Las Vegas' Jessica Boardman and Cody Garceau were among the winners at the NHRA West Coast Jr. Division 7 Jr. Dragster Finals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Sept. 16-17. Boardman won the Race of Champions for the 10-12 age group on Saturday, and Garceau followed with a bonus race win in the 13-14 age bracket.

Here is a list of the weekend results.


Saturday, Sept. 16

Race of Champions

Ages 6-9
Champion: Jake Hodges, Yucaipa, Calif. (.085 reaction/12.036 ET/50.43 mph)
Runner-up: Chase Sullivan, Santee, Calif. (.153/14.197/44.14)

Champion: Jessica Boardman, Las Vegas (.005 reaction/9.026 ET/73.11 mph)
Runner-up: Ryan Mason, San Clemente, Calif. (.182/9.163/68.62)

Champion: Troy Jackson, Mesa, Ariz. (.028 reaction/9.963 ET/64.01 mph)
Runner-up: Cole Rouse, Canyon Lake, Calif. (-.016/8.089/80.80)

Champion: Cade Poe, Los Alamitos, Calif. (.002 reaction/8.091 ET/80.40 mph)
Runner-up: Michael Gidcumb, Riverside, Calif. (.027/7.953/80.39)

Bonus races

Jr. Comp
Champion: Leigha Miller, Alamo, Calif. (.008 reaction/6.928 ET/94.99 mph)
Runner-up: Brandon Savolt, Diamond Bar, Calif. (.070/6.914/96.53)

Ages 6-9
Champion: Boden Cook, Novato, Calif. (.198 reaction/14.471 ET/41.85 mph)
Runner-up: Tessa Clinton, Norco, Calif. (-.080/12.825/48.62)

Champion: Ryan Mason, San Clemente, Calif. (.005 reaction/9.023 ET/69.69 mph)
Runner-up: Cy Mitchell, Thousand Oaks, Calif. (.014/8.979/70.92)

Champion: Cody Garceau, Las Vegas (-.004 reaction/7.948 ET/81.87 mph)
Runner-up: Morgan Buchanan, Orange, Calif. (-.013/8.139/79.75)

Champion: Derrick Hegwood, Tustin, Calif. (.037 reaction/8.137 ET/77.83 mph)
Runner-up: Jared Jones, West Jordan, Utah (.048/7.917/79.83)


Sunday, Sept. 17

Jr. Finals

Ages 6-9
Champion: Reese Poe, Los Alamitos, Calif. (.002 reaction/11.957 ET/53.63 mph)
Runner-up: Boden Cook, Novato, Calif. (-.022/14.394/41.92)

Champion: Trent Flores, Hanford, Calif. (.066 reaction/8.997 ET/72.87 mph)
Runner-up: Dylan Hegwood, Tustin, Calif. (.086/8.939/71.30)

Champion: Leigha Miller, Alamo, Calif. (.036 reaction/7.905 ET/81.55 mph)
Runner-up: Cole Rouse, Canyon Lake, Calif. (.055/8.086/81.05)

Champion: Kaitlyn Savolt, Diamond Bar, Calif. (.043 reaction/7.942 ET/78.37 mph)
Runner-up: Cason Segundo, Henderson, Nev. (.101/8.152/79.57)

Jr. Comp
Champion: Nolan Oliviera, Cypress, Calif. (.046 reaction/6.951 ET/93.20 mph)
Runner-up: Joey Petrone, Chandler, Ariz. (.075/6.926/98.06)