Results from this weekend's action at The Strip at LVMS.


Saturday, May 20

The Battle

Pro Mod
Champion: Frankie Taylor, Dickenson, Texas
Runner-up: Rick Sanvely, Los Angeles

Big Tire
Champion: Mike Dowling, Clancy, Mont.
Runner-up: Cole Dow, Sacramento, Calif.

Small Tire
Champion: Frank Yee, Las Vegas
Runner-up: Ryan Jones, Los Angeles

Outlaw 8.5
Champion: George Raygoza, Orland, Calif.
Runner-up: Casey Vantol, Orland, Calif.

Ultra Street
Champion: Mike Silva, Madera, Calif.
Runner-up: David Holgrew, Lakewood, Calif.

Super Pro
Champion: Shane Thompson, Henderson, Nev.
Runner-up: Dick Krieger, Las Vegas

Champion: Scott Fivella, Las Vegas
Runner-up: Jason Hoorn, Henderson, Nev.


Sunday, May 21

LVMS Bracket Series Event No. 8

Super Pro
Champion: Steven Alguire, Las Vegas (.011 reaction/7.582 ET/167.84 mph)
Runner-up: Jeffrey Avitabile, Long Beach, Calif. (.031/9.085/153.13)

Champion: Tony Anderson, Henderson, Nev. (.046 reaction/11.066 ET/116.40 mph)
Runner-up: Keith Eaton, Las Vegas (-.028/11.909/112.62)

Champion: Jake Evans, Las Vegas (.037 reaction/11.999 ET/111.56 mph)
Runner-up: John Irving Sr., Boulder City, Nev. (.063/12.564/107.04)

Champion: Leo Shaver, Las Vegas (.057 reaction/8.969 ET/147.37 mph)
Runner-up: Jeremy March, Flagstaff, Ariz. (.096/9.762/137.61)


LVMS Jr. Dragsters Event No. 7

Age 6-9
Champion: Jacob Taylor, Las Vegas (.053 reaction/12.327 ET/51.97 mph)
Runner-up: Mason Phlegar, Las Vegas (-.001/12.016/52.57)

Champion: Jessica Boardman, Las Vegas (.083 reaction/8.956 ET/71.87 mph)
Runner-up: Aaron Covington, Las Vegas (.068/8.882/72.04)

Champion: Jenna Kirk, Gilbert, Ariz. (.067 reaction/8.019 ET/81.26 mph)
Runner-up: Cody Garceau, Las Vegas (.100/7.903/81.67)

Champion: Hannah Ellison, Las Vegas (.021 reaction/7.921 ET/81.28 mph)
Runner-up: Keoki Desa, North Las Vegas, Nev. (.052/7.916/78.42)