Results for NHRA Div. 7 Shortline Express Markets Jr. Dragsters

Aug. 30-31 at The Strip at LVMS


Young Ryen Lamb of Henderson won her very first Shortline Express NHRA Jr. Dragster finale at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday afternoon.  Ryen defeated Chad Webber of Kingman, Ariz., for Thunder Division honors.  Miss Lamb also was the only local winner of the two-day Labor Day weekend show.


The event drew an NHRA Div. 7 and LVMS record 133 entries for the two-day meet.  Each winner on Sunday received the coveted NHRA "Wally" trophy.



Winner: Ryen Lamb (Henderson) 13.116 sec./48.41 mph

Runner-up: Chad Webber (Kingman, Ariz.) 13.611 sec./45.75 mph



Winner: Thomas Redding Jr. (Palmdale, Calif.) 7.911 sec./80.57 mph

Runner-up: Brittany Johnson (Palm Desert, Calif.) 7.908 sec./78.50 mph



Winner: J.D. Minnick Jr. (Menifee, Calif.) 14.109 sec./44.75 mph

Runner-up: Paige Lundeen (Murray, Utah) 12.940 sec./52.62 mph


NHRA DIV. 7 10-12 (SUNDAY)

Winner: Casey Grisel (Citrus Hts., Calif.) 9.104 sec./71.32 mph

Runner-up: Christopher Clark (Las Vegas) 8.949 sec./73.10 mph


NHRA DIV. 7 13-14 (SUNDAY)

Winner: Kyle Leneker (Wildomar, Calif.) 8.456 sec./76.50 mph

Runner-up: Thomas Redding Jr. (Palmdale, Calif.) 7.871 sec./82.78 mph


NHRA DIV. 7 15-17 (SUNDAY)

Winner: Todd Cooper (Yuba City, Calif.) 7.976 sec./76.65 mph

Runner-up: Johnathan Vallejos (Monrovia, Calif.) 7.939 sec./81.93 mph