Furio, Holly Sunday winners at Mopars at The Strip



            LAS VEGAS -- Randy Holly of Las Vegas and Romeo Furio of Boulder City won final rounds Sunday at the inaugural Mopars at The Strip at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

            Furio defeated Steve Magnante of El Monte, Calif., for Slant Six class honors.  Holly's '73 Barracuda topped Richard Nedbal's '64 Plymouth to claim the Super Pro title.  Holly is a former Pro division champion in The Strip's Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series.


Super Pro

Winner: Randy Holly (Las Vegas) '73 Barracuda  11.959 sec./119.59 mph

Runner-up: Richard Nedbal (Morgan HIlls, Calif.) '64 Plymouth  10.982 sec./137.23 mph


Slant Six

Winner: Romeo Furio (Boulder City) '67 Dart  16.895 sec./78.95 mph

Runner-up: Steve Magnante (El Monte, Calif.) '62 Valiant  15.724 sec./84.71 mph


Stock/Super Stock

Winner: Glenn Person (Regina, Sask., Canada) 11.514 sec./110.81 mph

Runner-up: Earl Blake (Las Vegas) '68 Barracuda  11.633 sec./112.60 mph



Winner: Chris Thompson (Costa Mesa, Calif.) '70 Swinger  12.327 sec./103.63 mph

Runner-up: Anthony Hickman (Northridge, Calif.) '73 Duster  12.215 sec./108.36 mph


Quick 16

Winner: Johnny Gilbert (Hesperia, Calif.) '91 Daytona  9.564 sec./139.13 mph

Runner-up: John Britton (Hastings, Neb.) '33 Wedge Roadster  8.690 sec./158 mph


Front Wheel Drive

Winner: Dempsey Bowling (Orem, Utah) '89 Caravan  14.642 sec./89.77 mph

Runner-up: Mark Spencer (Provo, Utah) '89 Daytona  14.610 sec./95.73 mph



Winner: Mark Beavin (Mesa, Ariz.) '02 Startus  18.557 sec./75.33 mph

Runner-up: Kelly Painter (Mesa, Ariz.) '69 Roadrunner  12.263 sec./114.09 mph



Winner: Phil Ross (Lebec, Calif.) '99 Dakota  15.743 sec./86.34 mph

Runner-up: Bill Dudley (Las Vegas) '91 Dakota  18.111 sec./69.26 mph