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7:22 p.m. - Comments from Top Fuel driver Spencer Massey, who earned his third win of the season, the 17th of his career and his third at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday in the NHRA Toyota Nationals:

"The car started off running extremely well. We started running a new chassis this weekend and we kind of wanted to see where it was going to lead us. The first run, it showed a lot of promise, meaning that we could give it more power and it's going to hold it. Last night, I ran a (3.74) at 330 (mph), which was huge for my entire team. We've been working so hard all season long and to know finally make good, solid rounds and be consistent … and to win this thing, it's just amazing.

"I love sitting in these pressure situations where I know I have to cut a light, where I know I have to do the best job I can. It really seems to push me to that extra level when I know that I have to take care of it. It's been a down-slump summer that we’ve had and now we’re starting to find our groove back again and I’m excited. My goal right now is to win Pomona. If I can win Pomona, we’ll let the points fall where they fall."

7:07 p.m. - Comments from Funny Car driver Del Worsham, who earned his first win of the season and the 34th of his career (including Top Fuel) on Sunday in the NHRA Toyota Nationals:

"If I beat (John Force) every day from now until I'm 55 years old, I would still be behind; that guy has just abused me for 20 years. I’ve got a couple licks in here and there but he’s just a great competitor and great ambassador for the sport and he’s a friend of mine. The first Funny Car I ever drove was a John Force Funny Car so he’s been a pretty big part of my entire life. As much as he’s been a hindrance, he’s also been a great leader and I’ve been to him for a lot of advice.

"Today, this Toyota Camry was awesome. It’s a fact that I’m driving (the late Scott Kalitta’s) car - we all know that and I don’t ever want to lose focus of that. He was a former champion and a great friend of mine. Connie Kalitta, I was lucky enough that he let me drive the car and I just want to make those two proud. This was all about the crew chief and the crew and the job they did. I was just in there driving and trying not to screw it up. This 2015 Toyota Camry came out here and debuted and did not let any of us down. To win the Toyota Nationals, I’m proud of that."

6:51 p.m. - Comments from Pro Stock driver Erica Enders-Stevens, who earned her fifth victory of the season, the 11th of her career and her second straight win at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday in the NHRA Toyota Nationals:

"I wanted to come in with a positive attitude when I walked in the gate on Thursday afternoon (and) I had a good feeling. I was a nervous wreck in Reading, to be quite honest, and I've never felt that way in my entire racing career. I decided that I was going to give it to God and keep the faith and do my best and let Him do the rest. That quick mental change made everything run so much smoother today. The ESPN guys were bashing (my crew) the last couple of interviews that I did, saying we just can’t get it done on race - well, we CAN get it done on race day and today is perfect proof of that.

"I feel blessed to be in this position, to get the points lead back heading into the last race of the year. I guess it doesn’t get more pressure than that, but the mental side of it I’m just going to take it one round at a time and appreciate being in the position that we’re in. We had a lot of great data coming into this fall race from the spring race. We were confident coming in but every day is a new start and my guys do a tremendous job. Yes, I do love Vegas and the data from running here certainly does help."

6:28 p.m. - Comments from Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Andrew Hines, who earned his sixth victory of the season and the 38th of his career Sunday at the NHRA Toyota Nationals:

"We were fair at best through most of the year with my bike; (teammate Eddie Krawiec's) bike was really on a mission all year long in qualifying. Really, we’ve just been picking away at the tune-up with the help of my brother, trying to get every ounce of performance out of my V-Rod. We’re starting to see some stuff in the tune-up that we were overlooking in the past and that was ultimately costing me quite a bit of performance. It’s finally putting the whole package together. That last run last night when I went (6.85) was one of THOSE runs. You have very few of those in your career and that was one of them.

"I don’t want to play defense (in the final race with a 92-point lead). I want to keep it over 80 points, that way we can roll into Sunday and basically have it mathematically locked up. We’re just going to go out there (in the final race) and do the same thing I did this weekend, just try and make sure my V-Rod has the most horsepower every single run when I go up there. Sitting where I am now, I’ll sleep a lot easier the next couple of weeks. Eddie has been a thorn in my side in a couple of championship battles, so to have an edge right now is huge."

4:55 p.m. - Stay tuned for comments from the winners of the NHRA Toyota Nationals.

4:48 p.m. - Final results from the 14th annual NHRA Toyota Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway:

Top Fuel: Spencer Massey (3.756 at 330.88) def. J.R. Todd (7.375 at 87.51).

Funny Car: Del Worsham (4.064 at 318.39) def. John Force (4.104 at 321.42).

Pro Stock: Erica Enders-Stevens (6.587 at 209.36) def. Jeg Coughlin Jr. (6.596 at 209.14).

Pro Stock Motorcycle: Andrew Hines (6.955 at 191.02) def. Matt Smith (6.971 at 192.11).

3:45 p.m. - Henderson's Justin Lamb won the Competition Eliminator final at the NHRA Toyota Nationals with a pass of 8.202 seconds at 152.04 mph to Todd Patterson's 8.537 at 123.98.

3:30 p.m. - Semifinals winners and final-round matchup in Pro Stock Motorcycle:

Semifinals: Andrew Hines (6.955 at 191.24) def. Jerry Savoie (7.007 at 190.54); Matt Smith (6.977 at 191.43) def. Katie Sullivan (12.042 at 32.54)

Final: Hines vs. Smith.

