Chris Blair, Las Vegas Motor Speedway's Vice President of Racing Operations, would like to remind all racers of The Strip's "time-only" run policy during Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series events.

"The focus of our Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series is to run the best E.T. bracket-racing event possible for our participants," Blair explained.  "For that reason, we will not allow "time-only" or license runs during these events.  In order to participate during a Jerry's Nugget event you must have a car that fits the parameters of the classes being run that night.  Back in the days when our events only attracted 80 cars per race we were able to accommodate non-Jerry's Nugget racers.  In five years our program has grown to an average of more than 200 cars and we cannot afford to lose time and inconvenience our paying customers with "time-only" and license passes."