Jay Beasley of Las Vegas won the annual Fall Classic 150-lap Super Late Model finale tonight at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The 2013 Bullring NASCAR Super Late Model champion and Nevada State Champion collected $10,000 for his efforts.

Forty drivers entered the event and the 24-car starting field included two drivers from France, four from Canada and one from Colombia.

SUPER LATE MODELS: A pair of hometown heroes paced the field to the green flag of the 150-lap main event. Dylan Kwasniewski of Las Vegas started from the pole, flanked by Chris Clyne. Kwasniewski took the lead at the green flag and 2012 Fall Classic winner Dustin Ash raced past Clyne to take second place. Ash took the lead from Kwasniewski on lap 6, just as the first caution flag of the race flew for multiple spins in Turn 4. Ash held the lead on the restart, followed by Kwasniewski, fresh from winning the 2013 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East championship.

The caution flag flew again on lap 15 when Justin Johnson's car stopped in Turn 4. On the restart, it was Ash, followed by Kwasniewski, Romain Thievin of Paris, France, and Jay Beasley. Thievin took second from Kwasniewski as Trevor Cristiani moved past Beasley for fourth place. By lap 30, Beasley was back in third place with his sights set on the lead duo of Ash and Thievin. Beasley drove to the inside of Thievin on lap 34 to take second place and immediately set out for Ash.

Beasley motored past Ash to take the lead on lap 47 and Thievin moved into second place. At lap 50, the top five were: Beasley, Thievin, Ash, Cristiani and Kwasniewski.
A spinning car caused a caution period on lap 71 so the field was allowed to pit for 10 minutes four laps early for the halftime break.

The race restarted, 10 minutes later, on lap 71, but short one car: Dylan Kwasniewski's racer sat on pit road, attended to by a trio of mechanics. His hopes for a Fall Classic payday were dashed.

The lead duo of Beasley and Ash pulled away from the rest of the field, with Thievin racing alone in third, trailed by Jeremy Doss in fourth and Chris Clyne in fifth. Thomas Korbin crashed in Turn 1 on lap 91.

With just 25 laps to go, the lead duo of Beasley and Ash were forced to negotiate lapped traffic.

Disaster struck on lap 146 when Dustin Ash's car made contact with Juan Garcia's No. 77 in Turn 4 and the ensuing crash collected third-place runner Romain Thievin. Thievin's mangled car was relegated to the infield in a shower of sparks. Beasley survived the final restart and scored a popular victory.

"Happy birthday, dad," said Beasley in victory lane. "It's great. This money is going to go back into the race car and team and to my dad. These guys (crew) - Jimmy Parker Sr., my dad, Dana, Junior, Gater - these guys bust their butts every week. Everything they do, they make this car go.

"I'd also like to thank Wet-Tec Sprinkler Repair & Landscaping, Dana Stahl Race Cars, Vegas Machine, Champion Spark Plugs, Simpson Racing Products, Spencer Clark Driven. Mr. Buck, thank you for everything. I'd also like to thank my fans, my mom, my dad - I love you guys."

The 25-lap B-Feature was won by Dennis Rock Jr. of Henderson.

LATE MODELS: Toni McCray took the lead from polesitter Darrell Midgley on lap 3 and checked out on the rest of the field. McCray, from Highland, Calif., built up a full straightaway lead on the second-place car by lap 10. McCray survived several restarts following caution periods and went on to win the 100-lap feature. Geoff Morris of Victoria, B.C., Canada finished second and Midgley was third.

SUPER STOCKS: Josh Whitfield of Sacramento, Calif., won the 50-lap Super Stock feature. Steve Smith finished second and Mark Blanton was third. James Wingard and Ian Anderson completed the top five.

BOMBERS: Nathan Boss won the 50-lap Bomber breakout feature. Michael Greve finished second and Rich Ham was third. Bomber heat races were won by Ham and Don Sargent.

USAC IGNITE MIDGET SERIES: Jake Swanson of Anaheim, Calif., won the 30-lap USAC Midget feature. Bryant Dawson was second and Chris Lamb finished third. Swanson and Christine Breckenridge won the heat races.

LEGEND CARS: Dylan Cappello was the surprise winner of the caution-plagued 50-lap Legend Cars feature. On the final lap, in Turn 4, with the checkered flag in sight, the first and second-place cars of Zane Smith and Brent Scheidemantle tangled and crashed. Cappello found an opening and took the checkered flag as Smith's car sat facing the wrong way and Scheidemantle's car landed on its side. Neither driver was injured. Ricky Schlick was scored in second place with Smith in third, J. Avila Jr. fourth and Chris Trickle fifth. The B-Feature was won by Jeffrey King.

BANDOLEROS: The 20-lap Bandolero combined (Outlaw and Bandit) feature was won by Caden Carlin over Sam Jacks. The pair motored away from the rest of the field and put on a good show as they battled for the lead. Kyle Jacks finished third. Bandolero heat races were won by Sam Jacks and Kyle Jacks.

NEXT RACE: The Bullring's 2013 season finale will take place on Saturday, Nov. 16, with the annual West Coast Short Track Championship, featuringseason championships for the following series: Spears Southwest Tour Series, Lucas Oil Modified Series, S2 Late Models, ASA Truck Series, SRL Legend Cars. Also: USAC Ignite Midget Series. For more information, please call LVMS at (702) 644-4444 or visit www.LVMS.com. Follow LVMS on Facebook and Twitter.