3:27 p.m. - Semifinals winners and final-round matchup in Pro Stock:

Semifinals: Jeg Coughlin Jr. (6.605 at 208.46) def. Shane Gray (6.647 at 208.26); Erica Enders-Stevens (6.593 at 209.20) def. Jason Line (foul).

Final: Enders-Stevens vs. Coughlin Jr.

3:21 p.m. - Semifinals winners and final-round matchup in Funny Car:

Semifinals: John Force (4.069 at 319.45) def. Robert Hight (4.130 at 312.93); Del Worsham (4.059 at 315.71) def. Matt Hagan (4.091 at 315.71).

Final: Worsham vs. J. Force.

3:11 p.m. - Semifinals winners and final-round matchup in Top Fuel:

Semifinals: J.R. Todd (3.781 at 323.43) def. Billy Torrence (3.796 at 325.45); Spencer Massey (3.775 at 325.22) def. Leah Pritchett (3.803 at 318.77)

Final: Todd vs. Massey.

2:38 p.m. - Justin Lamb of Henderson advanced to the Competition Eliminator final with a victory over Ed Sigmon of Chatsworth, Calif. Lamb will face Todd Patterson of Augusta, Kansas in this afternoon's final.

2:22 p.m. - Second-round winners and semifinals matchups in Pro Stock Motorcycle:

Second round: Katie Sullivan def. Michael Ray (broke); Matt Smith def. Hector Arana; Andrew Hines def. Chaz Kennedy; Jerry Savoie def. Eddie Krawiec.

Semifinals: Hines vs. Savoie; Smith vs. Sullivan.

2:15 p.m. - Second-round winners and semifinals matchups in Pro Stock:

Second round: Jason Line def. Dave Connolly; Jeg Coughlin Jr. def. Allen Johnson; Shane Gray def. Greg Anderson; Erica Enders-Stevens def. Rodger Brogdon.

Semifinals: Enders-Stevens vs. Line; S. Gray vs. Coughlin.

2:03 p.m. - Second-round winners and semifinals matchups in Funny Car:

Second round: Del Worsham def. Ron Capps; Robert Hight def. Paul Lee; John Force def. Tim Wilkerson; Matt Hagan def. Tommy Johnson Jr.

Semifinals: Hagan vs. Worsham; Force vs. Hight.

1:51 p.m. - Second-round winners and semifinals matchups in Top Fuel:

Second round: Leah Pritchett def. Brittany Force; J.R. Todd def. Khalid alBalooshi; Billy Torrence def. Richie Crampton; Spencer Massey def. Shawn Langdon.

Semifinals: Todd vs. B. Torrence; Massey vs. Pritchett.

12:51 p.m. - First-round winners and second-round matchups in Pro Stock Motorcycle:

First round: Jerry Savoie def. Shawn Gann (foul); Chaz Kennedy def. Angie Smith (foul); Katie Sullivan def. Adam Arana; Michael Ray def. Jim Underdahl; Eddie Krawiec def. Hector Arana Jr. (foul); Hector Arana def. Steve Johnson; Andrew Hines def. John Hall; Matt Smith def. Scotty Pollacheck.

Second round: Hines vs. Kennedy; Krawiec vs. Savoie; Smith vs. H. Arana; Ray vs. Sullivan.

12:37 p.m. - First-round winners and second-round matchups in Pro Stock:

First round: Rodger Brogdon def. Vincent Nobile (foul); Greg Anderson def. Jonathan Gray; Allen Johnson def. Chris McGaha; Jason Line def. Matt Hartford; Dave Connolly def. V Gaines; Jed Coughlin Jr. def. Aaron Stanfield; Erica Enders-Stevens def. Jeff Isbell; Shane Gray def. Larry Morgan.

Second round: Enders-Stevens vs. Brogdon; Connolly vs. Line; S. Gray vs. Anderson; Coughlin vs. Johnson.

12:15 p.m. - First-round winners and second-round matchups in Funny Car:

First round: Del Worsham def. Jeff Arend; Ron Capps def. Tony Pedregon; Paul Lee def. Courtney Force; John Force def. Jon Capps; Matt Hagan def. Terry Haddock; Robert Hight def. Jack Beckman; Tim Wilkerson def. Bob Tasca III; Tommy Johnson Jr. def. Alexis DeJoria.

Second round: Hagan vs. Johnson Jr.; R. Capps vs. Worsham; J. Force vs. Wilkerson; Lee vs. Hight.

11:50 a.m. – First-round winners and second-round matchups in Top Fuel:

First round: Khalid alBalooshi def. Larry Dixon; Richie Crampton def. Bob Vandergriff Jr.; Leah Pritchett def. Antron Brown; J.R. Todd def. TJ Zizzo; Spencer Massey def. Terry McMillen; Brittany Force def. Doug Kalitta; Billy Torrence def. Tony Schumacher; Shawn Langdon def. Steve Torrence.

Second round: Todd vs. alBalooshi; Crampton vs. B. Torrence; Massey vs. Langdon; B. Force vs. Pritchett.

10 a.m.  Good morning from The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and final eliminations for the 14th annual NHRA Toyota Nationals. With an hour to go before the start of eliminations, it's 57 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze out of the southwest. The forecast calls for mostly sunny skies and a high of 66.

Pre-race ceremonies are getting ready to begin down behind the starting line and pro eliminations will start at 11 a.m. (PST).

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