshua Jackson, 6. J. Avila Jr., 7. Ian Anderson, 8. Nick Thigpen, 9. Nikky Saxon, 10. Robby Guevara, 11. Gary Scherell, 12. Blake Olsen, 13. Bryan Grandin, 14. Lacie Price, 15. Chris Trickle, 16. Ricky Schlick, 17. Troy Wesolowski, 18. Dylan Cappelo, 19. Brent Scheidemantle, 20. Jason Irwin, 21. Peyton Saxton, 22. Michael Womack, 23. Michael Todd Glazier, 24. Thom Lichty, 25. Ian Wesolowski, 26. Mikey Lovas.

35-lap Late Model feature: 1. Ryan Partridge, 2. Luis Martinez, 3. Cole Custer, 4. Eric Martin, 5. Juan Garcia, 6. Andrew Murray.