Paul Romine of Fishers, Ind. was today’s big winner at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Romine’s “Man O’ War” Mustang defeated Mike Halstead’s “Nitro Angel” Duster to claim the Nostalgia Funny Car title during the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage event. The event was hampered by high winds, forcing Sunday’s eliminations to be moved to Monday (Memorial Day). Twenty cars entered the 16-car-field event. To meet Halstead in the final, Romine had to defeat Bob Godfrey (first round), John Hale (second round) and Steven Densham (third round). John Hale of Addison, Texas was the meet’s No. 1 Qualifier at 5.698 sec./247.16 mph.

Dave Wallis of Las Vegas won the Hot Rod class over Mike Rogers of Covina, Calif.

Monday evening’s finals suffered from a case of “red rash” – the first three finals (Hot Rod, Nostalgia Eliminator 3 and D/Gas) were won when the eventual winners’ opponents fouled on the starting line. The fourth pair – the Nostalgia Eliminator 2 finale – went off without a hitch and 70-year-old Henderson native Dick Krieger finished runner-up to winner Jay Huckleberry.

Bill Wayne of Bullhead City, Ariz. singled the A/Fuel final when his opponent, Jerry Kumre Jr., was unable to compete.

Other class winners included: John Scialpi (Pro Street), Dean Carter (Jr. Fuel), Richard Phillips (7.0 Pro), Dan Schrokosch (Nostalgia Eliminator 1), Troy Moyle (Nostalgia Eliminator 3), Chris Beanes (A/Gas), Eric Bush (B/Gas), Justin Shears (C/Gas) and Josh Conrad (D/Gas).

At the Rockabilly Rod Reunion on the drag strip midway, bands included Mad Max & The Wild Ones, the Cadillac Angels, Danny Dean & The Homewreckers, The Lucky Cheats, VooDoo Swing, The Hot Rod Trio, Brian Dunning, the Delta Bombers and Will & The Hi Rollers.

Eily Stafford, 24, of Mt. Laguna, Calif. won the pin-up girl contest. Stafford pilots the Desperado dragster in the Nostalgia Eliminator 1 class.

Final-round results, indicating: driver, hometown, car, reaction time, elapsed time, top speed.

Winner: Paul Romine (Fishers, Ind.) 1979 Mustang  .103  5.878 sec./246.62 mph.
Runner-up: Mike Halstead (Fontana, Calif.) 1973 Duster  .092  5.949 sec./244.07 mph.

Winner: John Scialpi (Phelen, Calif.) 1957 Bel Air  .074  6.208 sec./227.19 mph.
Runner-up: Mike Maggio (San Dimas, Calif.) 1970 ½ Camaro  .067  6.883 sec./153.91 mph.

Winner: Dean Carter (Glendale, Ariz.) 2006 Uyehara dragster  .059  7.071 sec./186.46 mph.
Runner-up: Bob Lander (Sebastopol, Calif.) 2006 Lander dragster  .025  7.196 sec./184.62 mph.

Winner: Bill Wayne (Bullhead City, Ariz.) 2006 URC dragster  .147  6.528 sec./214.42 mph.
Runner-up: Jerry Kumre Jr. (Rohnert Park, Calif.) – unable to compete (forfeit).

7.0 PRO
Winner: Richard Phillips (Visalia, Calif.) 1932 Bantam  .100  7.046 sec./177.74 mph.
Runner-up: Rich High (Lake Havasu City, Ariz.) 2000 dragster  .010  7.172 sec./188.17 mph.

Winner: Dan Schrokosch (San Marcos, Calif.) 1989 Tuttle dragster  .035  7.718 sec./164.39 mph.
Runner-up: Bruce McDowell (Chula Vista, Calif.) 2002 Hansen dragster  .067  7.721 sec./176.53 mph.

Winner: Jay Huckleberry (Klamath Falls, Ore.) 1923 Ford  .024  8.828 sec./146.57 mph.
Runner-up: Dick Krieger (Henderson) 1923 Ford  .095  8.765 sec./152.40 mph.

Winner: Troy Moyle (Carson City) 1933 Ford  .046  9.638 sec./135.69 mph.
Runner-up: Ernie McAllister (Norwalk, Calif.) 1927 Ford  -.016 (foul)  9.693 sec./135.96 mph.

Winner: Chris Beanes (Valencia, Calif.) 1951 Henry J  .032  7.706 sec./176.14 mph.
Runner-up: Rick Logsdon (Bakersfield, Calif.) 1955 Chevrolet  .111  7.669 sec./176.24 mph.

Winner: Eric Bush (Ojai, Calif.) 1969 Camaro  .021  8.759 sec./157.72 mph.
Runner-up: John Saliani (Saugus, Calif.) 1969 Camaro  .043  8.712 sec./157.06 mph.

Winner: Justin Shears (Mission Viejo, Calif.) 1967 Nova  .026  9.738 sec./137.04 mph.
Runner-up: Nick Kendrick (Lake Havasu City, Ariz.) 1965 El Camino  .031  9.721 sec./134.60 mph.

Winner: Josh Conrad (Bakersfield, Calif.) 1967 Nova  .023  12.391 sec./80.39 mph.
Runner-up: Cameron Howard (Santa Paula, Calif.) 1969 Camaro  -0.95 (foul) 10.754 sec./123.89 mph.

Winner: Dave Wallis (Las Vegas) 1968 Barracuda  .247  9.958 sec./136.90 mph.
Runner-up: Mike Rogers (Covina, Calif.) 1965 Mustang  -.009 (foul)  12.473 sec./105.00 mph.

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