Hot dog!  Jesse's latest creation cuts the mustard at The Strip at LVMS;

Discovery Channel to air Monster Garage show Monday night



Monster Garage TV show star Jesse James is famous for his outrageous mechanized creations, but this one may be his wildest ¿ and we saw it here first.

            James and his Monster Garage TV crew wanted to see how fast they could make a New York City hot dog vendor cart go, so they mounted one on a front-engine dragster and tested it at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway April 8.  The hot dog cart dragster episode will air on The Discovery Channel on Monday, June 2, at 8 p.m.

            ¿I had been trying to make contact with the producers of Monster Garage on another project when they called us," said Chris Blair, LVMS' director of drag racing operations.  "Needless to say, when they approached us about filming at The Strip, I didn¿t hesitate.  Our tracks have been featured in numerous commercials and television shows but I felt this was an opportunity to expose our facility to an entirely new audience.

¿Jesse and all of the crew at Monster Garage were incredible to work with and were committed to putting together a quality program.  I told them one condition for the use of our track would be to place some LVMS decals on the car for the filming. They not only placed them in a highly-visible area on the rollcage, but left the decals on the car for their recent appearance on David Letterman's show."

            Fans caught a brief glimpse of the car ¿ and the LVMS decals -- on Late Night with David Letterman a few weeks ago when James appeared as a guest, but the NYPD "busted" the video shoot on 53rd Street for failure to obtain a permit.  According to Letterman, the crew was able to fire the car before the police arrived and the hot dog cart's open exhaust pipes rattled office building windows blocks away.

            After making a few exploratory passes down The Strip's quarter mile, James challenged 2002 NHRA Pro Stock champion Jeg Coughlin to a duel.

            "When I heard that I would be racing a front engine dragster New York City hot dog vending cart I did not know what to think," Coughlin admitted to

While it would be wrong to reveal the outcome of the race before the show airs ¿ including which car had to "play ketchup" ¿ we can safely say that The Strip's crew declared the tasty segment "a real wiener."