The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will award special bonuses to drag racers who compete in the May 31, June 7 and June 14 Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series events.

Special points bonuses will be paid to the driver/rider in each category who earns the most points over the three-race period.  The racer who earns the most points in the Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman and Motorcycle classes will receive a special-edition trophy, an LVMS jacket, a 10 lb. roll of bologna (provided by Cliff Ricci of Outwest Meats in Las Vegas) and a loaf of sandwich bread.

"With today's high gas prices, we need to give everyone a little extra incentive to get out of the garage and come to the races," said Chris Blair, LVMS' vice president of racing operations. "If the opportunity to win a trophy and a jacket doesn't give them enough incentive to come to the track, then maybe the chance to be full of bologna will."

In addition to the awards and the "gourmet meal," LVMS also will provide racers an onsite parking area to leave their rigs between races.  At the end of each event, racers will check in with LVMS security and move their haulers to the designated storage area.

"We have dozens of racers who travel from Southern California, Northern Arizona and Utah to race with us each week and we want to do whatever we can to keep them racing," Blair added.  "When people are towing as much as 335 miles one way to race, the fuel bills can be outrageous.  Several teams are planning to tow their rigs to the speedway and then carpool home together between races to ease the fuel bill."

For more information on The Strip at LVMS and the Jerry's Nugget Championship Drag Racing Series, please call The Strip's office at (702) 632-8213 or visit