The ninth round of the 10-race 2006 Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series now is history and wins were scored by Doug Schneider (Super Pro), Brandee Price (Pro), Paul Wong (Sportsman) and Jason Whitenack (Motorcycle). On Saturday morning, Vanessa Hodges of Las Vegas won the Thunder category final and Tristan Craig claimed the win in the Lightning class during the Meadow Gold Jr. Dragster Series Presented By Short Line Express Markets. The full day of racing began on a sad note as it was learned that former drag racer Tiffanie Hicks, 21, passed away on Friday, Sept. 15. She is the sister of Super Pro driver Greg Hicks and the daughter of retired drag racer Phil Hicks. A collection was taken for the Hicks family, Monty Aldrich and Carl Cannavo. A total of $2,803 was donated by racers, drag strip employees and fans. Aldrich, who was in sixth place in Motorcycle points, severely injured his right arm in a non-racing accident and Super Pro racer Carl Cannavo remains hospitalized after he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Drivers participated in two benefit gambler races, won by Mike Creason (Super Pro) and Bob Moudree (non-electronic cars). Jerry's Nugget Reaction Time Bonus Awards were earned by Ricky Gray (Pro), Rick Newport (Motorcycle), Dana Young (Super Pro) and Stephanie Wong (Sportsman). The award is won by posting the best reaction time on a winning run during the first round of eliminations.

Weekend results, indicating driver/rider, hometown, vehicle, reaction time, elapsed time (ET) and top speed.

Winner: Doug Schneider (Las Vegas) 1971 Dodge Demon .020 11.065 sec./112.19 mph.
Runner-up: Jimmy Lintz (Las Vegas) 1995 Chevrolet Beretta .082 9.951 sec./147.62 mph. PRO
Winner: Richard Price (North Las Vegas) 1971 Chevelle .123 10.674 sec./121.25 mph.
Runner-up: Ricky Gray (Las Vegas) 1984 Dodge Daytona .345 11.691 sec./87.74 mph. SPORTSMAN
Winner: Paul Wong (Las Vegas) 1970 Gremlin .052 11.994 sec./112.50 mph.
Runner-up: Sam Rendon (North Las Vegas) 1967 Mustang -.026 (foul) 12.110 sec./112.82 mph. MOTORCYCLE
Winner: Jason Whitenack (Las Vegas) Kawasaki .040 8.856 sec./145.33 mph.
Runner-up: Leo Shaver (Las Vegas) 1987 Ninja -.027 (foul) 14.302 sec./60.35 mph. JR. DRAGSTER - THUNDER (1/8-mile)
Winner: Vanessa Hodges (Las Vegas) .085 11.648 sec./54.57 mph.
Runner-up: Lacey Powers (Boulder City) .102 11.686 sec./53.99 mph. JR. DRAGSTER - LIGHTNING (1/8-mile)
Winner: Tristan Craig (Henderson) .019 8.218 sec./73.39 mph.
Runner-up: Kayla Sewell (Henderson) .078 9.195 sec./70.61 mph.