150-lap, $10,000-to-win Super Late Model feature: 1. Jay Beasley (Las Vegas), 2. Dustin Ash (Las Vegas), 3. Trevor Cristiani (Ukiah, Calif.), 4. Junior Roddy (Gualala, Calif.), 5. Chris Clyne (Las Vegas), 6. Jeremy Doss (Upper Lake, Calif.), 7. Trevor Emond (Leduc, Alberta, Canada), 8. Jonathan Gomez (Twin Falls, Idaho), 9. Mark Shackelford (Riverside, Calif.), 10. Scott Gafforini (Las Vegas), 11. Rick Smith (Gering, Nebr.), 12. Dennis Rock Jr. (Henderson), 13. Hannah Newhouse (Twin Falls, Idaho), 14. Bobby Hirschbock (Red Bluff, Calif.), 15. Romain Thievin (Paris, France), 16. Braeden Havens (Airway Heights, Wash.), 17. Juan Garcia (Bogota, Colombia), 18. Korbin Thomas (White Rock, B.C., Canada), 19. Dylan Kwasniewski (Las Vegas), 20. Warren Knipper (Palauas-Les-Flots, France), 21. Brandon Carlson (North Saanich, B.C., Canada), 22. Michael Haslam (Nanaimo, B.C., Canada), 23. Justin Johnson (Las Vegas), 24. Eric Schmidt (Roseville, Calif.).

100-lap Late Model feature: 1. Toni McCray, 2. Geoff Morris, 3. Darrell Midgley, 4. Dave Hemrich, 5. Austin Gant, 6. Scott Rhoden, 7. Chad Cowan, 8. Kyle Niquette, 9. Logan Jewell, 10. Tony Edwards, 11. Eric Martin, 12. Donna Gunther, 13. Andrew Muscannell, 14. Bob Williams, 15. Lee Kemmitt, 16. Kevin James.

50-lap Super Stock feature: 1. Josh Winfield, 2. Steve Smith, 3. Mark Blanton, 4. James Wingard, 5. Ian Anderson, 6. Robert Smotherman, 7. Matt Cunningham, 8. Vinny Raucci, 9. Matt Larsen, 10. Kayli Barker, 11. John Spilotro, 12. Richard LaVallee, 13. Phil Goodwin, 14. Jason Kiser, 15. Chad Holman.

50-lap Bomber breakout feature: 1. Nathan Boss, 2. Michael Greve, 3. Rich Ham, 4. Adam Simon, 5. Martin Sullins, 6. Michael Durbin, 7. Cayla Bronston, 8. D. Dittman, 9. Anthony Riegert, 10. John Madden, 11. William Hern, 12. Justin Griffiths, 13. Vincent Raucci Jr., 14. Jason Sullins, 15. Kirk Hance, 16. Gerri Pearson, 17. Mark Sargent, 18. Wade Pearson, 19. Don Sargent, 20. Marty Deluca, 21. Andrew Lewis.

50-lap Legend Cars feature: 1. Dylan Cappello, 2. Ricky Schlick, 3. Zane Smith, 4. J. Avila Jr., 5. Chris Trickle, 6. Brent Scheidemantle, 7. Randy Beddow, 8. Cheyanne Schindler, 9. Zachary, 10. Devin Lane, 11. Caity Miller, 12. Joe Oliver, 13. Nick Halen, 14. Riley Herbst, 15. Noah Gragson, 16. BreAnn Adkison, 17. Brandon Weaver, 18. Blaine Perkins, 19. Brian Lane, 20. Joe Culwell, 21. Jeffrey King, 22. Michael Todd Glazier.

30-lap USAC Ignite Series Midget feature: 1. Jake Swanson, 2. Bryant Dawson, 3. Chris Lamb, 4. Shawn Buckley, 5. Jarid Blondell, 6. Christine Breckenridge, 7. Jeff Kelly, 8. Cody Jessop, 9. Michael Fanelli, 10. Tyler Ankrum, 11. Toni Breidinger, 12. Marina Turner, 13. Ron Hazelton, 14. Annie Breidinger.

20-lap Bandolero Combined Bandit/Outlaw feature: 1. Caden Carlin, 2. Sam Jacks, 3. Kyle Jacks, 4. Christian Warren, 5. Devyn Stocker, 6. Tye O'Hanley, 7. Kyle Keller, 8. Dylin Smotherman, 9. Brian Taylor. 10. Ethan Deguevara, 11. Tyler Emond, 12. Hayden Plybon, 13. Tanner Reif, 14. Austin Edwards, 15. Mason Sargent, 16. Austin Snyder, 17. Logan Heath, 18. R.J. Smotherman.


Oct. 25, 2013

Results from the first night of the Fall Classic at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The annual two-day Fall Classic is under way at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Everything leads up to tomorrow's grand finale, the 150-lap, $10,000-to-win feature for Super Late Models.

LEGEND CARS: The first Legend Cars heat race was won by Ricky Schlick. Chris Trickle was second and J. Avila Jr. finished third. Zane Smith won the second Legend Cars heat, followed by Brent Scheidemantle and Nick Halen.

USAC IGNITE MIDGET SERIES: Jake Swanson won the qualifying heat.

SUPER STOCKS: Steve Smith won the first heat. Josh Whitfield won the second qualifier.

LATE MODELS: Geoff Morris of Victoria, B.C., Canada, won the Late Model heat.

SUPER LATE MODELS: First heat: John Gomez (Twin Falls, Idaho). Second heat: Rick Smith (Gering, Nebraska). Third heat: Eric Schmidt (Roseville, Calif.). Fourth heat: Hannah Newhouse (Twin Falls, Idaho).

30-LAP USAC IGNITE MIDGET SERIES FEATURE: 1. Jake Swanson, 2. Chris Lamb, 3. Bryant Dawson, 4. Shawn Buckley, 5. Jarid Blondell, 6. Christine Breckenridge, 7. Jeff Kelly, 8. Michael Fanelli, 9. Tyler Ankrum, 10. Cody Jessup, 11. Ron Hazelton, 12. Tony Breidlinger, 13. Marina Turner.